Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 26, This Little Wiggy Ralph!

Hi Tappers!
Back with another Tapped Out Walkthrough.  This time we’re breaking down Level 26, for some of our readers who may not have reached the highest level yet, and the This Little Wiggy Quest!  For those that are sitting at the top level waiting for the next update, sometimes it’s fun to go back and check out the funny dialogue in earlier levels that we may have forgotten.  With out further ado here are all of the details on unlocking Ralph, the Wiggum house and El Chemistri!
Principal Skinner kicks off level 26

This Little Wiggy Pt. 1
After tapping on Skinner

Skinner: Chief Wiggum, I’d like to report seeing a plant-less vagrant every morning.
Wiggum: Who is this filthy hobo blighting our good city?
Skinner: You!
Wiggum: Oh, um, well, darn it.  I don’t have anywhere else to sleep.  As Police Chief, I can’t break into the brown house.  And you can sleep at the school.  Where I work is full of criminals.
Skinner: So is the school.  Build yourself a house.  Even Willie has a shack.
Build the Wiggum House– 24hr build

New Character Unlock!
I Choo-Choo-Choose this reality.
Wiggum: Ralphie!  Thank goodness.  Finally, no more horrible me time.
Keep Quimby free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 2
After tapping on Quimby

Quimby: Congratulations, Springfield!  With the Wiggum boy back, we’ve been officially crowned…America’s Fattest City by Chunky Lovers Magazine!
Homer: We’re Number 1!  We’re Number!
Ralph: When I do as Mommy says I get a buttersicle.
Lisa: Springfield is in a dangerous health crisis.  And only one thing can save it – the Internet!  I need to resume Mom’s food blog to encourage this town to eat better.
Ralph: I like to eat rainbows!
Make Ralph Eat a Crayon Sandwich- 1hr
Keep Comic Book Guy free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 3
After tapping Comic Book Guy

Comic Book Guy: Little Girl, you have not been replying to my comments on your blog.  You would know me as MeisterChef47.
Lisa: I deduced that.  I keep telling you, I don’t know any restaurant that serves baby back tauntaun.
Comic Book Guy: I do not wish to associate myself with such pretentious garbage.  Springfield needs a genuinely inspired restaurant to awaken the inspired palate of this town.  I couldn’t possibly take a date to any of the ones we have now…which is why I don’t date.
Lisa: Yes, I’m sure that’s why.
Build El Chemistri Restaurant- 36hr build
Keep Wiggum, Ralph & Lisa Free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 4
After tapping on Lisa

Lisa: I’m inviting the, um, big boned of Springfield to try the forged vegetable jellies at El Chemistri.  It’s a diet that will, um, make your bones less big.
Wiggum: I used to worry about not being able to see my shoes, but that’s not a problem now that Ralphie’s here to tie them.  But Ralphie, do you want to try the new restaurant?
Ralph: Yay!  Chemistri sounds like a magician.  I want to eat magic food.
Make Ralph Eat at El Chemistri Restaurant– 4hrs
Make Wiggum Eat at El Chemistri Restaurant-
Wiggum: Thanks, Lisa.  Now Ralphie and I are off to Krustyburger for dessert.  And what you have before dessert.
Lisa: But chief…
Wiggum: Hey, if I get too thin, people will expect me to actually chase down criminals.

This Little Wiggy Pt. 5
After tapping on Ralph

Ralph: I like reading your blog, Lisa.  Some letters look like giraffes.
Lisa: Thanks.  Everyone wants to talk to me.  I finally understand the appeal of being popular!
Ralph: Yay!  Can we play?
Lisa: Ooo, um, yeah, I’d love to.  Just…I’m really busy.
Make Lisa Work on her Blog– 24hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 6
After tapping Brockman

Brockman: Life-threatening weight gain is spreading.  Finally, a chance to say “No fatties” on air!  Now all I need is a story to put around that.
Make Brockman Do an Undercover Report– 24hrs
Brockman: …thank you Lisa, the town appreciates that your efforts have taken Springfield from morbidly obese to functionally obese.  Tubby Tike, do you have any folksiness to add?
Ralph: Fire tastes burn-y when I lick it.
Keep Wiggum free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 7
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: I’m sorry, Ralphie, but I can’t watch you AND ignore my paperwork.  Can’t you use the power of your imagination to not bother me?
Ralph: Okay, Daddy.  I have a friend who always comes by right after I take a ride in the microwave.
Make Ralph Play Wiggle Puppy– 24hrs
Keep Nelson free when complete

This Little Wiggy Pt. 8
After tapping Nelson

Nelson: Hi, Chief Wiggum.  I was wondering if I can borrow Ralph for a little game of American Patriot Hero.
Wiggum: Of course.  It’s good to play with actual people, and not just imaginary characters all the time.
Nelson: Now, Ralph, I’ll be the brave solider fighting our enemies, and you can be the flag I raise in victory.  Let’s go to the flag pole.
Ralph: Yay!  I get to visit my pigeon pals!
Make Nelson Go To School- 6hrs
Make Ralph Go To School
– 6hrs

And with that you’ve officially completed Level 26!

