Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO…Oh My!

For those of you around for Whacking Day, the thought of collecting items to win prizes may either bring up fond memories or send you screaming for the hills!  But don’t worry, this time around the Addicts team is here to help!  We’ve got you covered, so that plus the more than a month you have to play the update should help you achieve all of the goals!  Let’s get right to it by breaking down the “game inside the game”.

Just call yourself the new Ghostbuster, because that’s what the Simpsons are asking you to do here!  The object is to “Pop” (EA wouldn’t dare use “whack” and stir up those flashbacks!) the Ghosts to collect their GOO.  GOO is the new in-game currency for special Halloween items.  Occasionally a Ghost will spill out a Gremlin (they’re attracted to GOO after all)  when you pop them.  Gremlins are collected to put in your friend’s towns , they’ll help you collect more GOO (since Gremlins are attracted to GOO).  Confused yet?  Don’t be…let’s break it all down step by step

instructions treehouse guide


Once you’ve completed the 24hr Fortune Teller Building build you unlock the ability to start popping Ghosts!  You can find the word for word explanation behind the Ghosts in our walkthrough here.  Ghosts will fly around your Springfield (And your friend’s ..but we’ll get to that in a minute) and all you have to do is just tap them.  They’ll disappear and “release” a purple canister full of GOO & occasionally release a Gremlin head.
Here’s what the ghosts look like:
goo and gremlin


Again, GOO is the new in-game currency.  It comes in purple canisters and appears when you pop ghosts.  It also appears in a variety of other ways as well.  You can earn GOO while visiting friends towns, completing special event tasks, “un-possessing” possessed  characters & tapping haunted buildings.  Here are the prizes and the amount of GOO they cost:

GOO list



Gremlins are the new “eggs” of Tapped Out.  You can place Gremlins in your friends towns and they help you collect more GOO.  Personally this isn’t something I’ve been able to do yet.  In order to place a Gremlin in your friends town they must have completed the Gypsy build and be on the point of popping Ghosts.  You can tell if a friend is at this point by checking out the purple GOO counter over their town on the neighbors map.  If the counter is more than 0 you know they’re able to accept Gremlins in their town, however if they’re still at 0 then they aren’t quite ready.

Here’s what the map looks like:
2013-10-01 16.01.11

The only other thing I want to mention at this point is, now when you visit friends (who are ready for ghosts) you can tap 3 buildings to make them haunted (to collect GOO, and give them GOO to collect) and you can tap 5 Ghosts to collect GOO from.  Here’s a shot from other Springfield of what it looks like:
2013-10-01 15.53.17

We’ll be back periodically with more up-to-date information as we have it.  For now we’ve got to continue to play the update ourselves and see what comes up next!

Have fun Ghost Busting!

23 responses to “Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO…Oh My!

  1. You can get more than 5 ghosts from your neighbors if you time it well. Tap on four right away, wait to get the fifth until screen has lots of ghosts on it. Tap the fifth and then other ghosts on the screen before the counter has registered your fifth ghost. You can get anywhere between 2-4 ghosts depending on speed and accuracy!!

  2. Steve bleedin Green

    Please confirm. GOO is not a bonafide currency as you don’t exchange it for the items, correct? You unlock items as your GOO count goes up.

    • Correct…in a way…at the end of ALL prize collection, you’ll be able to trade in Goo for donuts…basically for every so many extra Goo you earn to hit each bonus level, you get donuts. Similar to the prizes.

  3. Add me. P8ntballar10. Play everyday numerous times.

  4. You can earn one or two extra goo!!!!!! when you go to your friend and get down to you last ghost find a spot with a bunch flying around and click as many as you can before the first pops. If you do the ghost before your building you will see a negative number 😉

  5. How do you “haunt” buildings I’m your friends towns? Also looking for more friends

    • Post coming. Make sure they first of all CAN be haunted. There Goo counter in the towns screen will show MORE than 0 if they are. 0 if not, you have to wait til they build the gyspy place and are able to pop ghosts. Same as getting money from tapping homes/buildings. Instead of a $ you will see a lil white ghost icon. If all are tapped, you won’t see any and have to wait.

    • Also, you don’t want to get lost in the comments and posts…go to our great neighboreeno place and put your info there. TONS already have.

  6. Add me me and my wife both play all the time. matt_densl943 and alicia_den602

  7. I’m a little confused. Is it detrimental to your friend to put Gremlins on their property? Does it steal goo they could have gotten, or just get you extra, or what?

    • Nope no harm at all. I have a post i’m currently working on about this right now. But basically you’re good to put them in your friends town. They won’t steal their GOO instead they “create” new GOO for both you and your friend. Full details on it to come shortly, but that’s the basics behind it 🙂

  8. Add me very active want more goo duffmiver6453

  9. Thanks for the explanation Alissa. It really helped.

  10. I love this game i just wish i could get more donuts cause i can’t afford them and need them

  11. How do I delete friends so I can add active ones?!

  12. using the word whacking is grounds for revolt!!!

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