Let’s Clear The Air…Shall We?

Hello Friends,

So due to a recent comment we received in regards to our newest writer. I felt it necessary to clear the air a little bit. See Mark and I believe in complete and total honesty with our readers (and writers), and we would never do something that we thought was unethical or not in the best interest of our amazing readers! We would never invite someone to write for our site that we thought wasn’t going to have our readers best interests at heart! (and provide some great entertainment in the process)

I know we may not be the biggest TSTO site out there, but we love doing what we do! Our goal has always been to provide our readers with the most accurate knowledge we can give, and do so in a fun, DRAMA FREE, way. I think so far we’ve achieved that goal, but we also know we have a long way to go. Keep in mind here at Addicts we don’t have a problem rolling up our sleeves and putting in the hard work! As long as you’re enjoying what we’re posting, and EA keeps updating we’ll keep writing.

All of that being said, this is a DRAMA FREE zone (if you don’t believe me read all of our posts and show me the drama). TSTO Addicts is about a game and aren’t games supposed to be fun? So save the drama for someone else’s Mama…and save your breath.

My promise to you, our amazing readers, is to ALWAYS provide you with the best content in a fun way. We would NEVER encourage our readers to do anything unethical or something that violates EA’s rules for Tapped Out. I also promise we will NEVER EVER…EVER address the Tips/Gamezino/Topix drama. We’ve had 1 post on it so far, and it was at the request of Mike S from Topix. As a friendly favor to him we posted that GameZino was closing, but beyond that we will not/have not talked about it. After all, aren’t we all sick of it by now? It’s been well over a month, life goes on…and there are more important things to discuss…like the Halloween Update!
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So, lighten up & have a little fun! Life is too short to be held up on little things, if you don’t like something we write…or someone who writes for us…don’t read it. But I can tell you, it’s your loss! If you don’t think you can lighten up and have some fun, then maybe…just maybe…this isn’t the site for you. But if you can have a little fun and loosen up the collar I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

So keep on reading the great posts by ALL of our amazing writers. Hopefully they achieve their goal of making you laugh…even if we do tell cheesy jokes!

Have fun and tap away!


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6 responses to “Let’s Clear The Air…Shall We?

  1. Personnaly, I just think its weird that you would have someone who writes for a site ran by bad people write for you here but I also dont wanna fight or give anyone a hard time so I just decided to skip his posts and continue enjoying all the other great content I see on here

  2. You know you’ve really made it as a community….when you “have a past” that can be called “drama”! 🙂 I really enjoy the work of the writers on this site as it is factual and entertaining. I don’t miss other writing styles from other sites that included personal issues and passive-aggressive comments.

  3. Good post. Although my memory is as bad as an Alzheimer patient I do not ever recall asking you to post on the GZ affair. But it is what it is, what’s done is done and I am so done with all of the nonsense. You guys have a great site and being that none of you were involved with Tips there should be zero drama here. I enjoy reading your stuff, keep it up. Unfortunately my connection with Tips has forever sealed my fate of having my good name constantly ran through the mud. Glad you’d don’t have to deal with it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Woot woot..i agree

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