Easier Neighbor-eeno Management for Android Tappers!

Back when TSTO Addicts first began I wrote a how-to guide for deleting inactive friends in Tapped Out.  While, deleting friends on an iOS device was always fairly simple, for Android players it wasn’t so easy.  In that guide I indicated that for Android players the only way to delete friends was to block them via the Origin website.  However, for those of you struggling to remove friends this way & have access to a PC or Mac, you may want to consider downloading the Origin program.  The Origin software is the easiest way to manage your friends list, no matter what device you play on!

To download the program visit www.origin.com.  From there you’ll want to click Download Origin in the top right corner:
Once you’ve clicked on the Download link it will take you to another page where you can choose to download for a PC or a Mac:
Once you’ve downloaded the program and launched it from your desktop the login screen will appear:
After you’ve typed in your username and password the program will launch and you’ll be able to completely manage your origin account:
To Add/Delete Friends from Tapped-Out via the Origin Program you simple click on Friends in the top left, and then  select show friends list from the drop down menu:
From there your friends list will appear (usually to the right) in a long list.
To Add friends simply click on the Add Friend button on the bottom of the list and a box will appear to search friends.  Follow the on screen instructions to add friends:
To delete friends, simply find the friend you’re looking to delete in the list, click on their name, and select unfriend from the drop down list.  Follow the on screen instructions to finish deleting the friend:

So if you’re having issues removing inactive friends from Tapped Out via your Android phone, consider downloading the Origin Program for your PC or Mac.  It will quickly and effectively delete those lazy neighbor-eenos so you can make room for new friends!

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  1. maybe it’s a recent development, but i just deleted 3 people from inside the app. tap the name on your list of neighbors and you get a pop-up w/ name, level, and how long they’ve been inactive. tap ‘unfriend in origin,’ and then yes to the confirmation.

  2. Ahhhhh I FINALLY got online to download Origin to remove my old friends. Origin tells me I am not running the right version of Windows!!! Are there any other options?

  3. I had someone send me a friend request when I try to accept. It say oh no there was a problem try again later. I’ve been trying for over 5 days and it still dosent work. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in and rebooting my iphone. Anyone know have any ideas? Please help so I can add friends

    • This sometimes happen when the friend in question has no room. Honestly, the in-game feature has issues sometimes, best bet is to use the origin program. The info is in this post.

  4. I’m having a problem where I have deleted neighbors and they still show up on my android and iPad when I’m visiting neighbors. The player is gone from origin but still showing up. Anyone know of a way to fix that?

    Also, I have found that origin says certain players haven’t logged in for months but they are active players and visit my town regularly. Is there any fail proof way of knowing how active players are? …aside from keeping a log…I tried that for a while and it just became too cumbersome. Would love to see an in-app feature to tell when the last time a neighbor visited your town was.

    • Hmm, sorry you’re having that problem! Try using the Origin Desktop App to delete them.
      As far as knowing how active a player is…there really is no foolproof way of knowing. However, if you check out this post it should help you determine if they should stay or go. Hope that helps! 🙂

  5. At least now it is obvious who is active and who is not, I don’t have to waste time on neighbours that has not started the Halloween story line…

  6. My friend list just keep spinning (as in trying to update) and after a couple of minutes it stops and says it can’t reach my friend list (in Swedish so I don’t know the exact English phrase). All in-game friends has been added from within the game. I play on an android device.

    • Origin is a stubborn little thing at times. I’m on android and run into this a lot. On my own screen as well as a friend. Only thing I ever could do was log out. Close it. Then log back in. Eventually it loaded.

      I’ve sent emails to Origin on this issue. Nothing back as of yet.

      Give it a little time, millions of people are probably trying to use it right now with new event.

      Only other option is to borrow a friends apple device to play your game and try to delete in the game itself.

      • Ok, thanks. I will keep trying. I did send Origin an email…

      • One day has passed and have tried almost none stop to log on origin without any success. How can something so bad be online? No answer from origin. Seems like apple option is the only way to go…

      • Sorry. I wish I could be of more help. Sadly it is only Origin that can fix it.

        If it will let you, try a search on the person name you want removed. See if you can locate them that way and unfriend.

        I got an iPod for backup issues like this and others that plagued android users.

      • A new install of the program on my computer at home and I could see the friend list on my first try!

        Next problem, the game complains and says I can’t have more friends even if my friend count is less than 40. It still didn’t work after deleting some 10 no longer active neighbours (in origin, and they are gone from the game as neighbours).

      • Sorry…another one of those Origin is a “glitch” issues. Lol

        Try logging out of both the desktop AND your game as both hold that friend info. Then restart both. Once they are back up, go into the desktop first and see if some of the friends you deleted are still there (sometimes it doesn’t take the first time). Then see if you can add friends using your cell phone. Just make sure any changes you make on your desktop have time to update to your phone. Can be instant or take a couple minutes. Restarting your phone and letting it refresh sometimes helps this process along. I know it can be a pain, but only ways I have found to get around it until Origin fixes the extra link for us android users.

  7. Thank you so much for this post! Im an android player and I spent an hour looking through my friends to delete the inactive ones to create a blocklist on the origin website and it was inneffective because NOBODY was removed! I just dont want to spend time helping an abandonned Springfield when I have new friends who deserve my time more! Thanks 😛

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    Regardless of whether you play on iOS or Android, using the Origin software for PC is the easiest way to clear out inactive players from your friends list.

  9. need to do something about external links. so far it has been my experience that they don’t work.

  10. Hmm. Good post? Anyway the Add Friends feature in the software only works if the friend you’re adding has the software. Hence it is not an effective method other than to remove friends.

    • That’s odd, I’ve been able to add friends on my end that do not have the software installed. But either way it is an effective way to remove friends for Android users.

      btw I know you posted about this on Topix a while ago. I only covered it briefly here because we’ve been getting more comments recently on our removing neighbors page about the blocking friend method not working. So rather than retype the same answer in each comment I decided it’d be easier to just do a post about it.

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