Where is…MY CHARACTER???!!

As more and more reports of the main quest line characters are coming in, I wanted to just touch basis and update everyone on the issue. Some have experienced Homer and/or Martin traveling to Krustyland, but are unable to get them to return back to Springfield to complete the next quest. Some, like Wookiee (keep clear, some arm ripping may occur), have Homer in Springfield…but off in the “dark lands”. (Mufasa told Simba not to go over there. “Everything the light touches” people, sheesh.) So some get the lovely treat and experience of being able to look at their characters…but unable to get to them at all. In my experience, I have nasty lil Gremlins “hiding” in the dark area. I assumed they just timed out as they are no longer there. (Thank goodness for that 4 hour count down.) I still have not had a response on my issue, I will update when/if I do.


From what I am seeing so far, this has been effecting those with a LOT of decorations in their towns. (I have my 2D’s adding mass amounts of decorations. Wookiee too. See his post here.) But anyone else this is effecting, please let us know if your town is full too or just a few items. I am curious. Now…how to fix this? With ANY game issue as critical as this, please notify EA if the basic  troubleshooting (like restart/log out & log in, store buildings, use another device to access your town) doesn’t fix it. This helps everyone out in that if the issue is wide spread and caught early, they can send an update “patch” to fix it while we are not too far into the event. Also, as with Krustyland glitch, EA is sometimes generous to effected users as well. In this situation, I would suggest this… You can see if there is anymore info by filling out the form here.. https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/select?question=Character%20Stuck%20in%20Game You will need to just select The Simpson’s Tapped Out, then Lost/Missing Item, then **your device**. Click on the Find Solutions. If the information isn’t there or still not helping…to the right side of the screen will be a box that says “I still need help”. Once you click on it, It will redirect you to log in to Origin. Do it. Just use same info as you do to log into your game. From there you can seek further info, or just below “Email me”. 1 2



Or you can download Origin and contact them from there. Once loaded and installed, enter in you Origin ID (Same as game). Go to the “Help” area and select Origin help. You can opt for a “Live Chat” or have a representative “Call” you. 5 6 7 Our reader librarychic1 had an issue with Lisa going missing in the “dark area”. Here is her experience. “All the trouble started when I decided to “rush” Lisa from the task — not quest — of Trick-or-Treating in order to get her started on “The Ghost in the Machine -App pt. 14” where Lisa needs to go to the library to research. I did this yesterday as I read your post about NOT rushing Lisa through the library Research task as there are surprises donuts — and to “question” Mr. Burns as he is the culprit.

Then Lisa disappeared. I had less than 4 hours (2 donuts) to rush her to get to the pt. 14 Quest when she was abducted… the rest you know. (comments here)Since I have not had much luck with the EA “Live Chat” I decided to try having them call me about this issue since I found out today via about 4 separate TSTO sites/blogs reporting the same problem. So EA called me within 15 minutes of making the request. The # on my caller ID is (866) ***-****, but I suggest filling out the onscreen form and waiting for a call-back.
I was originally called from someone in a different EA Dept. with an English accent (do not know if that is indicative of his location). I explained the issues to him and he patched me through to a TSTO “Specialist” …Being a “techy”, I could sympathize with the EA people I spoke with and told them I wanted to help solve the problem rather than complain that there was a problem.It was extremely important for them to log into my account as an admin so they could see for themselves. They took screenshots and we tried some trouble-shooting stuff which did not work. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Simpsons App. Then we went over the details of my iPhone device to make sure it was the most current. All along I just kept thanking them for their time & patience for helping me with this and told them what others reported. I also told them that my career is software and IT problem-solving so they would know I was trying to help figure it out. Nice conversation about our own Simpsons’ game experiences during times when we had to wait a bit for downloads. They went on your site/blog (he knew you specifically & respected your posts) and 3 other TSTO blogs/sites including the official EA & the Simpsons Wiki (which they participate in). the purpose was to look for similar complaints in order to come up with a solution to the problem we are all having & present it to the Developers as completely as possible so they can make a patch update. I was told the goal is to have the update ASAP but it could take a day.”
librarychic1 was able to capture a screenshot of Lisa lost at sea. The images are a lil fuzzy due to how difficult it is to capture, but you can see how far out to sea she is. The game won’t allow you to tap her at all.
lisa stuck
( “I told them I was incorrectly informed by GameZino but did not know until you, personally, informed me.” —In regards to Gamezino, there is a TON of info online as to what took place. Please research it. As for the game, do NOT ever give out your Origin details to ANYONE other than an authorized representative for use of troubleshooting. If you have, change your password IMMEDIATELY. In short, NO ONE should make changes to your game but EA. Do not feel bad if you were misled, many were. Just be protective in the future.) So for those of you still having these issues, please still report them so they know just how far and wide it is spread. Also, any little information is useful in helping them to correct the issue properly for all devices.
Hang in there in the meantime. We hope to see another mini update soon to help with this issue.

