In Game Update….

Hi Ghostbusters!

Just wanted to let you all know of the in-game update that was just launched.  Looks like it’s just fixing some glitches (and we know TSTO has been VERY glitchy since the update came out!) so don’t be alarmed when you see update in progress the next time you login.  Also, don’t be alarmed if you get “crashed out” of the game!  This happened to some on the Addicts staff…the game crashed so it could update.

So be on the look out for the in game update!

2013-10-02 16.52.00

Oh and the most bizarre thing happened in the middle of my update…I had a half white half TSTO screen just spinning around on the screen.  Very odd indeed!  Here’s a screenshot of it…if this happens to you don’t panic.  Just hard close your game (ie close from the Task Manager of your device) and restart it.  That’s the only way to fix it!

2013-10-02 16.52.49

UPDATE: Ok so we’ve had a chance to fully review everything that came with today’s in game update.  And according to the files the follow now happens in the game:
-Sound/voice files were added for Kodos & Count Burns
-Sunday’s trivia has changed.  Originally it was going to award 5 donuts & Strongman Homer (See our Attic Post for more) now the files say 10 donuts and Strongman Homer!  (woohoo free donuts!)
-Wailing & Spooky walls can now be placed on the pavement
-And some quest changes for later quests in the event!


10 responses to “In Game Update….

  1. I keep trying to visit wookie but every time the game freezes. its happened nearly 20 times. I’ve got a pile of gremlins to unleash up wookie’s town, yet i can’t get to it. suppose i will wait.

  2. You guys are so on the ball! I just got that and was so worried it was going to take me back to the beginning of the Halloween event. Thanks for keeping us informed! (Been looking for a “new” favorite site… trying them all out. Yours has quickly jumped to the top of the list. Thanks!!)

    • Thanks 🙂
      We are just as curious with every little thing as our readers. I was the Addict that was booted RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A TASK! Lol. It kicked me out and as soon as I tried to jump back in, it updated. I am just glad EA is keeping a close eye and responding fast to glitch issues on this one.

      So much going on. So hard to pick where to look. 🙂

  3. My iPad just went through the “in-game” update and it looks like there is a new ghostie haunting me — it looks like an elephant (Stampy???).

  4. Hello,

    I received the update and am now having trouble clearing my haunted houses. Hopefully this will fix itself soon!

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