Home SWEET Homer: Breaking down the Conform-o-meter Indolence Rating

Ah Home, where your kids despise you, your furniture is never the same, and your wife always tries to run you over with the car. Yes a home can be so many things to different people and in Tapped Out Homes (Houses) are what contribute to your Conform-o-Meter Indolence rating…see I was going somewhere with this!

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

Let’s break into some houses shall we?  Don’t worry Homer left his keys in the door again…

You can open up your Conform-O-Meter and check where you’re currently sitting with your Indolence rating by tapping the stars on the bottom left of your main screen, while your in Springfield (Krustyland has it’s own Krust-O-Meter which you can read about here).  When you tap on the stars this is what opens up:

Your Indolence rating is impacted by the number of houses in your town (or as TSO Says “Buy houses for families to fight and sleep in”).  Lucky for us the Indolence is one of the easiest ratings to max out in TSTO and every house has the same points value, 10 points.

So just how many points do you need to max out your Indolence Rating?  Here’s a handy guide to help you max out at all levels:

Level Points # of Houses Needed
1 thru 5 60 6
6 90 9
7 100 10
8 130 13
9 140 14
10 160 16
11 169 17
12 170 17
13 180 18
14 thru 15 190 19
16 thru 17 200 20
18 210 21
19 220 22
20 230 23
21 240 24
22 thru 23 260 26
24 270 27
25 280 28
26 thru 27 300 30
28 320 32
29 330 33
30 340 34
31 360 36
32 370 37
33 420 42
34 430 43
35 440 44
36 450 45
37 460 46
38 thru 41 470 47
42 thru 45 490 49

So, which buildings help your Indolence rating?

The simple answer is A LOT, here’s the break down…

Apu’s Apartment
Bachelor Arms
Krabappel Apartment
Spinster City Apartments
Farms and Shacks
Cletus’s Farm
Crazy Cat House
Muntz House
Willie’s Shack
Burns Manor
D’Amico Summer Home
Fat Tony’s Compound
Quimby Compound
Wolfcastle’s Mansion
Springfield Wax Museum
Springfield Retirement Castle
Blue House
Brown House
Flanders House
Orange House
Pink House
Purple House
Sanjay’s House
Simpson House
Skinner House
Van Houten House
White House
Wiggum House
Limited-Time (NLA)
Bad Dream House
Cool Brown House
Elf Home
Gingerbread House
Pumpkin House
Ultrahouse 2
Boxingham Palace
Castle Recycle
Chery Tree
Cracker Factory
Frink’s Lab
Kamp Krusty
Lincoln’s Cabin
School Bus
Sleep-Eazy Motel
Solid Gold Mansion
Museum of Natural History
Unfinished Shed
Volcano Lair

Each of these buildings will help with the Indolence rating.  Remember each one is worth 10 points. 

So how do you hit the magic number? While we certainly have more options when it comes to houses (over stores) I still think we could use more. Wookiee does too! Hopefully with the updates coming out as often as they do EA will provide some new houses for us to add to our towns. After all, it’s getting confusing to find which Orange House Dr. Hibbert is selling organs in!

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20 responses to “Home SWEET Homer: Breaking down the Conform-o-meter Indolence Rating

  1. I have 5 stars for indolence. Will adding extra houses increase my overall percentage for XP?

    • Nope. Once you’re at 5 stars you’re maxed, nothing will increase it at that point. If you want to increase XP it’s premium decorations that will help (plus maxing out all areas of the conform o meter)

  2. Bonuses increase as your stars increase. When my Conform-o-meter reached 5 stars, my bonus went from 4.5% to 5%. Perhaps I was the only one, but, I had believed that reaching 5 stars earned you a bonus (an extra) 5% as a reward but that wasn’t the case.

  3. Do the Rigellians huts and the superhero home items count towards this?

    • Yes, both do. As do the Zenith Apartments and Store Front.

      Post needs to be updated, usually something I try to tackle a couple of times a year, as it can be a daunting task.

  4. I have enough houses according to your list, but I’ve never been over my 4.5 indolence rating. I can’t work this one out?

    • Remember that each new Level brought into the game increases the amounts you need to hit those marks. So check with the latest conform posts to get an idea of where you need to be.

  5. I read your list of the buildings that go towards indolence and it is so weird. I just purchased volcano lair so that I could get rid of one of my brown houses…but it didn’t go towards it. I wanted the lair anyways, so no biggie…but I don’t get why it didn’t work. Do you have any ideas? Maybe they changed it so it no longer applies towards indolence? Thank you so much for your help!

  6. Hi! So can we assume the spooky house can be added to the list as well? Thanks!

  7. Hi just wondering if Grandpa Simpson’s retirement home counts towards indolence? Does anyone know?

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