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  1. CutterDriftwood1

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue or not. When I’m doing the springfield height’s task making coffee or cell phones or whatever else when the time is complete i dont always get credit. Say i send a character to make more. When the time is up an i collect the ones i just made i dont seem to get credit for them. For some reason it still says i have the same amount as before. But this does not happen everytime. Is anyone else experiencing this issue too? Im getting irritated that i seem to only get the things im making 50% of the time or less.

  2. I have a problem, please somebody help me haha, the thing is, like 3-4 days ago I assigned to Lisa the 45 seconds work, when she finish I touch the yellow thumb but she is stuck, and I tried everything, turn off my phone, logged out of Origin, and she still stuck…I don’t know wh

  3. I have had Homer stuck in his house for over two weeks now…when I click on the Simpson house it flashes and I can see the word “error” above homer’s name….when a friend visits my town they see Homer walking around playing with his mypad…Any email attempts to EA have failed….I cant even send them an email….I am so frustrated!

    • So no troubleshooting has helped? And please explain “I can’t email them”… The steps I outlined didn’t work? Origin log in wouldn’t let you?

      Let us know and we’ll help all we can.

      • My homer is still stuck and its been over 3 months now…i have not heard from ea…this sucks.

        • Have they closed your case? Have you emailed them recently? That is a long time to go without resolve. I would not let up. Ask to be contacted by a supervisor or manager. Open a complaint of representative actions ticket. They seem to really respond fast to those. Lol.

  4. librarychic1 & catsndog777 & GOO_chic

    My Lisa is back safe & sound as of around midnight EST (playing on iPhone 4)
    She is hard at work in the public library for 24 hours…..couldn’t be more content 🙂

  5. hi call me dannyboy

    i recently started on tapped out and am so addicted but reluctant to spend hard cash to rush the game.

    { now here’s a suggestion to the developers }

    i believe the add in game portion for halloweeen with ghosts and stuff which ends nov needs to be looked into.
    might help most glitch problems..

    by the way awesome release…………………………..hooked 4 now

  6. librarychic1 & catsndog777

    I have a theory:
    My Lisa has the yellow “thumbs up” above her meaning she is finished with her task & I need to tap her to let her go on to the next one. So I was thinking if I could somehow tap the yellow thumb that would free her. The thing is she disappears so fast that it may be impossible for me to do on a small iPhone 4.– I have been trying.

    Maybe EA could do that if they log onto my game? I’ll ask them. I wonder if the others with missing Lisas also have yellow thumbs above them — if so that could be the answer.

    Please respond if your lost characters, if you can see them at all, have the yellow thumbs up symbol.


    • I have the exact same problem you are experiencing with Lisa only mine is with homer. Yellow thumbs up, stuck at sea and doesnt pop up fast enough for me to hit the yellow thumb.

      • librarychic1 & catsndog777

        Ok — maybe there is a pattern, then!
        I saw a post where someone who lost Lisa simply put her on the stage to play the sax. Unfortunately for me, her “performance” is locked because she is Under EA’s Thumb….
        I added this note to my open ticket with EA — perhaps others who have the same situation should as well. That could easily be a coding problem.
        librarychic1 & catsndog777

  7. I have a lot of characters walking around and ignoring everything but houses. Before they stuck to my roads (besides Grandpa who walked through almost anything to take a break at the nearest bench).

  8. I think it was two days ago that I had Bart hiking in the mountains. Luckily, I was able to reach him and tap on the thumb to complete his task. I was then able to tap him again and I sent him to the doctor for a check-up. I haven’t had any other characters disappear on me since(knocking on wood). I haven’t received a notice that my town has too many items and my neighbors aren’t complaining about a lagging load time for my town.

  9. I have kind of the opposite glitch. I have two Burns in my game at present. One is walking around town with his Fruit-Bat-Man costume and the other is riding around with Smithers on a bicycle. (I have a lot of items in my SF.)

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