Can’t Get Enough of That Purple GOO: How to Earn More GOO

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

By now you should all know about how Gremlins and Ghosts earn you GOO,  If not you can check out awesome these posts:
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But what about other ways to earn GOO.  Surely there has to be more ways to earn that precious purple GOO!  There is!  Here are a few other ways you can earn GOO….

Character Tasks:
In addition to popping ghosts in your town and your friends town you can also send select characters on special Halloween tasks.  When completed these tasks earn GOO instead of cash!
-Send Milhouse, Bart, Lisa, Martin & Nelson Trick or Treating!
A 16 hr task for each character that will earn you 8 GOO canisters when complete!  In addition to the GOO you’ll also get to see these kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and walk around Springfield!  It’s a fun task…but I won’t spoil the costume fun for you!

Make Mr. Burns eliminate Ghosts

A 12hr task for Mr. Burns that will earn you 5 GOO canisters when complete!  It’s also a humorous task that causes Mr. Burns to go searching for his dust buster to get rid of the ghost…”he ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Make Marge Tidy up Ghosts
Another 12 hr task, this time for Marge, that will earn you 5 GOO canisters when complete.  Plus you get to see Marge wonder around with a backpack vac!

Make Ned Sprinkle Ghosts with Holy Water
flanders goo
This 24 hr task for Ned will award you 10 GOO canisters.  If you liked Ned’s Wacking day task, you’ll enjoy this one!

Make Apu Reincarnate Ghosts
Sorry I don’t have a screen grab for this one!

This 24 hr task, this time for Apu, will also award you 10 GOO canisters.  You get to watch Apu roam around your Springfield praying & turning Ghosts to Doves!

Make Frink (if you have him) Have an Epistemological Argument with Ghosts
Another 24hr task, BUT this time because Frink is a premium character it will earn you 15 GOO canisters (50% more for premium!)  This takes place at Frinks lab so there’s really nothing to see.

-Make Maude Get Revenge on Homer
Homermaude goo
Our newest character addition gets in on the act as well.  This 8 hr task will earn you 3 GOO canisters, but the real prize is the laughter that will come!  Maude seeks her revenge on Homer by shooting T-Shirts at him!

Note…Homer can also “deal with Ghosts” for 12hrs and 5 GOO.  However, he’s needed so much for the questline you may not want to assign him on that task until the quest is over.  Also, it’s been reported that assigning Homer to this task can cause Homer to freeze in the game.  So for now I’d avoid this one.  

Complete quest tasks
These vary person to person, but for the most part you’ll earn 25 GOO canisters and then some for every quest you complete during the TSTO Halloween event! (of course it has to be a Halloween quest…and not making Grampa tell stories on the couch, sorry!).

Earn Ghosts from Cemeteries and Mausoleum
Although they cost donuts, except for the Indian Burial Ground (which can cost donuts, but  you also earn it free with 500 GOO), the Pet Cemetery, Springfield Cemetery, Mausoleum &  Ancient Indian Burial Ground will all generate extra ghosts for you to pop every so many hours.
The Springfield Cemetery & Pet Cemetery- Earn 8 Ghosts each every 10 hours
Mausoleum- Earns 5 Ghosts every 8 hours
Ancient Indian Burial Ground- Earns 4 Ghosts every 12hrs

-Earn Ghosts by tapping possessed characters
Yes…in addition to tapping Ghosts if you see one of your characters acting a little funny and “flying” they may be possessed.  Tap on them to “de-possess” them and earn 1 GOO canister.

Of course the best way to earn GOO is to just play…play the game EVERY day and tap away!  You have plenty of time to reach the 10,000 GOO mark (until November 7th) so just make sure you play and everything should be reachable!

So strap on those proton-packs and go out hunting!

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  1. Where do you all find this Purple Goo??? I’m frustrated and cannot find it!!

  2. Last night I noticed Marge was possessed I tapped then tapped again and again about 300 times lol I have over 10,000 goo’s …..she is stuck in possessed mode and won’t come out of it. Lol just thought I would share. By the way I have over 500 gremlins & bombs to…..

  3. Please add me!!!!! I’m a
    Daily player!!!

  4. Add me!… szslone

  5. Was just doing my neighbours, and have come across a new way of getting extra goo! If you can click ghosts quick enough the thing in the top corner goes into minus and lets you have the extra goo!

  6. Thank you sir! We aim to please 🙂

  7. ID: blakeschof226

    looking for freinds for daily haunt and goo collection. Will release gremlins everyday as i have bought plenty of them

  8. If you have Witch Marge, she can Trick or Treat and gets I think 12 GOO (as a premium skin).

    It seems like maybe they didn’t update the TorT task since last year to include the new kids. I get why Ned wouldn’t let Rod and Tod participate, but why not Ralph, Sherri/Terri or even the teenagers? Surely, they’d like to get in on the fun.

    • Thanks for the tip on Marge! I didn’t even think to check her for Trick or Treating! I’ll update the post with that info.
      I agree about the kids! Quite a let down when Ralph, Sherri/Terri & others couldn’t Trick or Treat, but I guess something is better than nothing right?

      • Finally had a chance to see what she was earning for me and it’s the same that the kids get for non-premium: 8 GOO. Just barely better average per hour than her regular 12 hour task… Oh, well!

  9. When do we get Maude Flanders’ ghost? I dont have her yet.. Also thanks for this post as I did NOT realise Frink, Apu and Ned had goo earning tasks on my own!

    • She unlocks during the first portion of the Fortune Teller Shop. I believe it’s part 4 of the questline, you can view the start of the walkthrough here

  10. I can’t make apu and ned do their tasks :S

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