Weekend Update: September 29th- October 5th 2013



It’s been a busy week here at Addicts!  We’ve been busy tapping away to bring you all of the latest and up-to-date information about the Halloween coverage.  So if you missed anything from the Addicts team this week, here’s your change to catch up!

Voting is LIVE for the our Spooky 2D contest and the “polls” close on October 14th.  So be sure to vote for your favorite 2D here

-Sunday we kicked the week off talking about the Season 25 Premiere of The Simpsons (Homer-land) with our quick hit post and recap of the episode.  And Bunny gave us a great recap with screenshots in her D’OH Merland post

-Monday we prepared the site for the Halloween event with some new updates to the menu bar and the addition of the all new TSTO Addicts forums

-We also announced the top 5 contestants in our Spooky 2D contest!  (be sure to vote here)

-Bunny and Wookie teamed up to provided us with a GREAT Addicts How-To on Stitching images of your town

-On Monday we also introduced the new regular “column” in Hey Addicts Caption This! Where we ask you, the amazing Addicts readers, to caption some of the funny moments caught in Screenshots of Tapped Out.

-Of course we had another addition of TSTO Anonymous by our group leader..the one..the only Wookiee!   So if you’re feeling a little more addicted to TSTO with this event check out Wookiee’s meeting post!

-And finally…we’ve had AMAZING Halloween Update coverage throughout the week!  While it’s a bit much to post every last post here…if you check out our 2013 Halloween Page you’ll find every single post we’ve done in relation to the Halloween update!  So if you’re stuck on a part of the update or just need some tips on capturing more GOO check out our Halloween Page for all of the details!

If you’re looking for new friends to the event, to help you capture more GOO, you can post your user id on our Add Friends page

Happy GOO collecting everyone!

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