Howdy everybody!

Just wanted to get some info out about a possible glitch that could effect every one’s gameplay.

Even though I’ve been playing since last Halloween and been very fortunate to have only minor glitches so far, I’ve had a pretty serious one during this update.

Homer is missing!  


Yesterday I sent Homer on his 12 hour Halloween task.  I laughed as he grew bigger to eat ghosts and then took off PACMAN-style eating donuts.  While I followed Homie to get screenshots, I watched as he continued off my game screen off into the deep blue sea.  No worries right?

I didn’t think anything of it until Homer wasn’t in my town today.  Of course, I thought I was SMRTER than him and tried to find him by setting new tasks but apparently, he is trapped in the twilight zone under the water to the bottom left of my town.  I can see his yellow thumbs up briefly on a green background.

homer twilight zone

All the usual glitch fixes have not worked and I have an e-mail in with EA to see if it can be fixed.  Just wanted to make sure I got this info out to all you dedicated Ghostbusting Addicts.  If you’ve had success with the task in your town, I would not panic.  This glitch may just be isolated to the Wookiee but I would feel terrible if I didn’t use my soap box to let y’all know, especially since so many game tasks require the big guy.


As soon as I know the fix, I will let you know.  True moral of the story is to not freak about glitches. They work themselves out and it is really only a game. Sometimes they are even hilarious.


If you want to be on the safe side, be careful of Homer’s 12 hour Halloweeny task. TTFN Addicts… Wookiee out!

UPDATE 3 OCT 13 @ 2219 PST

I have been in contact with EA and they stated they are aware of this problem.  Some people’s characters have been disappearing when they do their Halloween tasks.  Provided it is not Homer or Lisa, the quick fix is to store the building they came with.  I did this for Martin (The Springfield Library) and he reappeared.  As a bonus, EA gave me 17 donuts so I would recommend letting EA know of any big glitches you may have.  Happy tapping and I hope your game is glitch free!

11 responses to “OH HOMER, WHERE ART THOU?

  1. Dr. Hebert has disappeared on mine… I tried storing the hospital and putting it back but he did not reappear… Can anyone help???

    • At this point, the only real option is to contact EA. Sorry. The glitches during the event are out of our reach. They will most likely have you try the standard uninstall and reinstall the game. You are welcome to try that as a last resort. Just make sure your game info is logged in through your Origin ID. All of it will be stored and linked to that account.

    • Also try his practice. See if storing that will help.

  2. Hey Wooooooookkkkkkkiiiiiieeeeeeee? My Homie is stuck under the grass and off my grid! Is there anyway to continue the quest without him?! Do you have a correct email for EA? I’m a despondent & stuck addict. 🙁 I really need a meeting again soon! 😀

    • You can see if there is anymore info by filling out the form here.. https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/select?question=Character%20Stuck%20in%20Game
      You will need to just select The Simpson’s Tapped Out, then Lost/Missing Item, then **your device**.Click on the Find Solutions.If the information isn’t there or still not helping…to the right side of the screen will be a box that says “I still need help”. Once you click on it, It will redirect you to log in to Origin. Do it. Just use same info as you do to log into your game. From there you can seek further info, or just below “Email me”

      Working on a post

  3. are you able to buy the new land expansions in that area?

  4. I got one free donut tapping on a possessed character! How often can I expect that to happen? I would like more donuts to get premium stuff but I can’t pay for them, add us rm86863 and chloeh918

    • Don’t know. Heard a lot of reports about free donuts. Got one myself today from a Mastodon. Make sure you out your ids on the neighborino page so they don’t get lost.

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