Happy Tapping Friends!

28 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 26, This Little Wiggy Ralph!

  1. I built the wiggum house but i dont get any further quests im lvl 100+ now and still cant do this quest i cant build El Chemistri i never got part 3 help

  2. Pt. 3 of the this little wiggy questions won’t unlock, so I can’t can’t get El Chemistri. I’ve tried waiting to see if it would unlock, and I’m now at level 105. Why won’t it unlock??

  3. Dedrie Davison

    Im having a bit of an issue i am at level 29 and still havent had the quest come up to build wiggums house.. any ideas how i can get it to pop up??

  4. comic book guy never gets that ! over his head which is annoying because I need it

    • Some of these areas “skip”. Just make sure you complete the questline as much to the walkthrough as you can. If it goes on… do what you can, but make sure the appropriate characters stay free and the buildings are all purchased and built.

  5. I find it sad that Ralph has no permanent 4 hour task! Especially as he goes to Chemistri for 4 hours on the quest. It’s also a shame because after that nobody is using Chemistri in my town at all. Any idea if EA will ever give Ralph a permanent 4 hour?

  6. I think squid port part 10, currently I’m building the burns manor… Still need to build the frying Dutchman . I would have thought by now I could have gotten Ralph because I already had a task 1+ 1 but I can’t do it without Ralph

    • The 1+1 quest won’t trigger the Ralph build, only the piggy wiggy quest will. It should be the next quest that pops up after building the burns manor and getting smithers

  7. Hi, I’m currently on level 29 but the quest hasn’t started. How can I get it to start?

    • Sometimes your XP level and your game play level don’t match up. What was the last quest/building/character you completed?

      • Berkeley Jeremiah

        I didn’t leave that comment, but I am halfway through level 26 and Skinner hasn’t said anything yet. I didn’t go through with the level 25 Smithers quest, because it wanted to make Homer complete a 16hr task, and I’m currently using Homer to fight Felons every 4 hours. Do I have to complete the Smithers/Burns Manor quest before I can start the Piggy Wiggy quest?

        • The Level you see at the bottom of your game is your XP Level. That just shows what you accumulate in points along the way and what options are there for you. The most important thing to follow is the GAME PLAY Level. This is what questlines you have completed and where you are in Game Play Level is the actual “Level” you are on. If you have not completed all tasks and quests in Level 25 walkthroughs, you won’t be able to move on to Level 26 Game Play until you do. Sometimes it does skip a lil…but follow each Level as closely as you can or you will come to a stand still. Our Walkthrough section in our Main Menu will help you out a lot.

  8. For some reason my Ralph is stuck on “eat a crayon sandwich.” It’s highlighted every time I choose a task for him to do, it’s so weird! I’ve restarted the game, signed out then back in, he’s always stuck on it. He completes it of course, but every time I give him another task it’s highlighted as if he’s supposed to do it again. So far this poor characters eaten about a dozen crayon sandwiches. I guess “make Ralph poop a rainbow” is the next task! Haha. Anyone else encounter this?

    • HAHAHAHAHAH. Oh man. That line. K. See if this will help.

      Store the Wiggum house and pull lil ol Ralphie out of the game with it. Exit your game, restart, go back in, then replace the Wiggum house and bring lil Ralphie back to the game. See if that resolves it and let me know. 😉

  9. I’m at level 27 and still no this little wiggy quest!

  10. I’m partway through the ‘This Little Wiggy’ on my B game but now I can’t get Comic Book Guy to kick off part 3 which is annoying because I have the quest for Apu and Manjula so I need El Chemistri. Boo. I tried a lot of Force Stopping and Clearing Caches etc. and did manage to unblock the Dr Hibbert stuff which is good but still nothing from CBG. I’m not too bothered though – my B game has so many quests going on I don’t mind the others being dragged out a bit.

    • You can try storing the comic shop, restart, then replace to see if that will trigger him. If not, check the walkthroughs to make sure there isn’t a task missing. 😉

      • I had tried storing him, Ralph and a couple of others. I eventually did two more Force-Stops and Cache Clears etc. and finally the quest just popped up! I think a bunny must have chewed the wiring somewhere! Thanks anyway – I love the help on this site (as well as all the other stuff) 🙂

  11. I’m on lvl 29 and haven’t got this quest yet. Is there a way to force it to restart?
    I’ve just had the prompt to start executive lacky but was hoping to hold off doing it until after homer has done all of the easter stuff. I really want Ralph though for his easter tasks.
    really wanting the eggs 🙂

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