Not sure where you are in the Halloween Event? Stressing out you’re not gonna make it? Well no worries. It seems as long as you are averaging 300 daily, you should be on target for all the prizes and goodies. But I know you are STILL gonna worry…so here is a little calendar to help you out. Stay ahead and at the end, you will be able to hit those bonus rounds to have a chance of FREE DONUTS!!!

There is a reported issue ongoing with the bonus levels. See here for more info.

(I set it to go until the 6th due to you never know what time they will actually shut it all down on the 7th. Better to play it safe.)




Now people wonder why they should continue beyond the 10,000 Goo. Two words…FREE DONUTS!!The Spooktacular Bonus. It works the same way as the XP bonus levels in that once you hit that extra 2000 Goo, you can pick from 3 boxes containing 1-3 donuts. Keep some extra cash for this. In case you don’t get 3 right away, you can spend $50,000 on each extra box and keep trying until you get 3 donuts. Pretty good deal to me. 🙂





You will also notice a new icon on your task book menu. A Halloween Candy. This is just there to show you are now collecting extra Goo beyond that 2000.


25 responses to “GOO COUNTER CALENDAR

  1. If you get 3 donuts first time and spend the extra 100k do you get the 6 or just the 3?in other words, do you get the highest amount or the combined amount of donuts??

    • Only 1, 2, or 3…nothing more. 🙁

      I’d LOVE if they added up cuz I’ve spent 100k many of times now to hit 3. Not just during this event.

  2. On my first Spooktacular bonus, I got 3 donuts on the first try. Woohoo!
    Then, I hit a XP bonus level up. I got 2 donuts the first time, found 1 on the second try, and then got 3. That’s $100K down.
    On my second Spooktacular bonus, I got 1, 2, and then 3 donuts. Another $100K blown.
    Now, I’m out of money to build Springfield High School from Level 34. (I have $175K right now, but if I buy the high school, that leaves me with $55K, which is not enough if I get unlucky again on the next bonus.) I always try to keep $100K in the bank just so I don’t miss out on some donuts should a bonus come my way.

  3. The calendar is off after Oct 25

  4. It seems that since October 25th the ammounts are in wrong order

  5. I am way behimd only have 300 plus as of noe because I started late. Probably might also be because I dont have much neighboreenos

  6. I play freemium and i got over 8300 GOO already, i have pretty much 100 neighbours tho… maybe that’s why… also i already found about 6 donuts from tapping ghosts 😀 loving this halloween

  7. so just to clarify, these are the amounts we should have at the end of the proverbial day?? didn’t seem like it but looks like I’m on track!! 🙂

  8. 300 cartons of GOO a day I am not managing that can it be done if you are a freemium player or like me too mean to spend doughnuts

    • You absolutely can as a freemium player. Do you have neighbors? That’s where a lot of GOO is earned. You can tap buildings and Ghosts in neighbors towns to earn GOO and you can place Gremlins in your neighbors town to earn you even more GOO.

    • hi,

      Yes you can do it … and you don’t even need to tap away an insane amount … I am a freemium player and almost have 2000 … I log in every 8-12 hrs (when the characters have finished tasks etc.) … as the other poster said, the key is to have a ton of friends who haunt your buildings and place gremlins in your town and you doing vice versa in their towns … check the “find friend” lists on this site and you can easily start making 300 goo a day.
      Good luck! you’ve still got plenty of time!


      ps – you can start by adding me to your friend list … RaraRacing … 🙂 … oh and I have around 30 friends, so you don’t even need to have crazy amounts of friends either to reach 300 goo a day.

      • I agree…I was concerned from the brow beating I got in Whacking Day. I am so busy here, my town is being neglected badly. But with all my neighbors and the hour break I take (broken up here and there in 10 – 15 minutes) to go visit them…on top of Gremlins and my own ghosts…I am nearing 6000 and the event is barely a few days in. It really is quite easy. Neighbors are all over looking for others. Just add your name to the list.

    • I went to bed with 1300 last night and just from adding people today I have 2618.

      • That’s awesome! It’s pretty easy to collect GOO, especially when you have a lot of neighbors! Keep on collecting it because once you get over 10,000 you start to earn donuts for every 2,000 GOO you collect. Happy GOOing!

  9. Wow thanks bunny, this is better than me sweating and waiting every day,
    P.S. i’m on track WOOHOO

  10. Perhaps we should have moderation to posts by unregistered guests…

  11. ShawnnyG add me daily player

    • If you are looking for Goo…need new neighbors…or just want to get your name out there…click on the link below to go to our TSTOADDICTS Neighboreeno Page. Many are already there. Add your name to the growing list and send requests to those already there. HAPPY TAPPING

      • I feel so stupid bc I spent so much real money on donuts for whacking day update that my bill was ranging from 50 to 60 bucks more than usual to get the prizes… this time I aquired 100 friends in 2 1/2 days and I already have almost 14000 goo! I LOVE THIS UPDATE!! 😀

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