It’s Not Easy Being Green

Due to I’ve been asked this many times as well as some of our readers have commented in regards to this, I decided to take this opportunity to break down why most of my 2Ds are so green.

When I first started out making 2Ds, I was still very new to the game and had no clue what I was doing. I had very little “extra” in game cash. Well…let’s be honest, as far behind as I was “extra game cash” didn’t exist. I was already several levels of game play behind others and getting discouraged.  I decided I needed a lil break from the game play but not the game itself. It was at this time my creative bug took hold. I wanted to create. I wanted to design. I wanted a piece of me, my imagination in my town.

So many designs, so little time. My crazy geek instincts were going mad. I had a mental list of at least 20 or 30 things I wanted to make, but where to start. I began looking at what options of colors and decorations I had. Not that many. The decorations that were in the game seemed so pricey at the time. So out of reach. I knew I needed at least 100 of each and the total cost was just too much. Compare 100 small shrubs to 100 snapdragons. That is $2500 vs $27, 000. For some just starting out or just wanting to test out the 2D process, that is a LOT of in game cash for something that doesn’t help you complete tasks.

This made me almost give up right then n there. (Aren’t yah glad I didn’t? I know I am.) I was getting so frustrated that all the colors I needed just weren’t there either (where are my browns n yellows EA??) The sizes of many decorations are out of proportion too. They look fine one way, but a disaster the other way. So many road blocks. What’s a Bunny to do? Then it hit me, why does it have to be exact? This isn’t like the game play. There is no script to follow. No tasks that have to be done in a certain order. Sky is the limit.

It was at this point I decided I am an artist first and foremost, NOT a perfectionist…at least not when it comes to color selection. Instead I chose to use what is available to me at that time. Items I could purchase and still have enough game cash left over to play the game too.

Could you imagine someone telling Picasso his work was sub par because all the colors were wrong. The shapes not proportionate. His most obscure paintings are still selling for millions and considered some of the best art to date. Even if most think the images all wrong. Art is just that, art. It is the interpretation of the artist that makes each one unique, original, and beautiful.

In my work for the site here, I try to look at each image as though it was myself months back, game poor, and no direction (though I can still run game poor pretty quick, just a lot easier to recover now). I try to use the most basic, simple, and inexpensive items available. This way anyone can at least try one out without feeling they spent a fortune of their hard earned in game cash. Sure, there are many other decorations that can be used as a base INSTEAD of the small green shrubs, but that’s up to the artist to choose the color palette they want to use. I provide a base model and leave it up to you as readers to customize, add, change, make the design your own.

So until another small, manageable, and inexpensive alternate option comes along…I will continue to use the small green shrubs as my choice of a teaching method.

In the meantime I would LOVE to see other takes on my designs. Changes to them. Additions to the characters. Please feel free to showcase your art here in the comments.

Til the next “green design”.



With only a few days left in our 2D contest, I figured I’ll post these again for beginning or any 2D artist. This will give you an idea how things line up in the “game grid”. Feel free to use them to sketch out your designs prior to laying them out in your town. .

Grid green


Only a few days left…so enter soon.

5 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. I agree totally. Everything you said was the head of the nail. I just started my first 2D!!!! And I’m really stoked. Its going to be my submission to the Halloween contest, the first of anything like this I’ve ever entered or entertained before. I’m pretty excited and I’m ready for it to be not quite what I envisioned. But that’s half of the fun isn’t it? Its like making a huge project and putting it in the hands of someone else and waiting for the natural results. Its an aspect only a few like us can appreciate.

    I’m using Trash Bins and Snap Dragons. I already did the math. 53 Snap dragons and 21 Trash Bins. Bought the bins and set upon laying out what I had with my 5 Snap dragons. It will take all day and maybe into tomorrow but I will have my piece.

    The only 2D I’ve done before was the other day when I was tapping for my girlfriend and I decided to make a heart out of hedges. Doesn’t look anything like a heart but she looked at the layout when she got back on and saw what it was. That’s what counts. Made her happy and made me happy. So it works.

    Thanks for all the priceless advice bunny, can’t wait to see what else is to come and I look forward to sharing more of my own. 😀

  2. I tried to make a ghost last night using teas cans. Bought a ton of those little $%&@ and came up with a straight FAIL. And I pursued art my whole life. Even went to college for it. You guys have a unique gift (although I’d be shocked to see Tapped Out game art on display in a museum) but a gift is a gift. Keep it up. I actually have a screenshot of Brockman hiding undercover in one if Wookies designs. Need to post it.

    • Aww don’t give up. The angles of the town are tilted on two different axis’, so it’s difficult at first until you get hang of the angles to figure out what works.

      I have grids of the town at tapped-out 2D page you’re welcome to use to map out a design. I’ll repost them here shortly as well.

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