Lisa the Tree Hugger: Breaking Down the Tree-hugging Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

Ah nature…the flowers, the trees, the birds, the bees…where was I going with this? Oh yea, nature. In TSTO trees, shrubs & flowers (sorry no birds & bees) all help contribute to your Conform-O-Meter Tree-Hugging rating.

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

So what other items help add to your Tree-Hugging rating? There are actually quite a few. Let’s take a look at how Hugging trees can help your rating…

You can open up your Conform-O-Meter and check where you’re currently sitting with your Tree-Hugging rating by tapping the stars on the bottom left of your main screen, while your in Springfield (Krustyland has it’s own Krust-O-Meter which you can read about here). When you tap on the stars this is what opens up:


Your Tree-hugging rating is impacted by how green your town is (or as TSTO says, ‘Buy plants to make your town greener.’) Although every item contributes a different points value for your town, Tree-hugging is still pretty easy to max out.

So just how many points do you need to max out your Tree-hugging Rating? Here’s a handy little guide to help you max out at any level:

Level Points
1 Thru 7 425
8 475
9 565
10 695
11 865
12 1075
13 1325
14 1615
15 1945
16 2315
17 2725
18 3175
19 3665
20 4195
21 4765
22 5375
23 6025
24 6715
25 7445
26 9215
27 9025
28 9875
29 10765
30 11695
31 12665
32 13675
33 14725
34 15815
35 16945
36 18115
37 19325
38 20575
39 21865
40 23195
41 24565
42 25975
43 27425
44 28,915
45 30445

So now that you know how many points you’ll need to max out the Tree-hugging rating, you may be wondering just what items will do it. Well here’s a complete guide for you..

Shrub 1
Shrub 2
Tree 1
Shrub 3
Tree 5
Small Hedge
Tree 2
Shrub 4
Tree 6
Flowers 4
Large Hedge
Flowers 3
Shrub 5
Plum Tree
Tree 3
Flowers 2
Boardwalk Tree
Tree 7
Flowers 1
Tree 4
Tree 8
Rabbit Hedge
Green Peace Boat
Angel Topiary
Minnow Pond
Apple Tree
Orange Tree
Tree with Tire Swing
Burning Bush
Limited-Time (NLA)
Dead Tree
Spooky Tree
Rose Bush
Pumpkin Patch
Valentine’s Tree

Now that we’ve got the tree-hugging down let’s all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’!

37 responses to “Lisa the Tree Hugger: Breaking Down the Tree-hugging Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

  1. Just a heads up. I bought multiple Burning Bushes since they are in the vault this week for me and instead of Tree Hugging they now award Vanity. Now I am not sure if that is only when in The Vault.

  2. My son seems to have many more trees in his Springfield than I have in mine, yet he is stuck at 11/2 stars in the tree-hugging conform-o-meter, while I am at 5 stars. He bought a host of trees and shrubs earlier today and is still stuck on 11/2 stars. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  3. Hey just wonderin how much the spooky grove is worth if it counts toward tree hugging

  4. How many points are recycling bins worth? Also, do some things stop giving you points after you buy a certain amount? I tried buying a bunch of minnow ponds, but my meter still won’t move even half a star over 4.

    • Rating Requirements move up each New Level drop. We are up to 56 now, so many changes since this post was written. Also, EA has a tendency at times to change the impact. It could go to another category or pulled altogether.

      As for the bins… +5

  5. Any chance of getting a Visual guide so we can figure out which Trees/Shrubs are listed by which Identifier?

    • That is a great idea! I’m not really sure what shrub 4 looks like or if shrub 4 for ipad is the same for android. Also, will the list be updated with new stuff like the plum tree or rainbow tree? How about the other meter guides? These are so helpful for us, thank you!

  6. Okay, question.

    I just invested in 3 burning bushes (here marked as being worth 400 points) so I could store some of my terrible Shrub 3s, because (despite their high point-to-money ratio, they take up too much of my precious SPACE! But, after buying my bushes, it only let me store 4 shrubs before my Tree-Hugging Rating dropped half a star. Wha happen?!?

  7. Does pollution have an affect on your tree-hugging rating – positive or negative? I know some people leave it around or pile it places. And, on your conform-o-meter basics page you did list pollution along with shrubs and trees as affecting your rating, but nothing specific.

  8. I guess i have 2 questions here: If you look at the image above, they almost have the thing filled and only getting 4.5%, i am at 3 stars and am getting 4%, doesn’t seem to justify the expense, im at level 26 tho.

    And also is it smarter to spend money on the quest items or try to boost conformity for more bonus %…..kinda stuck on that right now

    • My advice for what it’s worth is to just design your town in a way that pleases you and keep progressing with the quests. I’ve never fussed much with the meter. I’ve been at 4% or so for years.

  9. How many points for the Greenpeace boat? Thanks for all the hard work with these lists…. You’re awesome!

  10. I don’t get it… I’m in level 38 now. Let’s say I want to get a star in tree-hugging. For level 38 I need 20,575 to get 5 stars. So for one star I’ll need 4,115 points. So I’ll need 138 shrubs 2 for that?

  11. Is there anywhere you can actually see how many points you have (instead of just stars), so you can figure out how much more you need to buy? It’s kind of like flying blind – buy until you max out.

    • Not really a way to “see”, no. I hope there is in the future. For now, it is just a matter of going through all our Conform posts…seeing what you have and how many points it is worth to what column…then adding them all up.

      We are still in process of creating one complete massive list, but it is quite the undertaking. In the mean time, all the information is still here on our site for the updates.

  12. I’m having trouble increasing my tree hugging. Help me please.

    • This may help a bit. Let us know. 😉

  13. could you guys provide images of the trees/shrubs too. kinda hard to figure out which tree is “tree 1 or tree 2”. Shanan did a good job with deciphering the cost but i think i pic of each would make it easier.

  14. Shrub 2 $70.00 30 $2.33
    Shrub 1 $25.00 10 $2.50
    Tree 1 $100.00 40 $2.50
    Shrub 3 $135.00 50 $2.70
    Tree 5 $135.00 50 $2.70
    Shrub 4 $220.00 70 $3.14
    Small Hedge $220.00 70 $3.14
    Tree 2 $220.00 70 $3.14
    Flowers 4 $270.00 80 $3.38
    Snapdragons $270.00 80 $3.38
    Tree 6 $270.00 80 $3.38
    Flowers 3 $325.00 90 $3.61
    Large Hedge $325.00 90 $3.61
    Shrub 5 $325.00 90 $3.61
    Boardwalk Tree $385.00 100 $3.85
    Flowers 2 $385.00 100 $3.85
    Tree 3 $385.00 100 $3.85
    Tree 7 $450.00 110 $4.09
    Flowers 1 $520.00 120 $4.33
    Tree 4 $595.00 130 $4.58
    Tree 8 $675.00 140 $4.82
    Planter $850.00 160 $5.31
    Rabbit Hedge $1,300.00 200 $6.50
    Angel Topiary $2,000.00 260 $7.69
    Campfire $2,600.00 300 $8.67
    Minnow Pond $4,500.00 400 $11.25

  15. Shrub 2 is the most cost efficient. No adjustment was made for space cost.

  16. I so wish they would release the Valentines day stuff for something different

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