Hmmm, I do appreciate EA for anything free they give us, but overall…I was disappointed in the tie-in to Homerland. There was literally NOTHING explained. NOTHING TRA LA LA. So…thanks FOX for giving us something I apparently need to drive to Boise and go to a con to find out about. 🙂


Alissa already gave us a great run down of the episode Homerland and the general idea of what happened. So, in my typical fashion…I am going to smother you in pics and ramblings of words. 🙂

Here are a few of the things I did like about the episode…

I want to know what happened to Chalmers and why he is covered in eggs and tied to a balloon chair.

I do personally watch Homeland, so I enjoyed that aspect of the new episode.

One of my favorite parts was actually when Annie was trying to figure out who was talking around the corner of her cubicle. They stated they weren’t even there. Basically only figments of her imagination. Too many pills popped. The two “co workers” then changed into other characters like, Santa, Easter Bunny, Sherlock, Robin Hood, Unicorn, Coat rack, Umbrella stand, Abe Lincoln…but made me giggle when I saw Papa Smurf. I do like their 2D version of Papa Smurf. Not too shabby when compared to my version of a Smurf. 🙂

poppin pills

I also giggled the con was held in Boise, Mainly because I lived there for a few years and actually attended many a convention in Boise.

Typical Con “Swag thief” taking every last item. Yup, I’ve been behind them. Share the free stuff man.

Homer meeting the “hippies” and being brainwashed by the Grateful Dead.

The creepy fish type, shrimp like, green lil slimy “Mr. Burns”. No idea where Homer got it, but it got a good laugh out of me. That and his “Weird thing under a tarp.”

Fresh Burritos Instantly. Knowing someone who did stake outs and too many to count undercover operations…and the silly things they did…this one got me laughing.

Watching Annie pop her pills at the end…then walking into a rainbow sunset…while sending Ralphie flying when she shoved him…giggles all over.

push ralphie

So all in all a funny episode. Let’s see what others liked.



Wookiee here.  Off swinging through the wroshyr trees today but wanted to make sure I put in my 2 cents about last night’s episode.  Frankly I loved it!  Kinda wish the Hi-Glo barrels were more similar to the ones in the episode but c’est la vie.  Since Alissa and Bunny have all the episode stuff covered, I thought I’d chime in with some of my favorite quotes from Homerland.

“Yes. My terrorist masters are always talking about you, Lisa.”

“I can complete my Dad’s mission just like George W. Bush.”

“Pigs aren’t happy to be made into pork chops. This T-shirt lied to me.”

“Lisa… I’ve never prayed to a city in my life and if I did it’d be Hershey, Pennsylvania.”

“Dad, you’re scary when you’re calm and focused.”

Wookiee out!

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  1. The update has not come to me yet and it’s 3:35 pm

  2. There were many naughty laughs…I just stayed PG. Lol

  3. If they wanted to get people to watch the show then they succeeded by making everyone intrigued with the additions to the game and how they fit in with the episode. The fact that the decorations had absolutely nothing to do with the plot, I think, is hilarious. And it will keep people talking about it. I don’t think it was laziness, I think it was a strategic move to get people chatting.

  4. Sooo many pics, so lil space. There were plenty more good shots and quotes I loved. Figured be best if people just saw the episode. Lol.

    The “arse” jokes both in the hippie van and at the end for “inspection” killed me.

  5. The episode was good, but I agree with you bunny, the tie in was disappointing, verging on lazy. It was only shown for a few seconds and had nothing to do with the story line… I don’t do premium items but the barrels look massive and can’t be placed anywhere decent. Plus it was the opener to their 25th anniversary, so I was expecting a little more from the freebies.

    Great coverage though from the 3 of you on the episode, and Wookster, love the idea of throwing in fave quotes of the episode. I missed a few while I was tapping in game 😉

  6. The scene with Anne in bed with Homer and Marge had to be my favorite.

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