Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Hi, Everybody! Hi, Dr. Nick!

Hi Tappers!

Dr. Nick is a premium character you can purchase for 90 donuts.  Once purchased it unlocks the Dr. Nick questline.  Here’s the walkthrough for the Dr. Nick Questline…

Tapped_Out_Dr._Nick_unlock message

Hi Everybody!
After tapping Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Hi, Everybody!
Lisa: Hi, Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick: Good news!  Starting right away, I will be offering all services at a discount!
Lisa: Oh, really?
Dr. Nick: If there’s one place people like to scrimp, it’s with major medical procedures!
Make Dr. Nick Promote Bargain Medical Practice-3hrs

Bargain Clinic!
After tapping Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody!
Cletus: Howdy, Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick: Now open for business: my own personal Bargain Medical Practice Business!  I can provide you with the most affordable service, medicine, and placebos available on the market.
Cletus: Would lil ‘ol I be able to ‘ford this?
Make Dr. Nick Practice Medicine– 12hrs

A Real Doctor?
After tapping Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody!
Bart: Hi, Dr. Nick!  So…I can get doctor’s notes from you to cut class, right?
Dr. Nick: Sure!  Come see me during my next shift.  But remember, fraud costs extra!
Make Dr. Nick Practice Street Pharmacy– 8hrs

Statement to the Police
After tapping Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody!
Wiggum: Oh, hey Dr. Nick.  I’m afraid we need to ask you a few questions down at the station.
Dr. Nick: Sure!  I’ve already cured or killed all the patients I was supposed to see today.
Make Dr. Nick Testify in a Malpractice Suit– 4hrs

Faulty Promotion
After tapping on Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Good news, everybody!  I have some new affordable products here to show you!
Brockman: Well hey, Dr. Nick!  Before we start, weren’t you involved in the Sleezy Bake oven scandal?
Dr. Nick: A complete overreaction!  Most of those burns were purely cosmetic, which I agreed to fix for the low price of 49.95!
Brockman: Well, when you put it that way…Why don’t you come over the Channel 6 and tell us about some of your new products?
Build Channel 6
Make Dr. Nick Promote a Shoddy Product– 1hr

Bargain Surgery
After tapping on Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick: Hi, Julius Hibbert!  Could I borrow your surgery place for a super quick cut-a-ma-thing?
Dr. Hibbert: Very well.  You can wash your hands in that sink over there.
Dr. Nick: I prefer to wait and wash my hands after surgery.  That’s when they’re covered with the most blood.
Build Springfield General Hospital
Make Dr. Nick Perform Surgery
– 24hrs

And with that you’ve completed the Dr. Nick premium questline!

Happy Tapping Friends!

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