Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 2-4

The first part of the Halloween walkthrough was covered by Bunny earlier today, along with a great “behind the item” understanding of how the Fortune Teller shop relates to the Simpsons (you can read all about it here).  This part of the walkthrough is what happens after the shop has been built. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about ghosts, gremlins and GOO so here’s how you unlock them!  For those that don’t want to find out just yet the walkthrough starts after the page break 🙂

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt.2
Auto starts after the Gypsy shop is built

dia gypsy
dia gypsy1
dia haunted
So, you seek the old gypsy’s help because you are trouble by ghosts. And yet when I ring your doorbell selling herbal supplements, it’s “nobody home, gypsy.”

Marge: Please, just tell us why we’re being haunted.
Gypsy: The spirits are angry, and seek justice for wrongs done to them in their Earthly lives. And ghost justice involves possessing people – it’s neat to see! I’ll tell you how to get rid of them if you buy 10 jars of my house gingko blend.
Homer: Nobody home, gypsy.
dia nobodyhome
Lisa: What if we were to just pop the ghosts. Then we could collect their “ghostly organofluid outflow”, or GOO.
Gypsy: Very smart, little girl. I foretell that in the future you will have trouble finding a date. How did you learn about GOO, anyway?
Lisa: On Google.
Pop Ghosts and Collect their GOO- 10 Ghosts
Keep Ned free when complete

Treehouse of Horror XXIV Guide
instructions treehouse guide

Homer: What is that thing? It’s simultaneously cute and terrifying, like my daughter Maggie.
Frink: It’s a Gremlin, a creature so unsafe an American-made car was named after it. They’re attracted by GOO like a senior citizen is drawn to pureed hamburger.
Homer: Hey, do you think if I set this little guy free in the other Springfields it would steal me some of their GOO?
Frink: Either that or make their school buses crash.
instructions gremlins

Homer: Man, I popped ten ghosts and they still keep coming. What is there, a ghost bubble machine somewhere?
Marge: We’ll get our friends to help pop ghosts, and make sure they get nice rewards. Maybe some pop-corn! *giggles
Homer: I get it. “Pop” cause you pop them, and “corn” cause that joke’s corny.
Community Prizes
instructions community

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 3
After tapping Ned

dia ned
dia apu
Homer, I hate to be a specter hector, but your ghosts are all over the Flanders homestead.
Apu: And they’re gumming up the Kwik-E-Mart worse than Squishee syrup gums up your intestines.
Bart:Their otherworldly shrieks are so loud I can’t hear my video game, “Ghost Scream III”.
Remove Ghosts from Haunted Budildings– 3 buildings
Keep Homer free when complete
instructions pop buildings
Marge: Homer, I’m sorry dinner’s late but two poltergeists were playing keep-away with the pork chops.
Homer: We must take drastic action…and see that annoying gypsy again.

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 4
After tapping on Homer

Gypsy: So, you return, just as I foresaw – when I saw you walking up on the security camera.
Marge: Nice gypsy, we need to summon a spirit and ask why it is so angry.
Gypsy: Very well! Hold hands in a circle while I enter my trance.
Lisa: Look! Her eyes are rolled up in her head!
Lisa: *gasp She’s speaking in tongues! I wonder what she’s saying.
Homer: It better not be that she charges by the hour.
Make Homer Listen to the Gypsy’s Babbling– 24hrs
Gypsy: Someone is here! Unquiet soul, what is your name?
Ghost of Maude: Maude Flanders.
Homer: O unattractive and boring spirit, why are you angry at us?
Maude: You killed me with a T-Shirt cannon. Why do you think?
dia tshirt cannon
Homer: The spirit speaks in riddles. Send it back and get another one. 

New Character Unlock!
maude unlock

And that’s where we’ll leave off this part of the walkthrough with the unlocking of the long request Ghost of Maude Flanders! Back with more soon!  

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    • Thanks for letting us know! We’ve had some issues with photos linking when we changed from one server to our dedicated server. We’ve gone and fixed everything we thought needed to be corrected, but looks like there are still some older posts not showing them. Thanks! 🙂

  2. How often are ghosts replenished in my town?

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  4. I’m really confused!! Please help!! 🙁 I’ve tapped on way more than 3 Haunted houses but part 4 still hasn’t started/come up!! I’ve been waiting and tapping for soooo long now please help !! ;( ;(

    Ps. Add please for goo and gremlins! Level 35 hourly player!!


  5. Just cleared out 19 “dead weight friends” from android….daily player who is lvl 35 and ready for haunting add me: toxicshark965,,,,,,I NEED GOO!!

  6. Are the prizes easier to get than for the whacking day event?

    • If you have a good group of active friends, it shouldn’t be too hard swissdude. From what I’ve heard from tapper buddies today, 300-500 was the average. We have 36 days to play so 278 a day would keep ya right on point for the most expensive prize.

    • I need friends kindingaling81

  7. 13 hrs to go on the first build. Tomorrow I’m ready to get those ghosts! =)

  8. We have to be patient! Hasn’t been 24 hours for the new update, specially people not using doughnutz to rush the new building like me

  9. Wasn’t sure where to post this:

    But if you tap on the Simpon’s House there is a new menu that reads: “You have some strange new items among the familiar crap in the attic”. Hit “Go”, and then a window showing daily “frigthem” is displayed…

    Haven’t seen a post on this yet on TSTOAddicts so I thought I’d bring it up.

  10. How long does the Halloween event go for? Considering using donuts to get through the first part, but don’t want to waste if the event will be lasting a while. thanks

  11. Where is the update? Not showing up on game or playstore!@

  12. ughhh 90% of my neighbors haven’t updated… wish they’d get the lead out! I’m not being very patient am I. lol
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    Oh well, Booberella cracks me up, and I’m having a blast, this is great!

  13. Please help. It does not start part 4. What do i do???

  14. Dont think this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know when more levels will be made? Been on level 35 for ages now

    • Level 35 just came out less than 3 weeks ago and most people just finished it this past weekend. With this HUGE Halloween update I think it’s safe to say we won’t see a new level for a few weeks, maybe not until the event is over (11/7…which happens to be EAs favorite update day)

    • Kayleigh… think of this update as level 35 Mark 2 point awesome. Another level would only complicate gameplay so I hope for all our sakes that EA waits a little and uses the time to make 36 incredible.

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