2D Lesson Numero Dos: El Barto


Happy 2D Tuesday everyone!  Hope you’re all hard at work on your designs for our Spooky 2D Contest! We’ve already gotten a few submissions, but we’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of you come up with!  Don’t worry though you still have plenty of time to get your designs in, 12 days to be exact! For those looking for a little more advice on creating their 2D designs here’s another helpful 2D How To brought to you by the one and only Wookiee!  

Bunny brought you the basics of 2D. I just wanted to pop in real quick with a little more help.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but the honest truth about becoming good at 2D is practice, practice, practice. When I first started seriously, I copied images created by our very own bunny. Through trial and error. I slowly got the hang of how to do these.

To help you out, I found two images of Bart that are pixelated. Using these, it is not terribly hard to place the image in your town. As bart is a very popular character, I hoped this practice would inspire my fellow tappers.
Here’s what you need:

1) Space to create the art. I suggest at least 4 squares of land.
2) Time to do the art and of course some motivation
3) At least 200 of the small green bushes (at 25 a pop, this would be 5000 game cash)
4) Any other decorations you think you might need
– White propane tanks (freeish… rubbish from new land)
– Red Newspaper Dispensers (325 each)
– Blue lawn chairs (520 each)
– Black snapdragons (270 each)
– Dark green shrubs (135 each)
5) One device to show the image and another to log in to TSTO. (Make sure you have a fully charged battery before starting.)

With all that, now all you have to do is copy the image over to your game. Certain images look better depending on whether they are up/down vs. left/right. The more pixelated the image, the easier it is to do. The pics I’m providing are meant to look that way. A good trick is to zoom in on your image to make it look like that if the image isn’t already pixellated. Any who, here’s the images followed by my quick 2Ds of them.

This first one is very basic but actually a little tricky because of the tilt of the image.



The second is more detailed. I really wish I had more space to do the whole image.



Did the outline first and then filled in the shirt.


If you take the time to tinker with these designs, it really will help you become a 2D artist. I promise that practice will only make you better and better. I have learned some of my best lessons in 2D through some miserable failures. I chose these two designs as Bart is probably the most popular Simpson and he would make a nice addition to any tapperino’s town. Hopefully this helps and please let me know if you have any questions or want advice on a design. Note: For obvious reasons we cannot provide specific design help with your Halloween designs for the contest but feel free to pick our brains about any other designs you may be working on!

el barto

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  1. Ditto to the grocery list. That is going to be extremely helpful. Between Bunny and Yourself, there might be a Michelangelo or a Rembrandt born out of these contests.

  2. I really appreciate the grocery list of supplies that are needed to create Bart. Thanks!

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