Woo Hoo… New Limo!

Wookiee’s log. TSTO Level 35. 0030 PST and I’m 9 hours and 7 minutes away from having the highly anticipated DMV in my Springfield.


Sitting next to this construction zone is one of my new Limos, awaiting a student driver apparently?

Now, you might be having a “what the heck?” moment right now. I know, the furry giant is rambling again and should be asleep or maybe you just want to know why EA FINALLY gave you a limo and the blasted thing has a BUG UGLY sign on top of it.


Well Addicts, that’s what I’m here for. The Addicts Empire keeps this resident of Kashyyyk enslaved to his computer just so I can find out random info for you about obscure decorations (remember the _onda?) Even more recently, the Bunny prisoner explained those random popsicle people.

The DMV Limo costs 50 donuts and brings a 2.25% money and XP multiplier. Is it worth the donuts? (find out here) This decoration comes from Season 6, Episode 17 (Homer vs Patty & Selma). Quick summary is that Homer has to go to the DMV to get a Chauffeur’s license and is evaluated by none other than his favorite sister-in-laws. (Well, his only ones so technically his least favorite as well)

“Stupid driving test at the stupid DMV where stupid Patty and stupid Selma work! Sometimes I think God is teasing me…just like he teased Moses in the desert.”

Of course, Patty & Selma had no intention of passing good ol’ Homer Jay, but after taking one for the team when the sisters almost got caught smoking at work, Homer got his license.


I know that was a quick summary but it’s really the nuts and bolts regarding the DMV limo. Not satisfied? For more info on this episode, check out this much longer summary on Wikipedia. So there you have it. Only way to drive a limo without a license is as a student driver, right? As the DMV is just arriving, it makes perfect nerd sense that Homer has yet to get his license, right? Stupid laws. Stupid Patty & Selma. Stupid quantum physics. Stupid Limo. D’oh!

Hopefully my sarcasm was noted somewhere in that last paragraph. IMHO, the sign on top makes this decoration ugly if you wanted to use it for the rich folks in your Springfield. It could look funny outside the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club but most little touches I find funny in towns do tend to be “inside jokes”. This new limo might be leaving you stuck in envy of the two other limos you might have seen.

The Burns limo costs 40 donuts and brings a 2% bonus to money and jobs. You can find out more here. I have spent money on this game and have a few Burns’ limos in my town.


The other previous limo came with the Season 24, Episode 19 (Whiskey Business) promotional in TSTO. This was a limited edition decoration and cost 40 donuts. You may have a neighborino or two that have a bunch of these awesome vehicles throughout their town. Alas, I only bought one and the Mafia controls it currently. No complaints though because I know the Wookiee was lucky to get it.


Jealous yet? Suffering from Limo envy? Well… fear not Addicts. This new decoration can go places besides the DMV and look just as cool as the other limos. As long as you have a tall enough building, just stick it behind the building with the front sticking out. Here is the DMV limo at Wolfcastle’s Mansion. The secret is to use buildings and decorations to hide the features of the decoration that you don’t like. I had learned to do this previously with the Left-handed Roadster (also in the image).


Well Tapperinos… I sincerely hope this increases your interest in this decoration although the choice to splurge 50 donuts (mmm… donuts) is up to every individual. Keep on tapa-tapa-tapping… Sayonara for now! 0209 PST… end transmission.

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  1. I like the “bug, ugly sign on top of it” 🙂 Still not in my town but when my boat comes in…

  2. Did the same with the roadster. Twice over. One of them is parked right in front of the donut van to make it look like a caravan! Still have some hedge to hide the side lettering

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