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You must be the change you wish to see in your Springfield

How ya doing Tappers? Hopefully good. Wookiee here with yet another post about my lastest redesign journey.

Bet ya didn’t know that Ghandi loved TSTO too, eh? Well, he probably would not have enjoyed the violence in The Simpsons but today’s post isn’t about non-violent civil disobedience anyway (Sorry Lisa, maybe next time).

lisa meditation

What I wanted to talk to y’all about is the concept of a REDESIGN. With Halloween looming in the very near future (Oh me, oh my, 2-ish days…Woohoo!), you may have wondered what you are going to do with all the new things you’re bound to be getting. The easiest answer is to redesign your town and/or buy more land.

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So there I was, minding my own smurf when all of the smurf this smurf walked up and smurfing smurfed me. WHAT THE SMURF DID I DO??! I was so smurfed that I grabbed my smurf and smurfed after that smurf. I smurfed and smurfed and smurfed. I had to smurf.

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Addicts How To: Using Dropbox to Upload TSTO Screenshots

I’ve noticed a few questions in the comments about how to share your photos on Addicts and what the best method is.  Personally I’m playing Tapped Out on an Android platform, although I will occasionally play on an iOS device as well, and use Dropbox for uploading.  While I know there are many other apps out there to help you upload your photos, I prefer Dropbox.  I’ve been using it for a while now so I’ve built up a fair amount of free storage and it’s my application of choice when it comes to backing up my photos or uploading my screenshots.  So today I wanted to go over a step by step guide on using Dropbox to upload and share your photos.

First, if you don’t already have an account with Dropbox you can set one up at their website (dropbox.com).  The accounts are free and come with 2GB of storage.  You’ll also earn free “bonus” storage space when you refer friends and download the PC application (like I said earlier, I’ve been using it for quite a while now and with all of my referrals I currently have about 6GB of free storage with them.  Not a bad deal for a free application!)  If you need help creating an account they have videos and a guided step by step process on their website.

So assuming you’ve already setup your account and are good to go let’s get into the finer details of how to share your photos.  It’s important to note that there are different methods when using an iOS device and an Android device.  Both devices have different ways to upload your files, so I will discuss each method separately.  Since I use an Android device I’ll start with that… Continue reading

Weekend Update: September 21st-28th, 2013


What a week’s it’s been at Addicts and in case you missed anything from the Addicts team this past week, here’s your chance to catch up!

First up…Don’t forget our Spooky 2D Contest!  Entries MUST be in by 11:59pm EST on Sunday 9/29/13.  So you only have today and tomorrow left…so get those entries in!

-Last Sunday Nick kicked things off with a discussion about the Season 25 Premiere of The Simpsons “Homerland”.  You can check out his post on it here

-Of course we can’t forget about the Season 25 Premiere Episode Tie-in update that was released this past Thursday.  Don’t forget this event is LIMITED TIME so be sure to get your Three-Eyed Sushi while you can!  We were all over this update, as always!  You can find the complete walkthrough here, if you should spend donuts on the hi-glow waste barrels here and how the new items impact the conform-o-meter here.

-Wookiee also brought us back to Level 33 over the weekend and talked about his favorite quest with Eddie and Lou.  Wookiee also brought us not one, but TWO late night revelations.  First, he talked about what he’d like to see in the Halloween Event, while he dodged the clown.  Then he discussed Three-Eyed sushi and poison, poison, tasty fish!

-Speaking of Halloween…EA surprised us all with a mini, Tuesday, update and let the cat out of the bag about the Halloween event (coming October 1st!).  We were all over the Feeding the Trolls Quest, you can read about it here.

-On Monday we asked you what you’re looking forward to the most Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or something else.  Well the results are in and Halloween won overwhelmingly (79%), with Christmas in 2nd & Thanksgiving a distant 3rd.  Also, we had a suggestion in the comment section about a Hanukkah update.

-Bunny had our 2D covered this week with her awesome Bumblebee Man how to.  She also broke down why it’s not easy being green and why her 2D’s are green.

-Wookiee and Bunny broke down two Tapped Out Characters for us this week in Homer Simpson and Mr. Burns.  Check out these Exxxxxxxceeellllent posts!

-A bunch of gaming questions were addressed this week too!  We talked about easier neighbor management via the Origin download.  We also looked at how to tell if a neighbor is inactive and when to delete them.  We also addressed a how-to take screen shots for the most common phones and devices out there.

-We also completed the Conform-O-Meter posts and wrapped it all up with a neat little bow in the collected Conform-O-Meter post here

-Of course we had a great WAWW’s post this week all about Mansions in TSTO.  Wookiee also gave us a bonus WAWW in What some Tapperinos want .

And as always we updated some of the TSTO Walkthroughs this past week.  You can check out the Walkthrough page (which also got a face-lift) for help at ALL levels of Tapped Out!

It was a busy week here and looks like next week will be even busier!  Mark your calendars Addicts….Sunday September 29th is the Season Premiere of the Simpsons and Tuesday October 1st will be the Halloween Event update!  Addicts will have you covered every step of the way!  We’ve got some new, fun things planned for the site so keep checking us out!

Have a great weekend everyone!