You Puny Earthlings!



Figured with all the madness, we all could use a lil mind relaxing and break from the madness that is the update. So here is a 2D I did a while back after seeing Kang wandering around in all the lucky Apple user’s towns. I wanted that frakking alien soooooooooo bad. So what does a Bunny do? I make my own. TAKE THAT EA!! 😛

Now don’t you worry your pretty lil heads, Earthlings…we will provide plenty of information on the aliens in the game, but for now…it is time to create.

Kang and Kodos have been continually showing up in the Simpson series over and over and overlord…err…over. Even if not actually in Springfield, they like to watch it from their spaceship just outside that atmosphere. Laughing and giggling at the silly lil Springfieldions (that’s a word, right?)

I hadn’t quite accumulated my mass collection of inventory at the time, so I had to buy a LOT of small hedges to make this one. Now, I wasn’t really teaching anyone how to make them. Just more for my amusement. So I apologize for not so many pics on this one, but I think by now you got an idea of how I work. YOU DON’T??!!! Pssssh. Then when you are done, hop on over to the 2D page and check it out. I SAID WHEN YOU’RE DONE! Sheesh…I haven’t even started. Some earthlings children.

So I began my 2D with Kang, since he seems to be the one in charge (though I’m not sure, they all look alike). I started with his eyes. I used the orange cones/pylons to make a general shape. Then using the newspaper dispensers, I filled in the pupil area. This gave him that “evil eye” look.

Then I started with the outline of his face. Using the small hedges, I began to make an outline of the shape of the forehead, ears, mouth, and neck area. I wanted the wrinkle above his eye to stand out as well as the ones in his neck, so I used the long hedge to make wrinkles. I liked this a lot. So I added them to his mouth too, giving it a little more definition on the lips. Propane tanks for teeth worked nicely. I used snapdragons to give him those lil spots on his head.

Next I moved on to those silly tentacles. I just randomly outlined them with the small hedges, trying to squeeze them into the lil space I had in my town. Moving here, tweaking there, rotating the hedge to give it a lil different edge. I tweaked them until I felt I had enough and they looked tentacle-y enough (me and my made up words).

Next came the neck strap (basically the bottom of the helmet they wear). I pondered on this one for quite some time. I tried fences, other bushes, and nothing seemed to work. Then I decided to just go for it. I place items that kinda resembled the shapes/looks of the buttons and knobs. The boardwalk bench, snapdragon, and trash can. To make it appear they are built in, I remembered how some areas looked when I had decorations behind the chain link fences. You could see right through them. So I placed chain link fences under them, but it gave the appearance it was over them. Looked pretty cool. (I did this by facing one row toward the other. They overlap that way.) Using trash cans, I finished the design of his headpiece.

Now I had a cool outline of my Kang. (Notice a hint of my geek 2D designs from my Star Wars collection that sparked a Wookiee riot? …yes yes yes…I will show you how I made them in a later 2D post.)


But I wanted more. MORE MORE MORE! So time to fill him in. Boy this took a while. I really appreciate now the stockpile this design created. Makes placement so much easier and faster.

6 5

Now Kang looked complete to me.


Hehehehe…I wonder who would win in a match of Kang vs the Death Star.

Now Kang wouldn’t be complete without his sidekick/partner in crime, Kodos. So I set out to make Kodos too. Same concept. Had to move a few tentacles from Kodos here and there.


I also used more snapdragons on the mouth to give the appearance Kodos was talking Kang’s ears off.

So after some tweaking, some giggling, a few naps. I now had TWO aliens in my town.


Sadly…these two guys are in my town no longer as change, growth, more levels added created the need to uproot the entire town and start again.

kang and kodos

Here is what they looked like with my town at the time.


For now, I will just have to get to the quest part in the new Halloween Event when I can get me some aliens.


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