Who wants to live in a Pumpkin?

Hey hidey ho Tapperinos!

How’s every one enjoying their Event so far? That good, huh? What do you mean there’s an unhappy tapper you saw on some forum somewhere? Well, if I’ve learned anything swinging through the forests of Kashyyyk, you can’t please every one all the time, but the threat of ripping arms out of sockets does wonders for fake smiles.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in real quick with some info on the very first prize that comes from collecting GOO. The pumpkin house shows up at 100 GOO (which comes pretty quick actually). This interesting building comes from Treehouse of Horror XI, Scary Tales Can Come True.

pumpkinhouse 100goo

The Simpsons family lives in a pumpkin house in an enchanted forest.

Bart is up to his usual antics watching the fire and getting bit by a rat (apparently he’d just gotten over the plague lol).

Lisa, true to form, is reading a book (Grimm’s Fairy Tales).

Homer comes home from being fired as an OAF and due to an uncertain future for his children, he does the responsible thing and throws them in to the dark forest.

Of course as they roll down a hill, he tells them to say hi to their other siblings.

Bart and Lisa quickly realize that the stories in Lisa’s book are actually true. A troll does live under the bridge.

Goldilocks did trespass on the bear’s property. NOTE: Bart is a genius for making “just right” porridge by mixing the hot and cold together lol.

Back at the Pumpkin House, Marge inquires about the children and is mortified that Homer would desert them. There are so many better ways to take care of their children.

Lisa and Bart come upon a Gingerbread House in the forest. Just like Hansel and Gretel, they become the prisoners of a Witch who wants to fatten them up and eat them.

gingerbreadhouse 10000goo



Before the Witch can cook the kids, Homer arrives to save them, characteristically eating his way in through the cookie wall.

In the ensuing battle, the Witch changes Homer into a fish/donkey/chicken/broom hybrid.

Of course Homer prevails and the Witch is vanquished. The Simpsons are all reunited in their pumpkin. Homer does not completely return back to normal though. He fortunately can provide a ready supply of food from then on.


Here’s what the Pumpkin House looks like in the game.

pumpkinhouse 100goo

As a bonus from this episode, once you acquire 10,000 GOO, you can also get the Gingerbread House to match this building AND it comes with The Witch.

gingerbreadhouse 10000goo

Now if it only came with a Donkishbroomcken Costume for Homie, maybe we could make every one happy. Happy tapa-tapa-tapping Addicts, Wookiee out!

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  1. I got to 140 goo points and it said I should have the pumpkin house, but I cannot find it anywhere?! Anyone else have this glitch?

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