Community Prizes?? Really?

As you get past the first build in the Halloween update and move past your own GOO ambitions (check it out at Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO) you’ll notice there’s another new feature with this update.  A community GOO collection to work towards unlocking new items.  That screen looks like this:

Region Capture

Of course this screen shot was taken when the update first went live…and now the GOO count is much closer to 5,000,000,000 (yes that’s 5 BILLION).

Much like your own personal prizes you can earn for collecting GOO, these are prizes every tapper will earn (at the same time) if these numbers are achieved by the community as a whole.  So what are the items?

Well the first prize to unlock is the First Church of Lard Lad:

The rest of the items, in order are:

100px-Clawing_Zombie_Tapped_OutClawing Zombie

ghostbombGhost Bomb
frogprinceFrog Prince

200px-King_Homer's_Skyscraper_Tapped_OutKing Homer’s Skyscraper
So there you have it.  So get to tapping everyone!  Help ALL tappers get these awesome prizes before they’re gone!

UPDATE: We now know, after finally having a chance to review the files, that 5 billion is the FINAL unlock number, to unlock all 5 items.  Each item will unlock at earlier stages.  First Church of Lard Lad should unlock at 1 billion (it’s getting close!), Clawing Zombie at 2 billion community GOO, Ghost Bomb at 3 billion community GOO, Frog Prince at 4 billion community GOO & finally King Homer’s Skyscraper at the total 5 million community GOO.  That seems a bit more manageable huh?!

UPDATE #2: The counter is now over 1billion and the church has not been unlocked.  Many are now back to the original though that it’s 5 billion to unlock the Church of the Lard Lad.  At either rate it should be unlocked soon 🙂

17 responses to “Community Prizes?? Really?

  1. If everyone leaves the gremlins that where let loose in their town alone then they would only be helping others to obtain goo faster.

    • Not necessarily. You have to wait 4 hrs to get 4 goo. Squash now for 2 goo and with frequent visits from Neighbors, you could have 10 times that amount in 4 hrs. I have over 200 gremlins just sitting due to no room to drop more in the towns that wait. So the 6 neighbors that do pop them are getting a ton of goo from frequent gremlin drops. If they pop them quick, I can cycle back and make as many drops in an hour as possible until I run out. We both benefit with a ton of Goo quick. 100 neighbors dropping 10 gremlins a day…if they were cleared fast so they can…think how fast that adds up.

  2. Community prizes make me unhappy, why should I work hard when other don’t and we both get the same in the end? Seems unfair just like a producer under socialism, why would or should I be motivated to get all the GOO I can if others won’t? I rather do away with community prizes or do them at the beginning and not the end. If I’m putting in time every day and others aren’t then that’s fair we do t earn the same outcome.

    • I can understand your frustration but I for one hope the community prizes help a certain subsect that don’t have the personal time for the personal prizes (my sister is one of them)… I’ll keep on ghost busting and hoping for the best! The folks you’re worried about won’t have the same personal prizes as you. Keep the faith Reech.

  3. Friend of mine came to the conclusion that our taps arent making the counter go. He saw that after the first prize the counter increased from like 5k to 10k per second to compensate for the time crunch and the need to reach the next level. soo…maybe its all a sham and we’ll get everything no matter what…

  4. We are averaging 1 Billion Goo a day. So the Clawing Zombie should be available Saturday night or Sunday morning. The next 5-6 days later and so on. The Goo count has really picked up since the last Billion of the First Church of Lard Lad.

  5. You’ll see it at 5 billion. Why anyone thought it would unlock at 1 billion is beyond me. There’s an arrow pointing to 1 item and a progress bar. Isn’t it natural that you get what is being pointed at once the goal displayed is reached just like in all other parts of the event?

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and use some more logical thinking and say that the First Church of Lard Lad is a facade for Lard Lad and will therefore be useless to those that don’t have Lard Lad unless they get really generous and give you the building along with the facade. Why? Because they’ve never done it any other way. That’s how they did Heck House (facade for the Church) and all the Christmas decorations for all the homes and certain buildings.

  6. Is there a way to access this screen somewhere in the game? I can’t seem to find it anywhere (after having it pop up on me that first time)

  7. we need a running count of community taps….

  8. The clawing zombie is available

  9. According to SpAndex 5 billion is the total for all five. The first one should drop at 1 bn.

    • It could very well be. I’ve got to check through the files fully myself. I had a few quick looks yesterday but then the update came out so fast and furious I didn’t have a chance to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. But i’ll check into it today. Thanks for the “heads up”!

      • First Church of Lard Lad = 5 billion
        Clawing Zombie = 10 billion
        Ghost Bomb = 15 billion
        Frog Prince = 20 billion
        King Homer’s Skyscraper = 25 billion

        At rate we are going (app. 828 million per day), should reach 25 billion by October 31st at the latest.

  10. Better get tapping folks. Gee, 5bn! Just that

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