Zapper? Meh

So I decided to put in my two cents on one of the new Premium items for the game, the Ghost Zapper.


In all honesty…I would pass on this on. Why don’t I like this item? I really find no value in it. None at all. The only thing I remotely like is the animation, that’s it. EA missed out by not making this an automatic Zapper. You know, like those lovely lights by the trailer zapping a million “skeeters” a minute.  The item is on a 4×5 plot. The cost is, gulp, 60 donuts. It does look cool .


So basically this is what happens. YOU have to wait in your town for the ghosts to come round the Zapper. Then YOU have to tap the Zapper. Once tapped it “charges up”. You see the bulb at the top and the rings leading up to it start to light up. When fully charged, a circle of light emits out in a ring and spans out until it disappears. Any ghosts caught in this area are popped. This lasts only a second. From what I saw…the radius didn’t seem to go that far. I still had ghosts nearby I thought for sure it would get.


That’s it. Done. Nothing more. I guess if you have a TON of ghosts in your town and don’t want to injure your lil tapping finger, then maybe it is beneficial. Maybe.  It seems more an elitist “I gotta have everything” item. I think it is a “Lazy Man’s Zapper.” Lol 😛

Well. That’s bout it. Just a thought in my head. Up to you to decide if you want to spend those precious donuts on it.


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  1. Not exactly a wonderful item, but I like the design. Goes well with my whole future garden. (Frink stuff, ultrahouse, ray gun) I like it. But thats only because I have donuts to spare 😀

  2. Thanks

  3. Does the zapper give a bonus?

  4. This is spot on. I bought mine as soon as I could get any of the new content, thinking it would be like the speakers for Whacking Day, in that it would zap ALL of the ghosts in my town. As you can imagine, I’m pretty disappointed. I am consoling myself with thinking few people will get it because it’s so useless but still. I’m also hoping it will generate money after the event.

    • Cool idea…seen it in a few town…tried it myself…still, meh overall for me as a 60 donut cost item. Lol

      Thanks for posting that though Em. A lot of people have bought it. 🙂

  5. Fantastic!!! Thank you Ladies! Addicts is doing a great job keeping us all up to date & informed! Don’t know where you find time but it is soooooo much appreciated!! 😀

  6. Hi Bunny!
    Great post, as always. Wondering if you or Alissa will be posting “Should I spend donuts on…” for the Halloween items? Always value your opinions on these! Thanks!!!

  7. As soon as I tried the Zapper for the first time, my thought was: well, at least it will look cool in my “tech” section of Springfield once the event is over. It’s pretty useless. For now, it sits among my graveyards and other ghost producing items so that as soon as they release a batch of ghosts, I can zap them all at once. But they’re so easy to pop, it’s hardly needed.

    At least the vacuum tool is free, It’s a bit more fun to use, but almost as useless. What would have been way more helpful is a Gremlin finder! Or something like the snake boombox that drew them out. But still, minor complaints in what is still an incredible event!

    • SOOOOOOOOOOO many cool things that EA gave us. I really do love the tech look to it. I just wish the donut cost was more balanced on it…maybe 30-40 would be more reasonable. It really is more just a “pretty” building. LOL

  8. I found a positive glitch in the game, when tapping ghost in your neighbor’s Springfields you can tap 6 if on the last ghost you tap 2 ghost simultaneously it gives you both, on the counter it will say -1/5

    • I do that too. Wait a minute til on the last 1/5…then when two are close…I tap them both at same time. I love it. Got the extra one many times. Some gremlins too. 🙂

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