3D 101/Basics Part 2

Time for another teaching adventure. Oh come on now class. Settle down. Everyone in your seats. HEY NOW! I MEANT EVERYONE…that means you too Mister “I THINK I AM TOO GOOD FOR THIS!” I am looking at YOU, Joe. 😛

Much better. Huh? Oh, yes. Thank you for the carrots, Alissa. Now sit down and get comfy. It is time for part 2 of your learning experience. So everybody pull out your cell phones so we can get started.

When we left off last time, I had shown you the basics of making a step up, step down, and building type structure. In this post I am going to take the building structure to a little more depth. We will begin with the pavement base outline for our structure.

Using the wooden fence, we will start to outline the base on just two sides. Then continue to place the next row immediately under the first. (Just FYI…if you do plan on putting anything on top of your structure, I would suggest point the fences outward from the base instead of inward. Makes it easier to place items as close as possible to the edge).

Great. Two rows completed. Now with most structures, you need a window or three. You can place them as close are as far apart as you see fit for the structure you are building. For this demonstration, I will use the chain link fences and I will make the windows 2 sections wide (they are already two levels high) and place a few here and there. (Note I am facing them outward, you will see why in a little bit. I also am placing the fences surrounding them outward too).

Now you have a basic structure. You can stop at this point and decorate to your liking…

…or you can continue to build a few more levels repeating the same as above.

Now you have a good size structure to work with. (I put barbed wire fences on the bottom rows to show you the difference in look. It kinda finishes it off at the top more. The opening I left will make sense soon).

I like to outline my rooftop area as well just to give it a little more definition. These will face outward for easier future placement of decorations.

I also like to make all of the inside area look cement like as well, so now that it is completed to the height I want…I surround the entire area top to bottom/left to right with the pavement. You now have a solid base model building to change around and customize any way you want. You can make it a roof top garden with flowers and a gazebo, add another building on top to make it look like a high rise and give them a roof top pool, pretty much anything.

Now for some decorating ideas I have used. If you would like to use this as a building addition to another Springfield building you have… you can add, move, and change the windows to fit (like use iron or boardwalk fence instead). Just for demonstration, I will leave it as it but place it next to the hospital. I will also add a little decoration 2D to the top to help it fit in.

Another option I like is to use it adjacent to structures and buildings as more of a car park/parking garage. If you look closely at the windows, you will see that by turning all of the fences outward I now have the ability to add small items of decoration and make them appear to be “inside” the structure (small as in orange cones, barricades, garbage cans, and garbage too). The opening at the bottom has allowed me to give appearance of a vehicle leaving.

You can add decorations to the outside such as benches, stop signs, phone booths, etc. Whatever it takes to make it complete to you. You can also play around with different car/parking stall placements. I have even seen Otto and the school bus used.

Here are a few parking garages I have made in the past.

So there is another 3D basic in making a building structure. Please feel free to comment with any further questions you may have. Now go outside and get some fresh air. It’s getting a lil “gamey” in here. 🙂


A little side note before I let you go. Our Halloween contest is in full swing and entries are already starting to appear. If YOU would like to get the chance to win free donuts (ie us buying you a gift card) then feel free to enter. The contest stated that you also have the ability to use a 3D entry. So get to brainstorming and enter to win. FREE DONUTS!! 🙂 Here is one of a graveyard our writer Wookiee did (he does some pretty cool work).

More details on the contest can be found here:



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  1. This is brilliant!

  2. I made a castle with an Iron throne 😉


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