Should I Spend Donuts on the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels?

The Season Premiere of the Simpsons is coming THIS Sunday on Fox and to celebrate the start of the 25th year EA has given us a mini update.  With the episode tie in update comes the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels, a limited-time premium decoration for your Springfield!  Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I spend donuts on this?’ Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels and if they’re worth your donuts:

 Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
Donut Price: 40 Donuts
Unique?:  No
Bonus: 2%
Bonus % Per Donut Spent: 0.05%
Conform-O-Meter Points: Vanity +400
Where Can I Place It?: On the main (grass or pavement) sections of Springfield only.  (No Squidport or beach)

Final Thought: At 40 donuts and a 2% bonus, it’s certainly not the worst investment you can make.  While I have added them to my Springfield I do think the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels are a large & somewhat weird addition to TSTO.  Although it makes perfect sense, since the town was blown up and all, but it’s just a weird object to try and place, at least in my opinion.  Normally this is something I’d say pass on, since the concept of the decoration itself isn’t that great and for the donuts paid/bonus % awarded there are better items you can spend your donuts on that will make a little more sense in your town.  However…this is a LIMITED TIME item.  Once it’s gone it’s gone and you can never purchase it again, so be sure to take that into consideration when making your decision.

What do you think?  Will you be picking up your Hi-Glow Waste Barrels before they’re gone?  Let us know in the comments below.

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8 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels?

  1. I think its ugly and I have no idea where to put it so it fits with its surroundings. My bonus being at 30% I dont ‘need’ this eyesore to help me out in any way. Im gonna pass and save my donuts for something more useful like a building ( that helps consumerism, update plz) or a new character. I really hope they release crazy cat lady and/or Spider Pig for Halloween.

  2. This will be sweet music to Fox and EA’s ears: I’m going to wait and see how they are involved in the episode before I make a decision. Who knows, it could be as awesome as Tomacco or it could be a complete dud. I’ll find out Sunday with time to spare!

  3. These fit nicely in my trashy post-apocalyptic town. Went kinda crazy with them. And there’s something about that “limited time” label. It only makes me want to make sure I get plenty before they’re gone.

    • Bought two with some windfall cash. Power Plant and Sprawlmart currently have them. I do have an idea for them but need land and so not doing another redesign for a long time lol.

  4. Nope, there are way more aesthetically pleasing items to spend my hard-earned sweets on. The thing is big, and ….BIG! (from the pictures) I want to have an attractive Springfield, no mountainous Springfield sign, no Mt. Carlmore, No leaning tower of Popsicle sticks… perhaps a tire-fire, eventually.
    I’m way too obsessive to be able to get that in my “perfect” (to me) little town and have it make sense to me. The 3 eyed sushi I am excited about. 🙂

    • That is the best part of the game… Making Springfield yours. My only caveat would be to make sure you never want the limited item again because so far for EA hasn’t given too many items a second run and to my knowledge, no decorations have come back. There are a ton of people I know (myself included) that wish they’d gotten a few things. Thanks for the comment, I seriously hope EA re-releases some stuff for all my tapper amigos.

      • Absolutely, I love looking at other people’s Springfields, and do not mind saying that I borrow ideas from time to time. There are some amazing ones out there!
        I always ask myself, do I really want that or is it only because it is limited. In this case I was all set to get one, but when I saw the scale of them I knew I would end up sticking it in storage because I couldn’t stand it.
        And Shelfcleaner, the poster below me, your post-apocalyptic Springfield sounds very cool! I can definitely see how this item would fit some people’s version …or vision… of Springfield. My over-analytic OCD would not tolerate such an eyesore though. lol

  5. Not one of the best ones I’ve seen (in other people’s towns as I only started in May) but I still think it looks OK and a bit different. Multiplier is OK too. I have started saving some of the rubbish to go with it and so I think you can build things around it and incorporate it into your town. I bought it and happy I did.

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