Shhhh…come a lil closer…closer…TOO CLOSE!!! BACK UP A LIL! Sheesh. So, I have a lil secret I wanna share. Did you know as you are tapping your 5 ghosts in your neighbors town that you can get MORE than five. You did??!! Who told you??! WHO?! That lil…fine then. So much for my lil secret. Now what am I supposed to write about?

I guess I will just show you MY pics of me getting 7 & 8 (YES 8! I thought you said you knew…liars.) It takes a lil patience to wait til you get three or more all in REALLY close proximity. Get your itchy tappin finger ready…AND TAP LIKE A MAD WOMAN…or man. WOOHOO!!! Extra Goo! Let me know if any of you were successful in this too.



Looks like EA has disabled this ability with the new updates they sent out the last few days. Some are still able to, for the moment. Mine just changed now, even though I was one of first to get update. So…no more double tapping ghosts. Well, at least it was a fun treat while it lasted.

2 1

5 3

8 responses to “DOUBLE TAP!!!

  1. I’m really bummed you can only get 5 now. Not that I was greedy, it just added a little fun and extra challenge when going from town to town. Now it seems more like a chore. Also, I’d just like to say I really enjoy the site. All the contributors seem to put effort into making their posts fun and injecting some personality into them, and it’s appreciated. Yours are especially fun Bunny, but everyone does a great job.

    • Well thank you. πŸ™‚

      I do enjoy the game and writing. Me personally, I get bored with generic things…I think some humor tossed in does help. Maybe it’s just the crazy …ummm…I mean humor…yah humor in me showing through. Lol

      We have an amazing team here. I enjoy it and the readers a lot. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve gotten to the point where 6 is standard. 5 I consider a fail, 7 is an an obtainable bonus and I’ve hit 8 twice!

  3. This doesnt work for me πŸ™ I get the -2/5 but dont get the Goo credited to my count so now I dont bother double tapping.

  4. I’ve been doing this for a while but I haven’t told anyone. There’s also a little glitch where when you click on already haunted houses the last of 2 goos doesn’t pop out. But it will when you click on a ghost.

    • Aware of that one too, but it takes that extra haunted house Goo from your neighbor (they would’ve got it and then more from a new house if you haunt instead of unhaunt). So I’m not promoting it for that reason.

      • Yea I figured that out too the other day between me and my brother. That’s why I go to the extremities of a town and haunt there hoping no one unhaunts my hauntings so the neighbor-eeno can get all their due GOO. Didn’t know bout this posting, had discovered the extra πŸ‘» poppings via my brother that he stumbled onto and I figured out the 2 extra. Will now try to get the third extra πŸ‘» now that I here it’s def possible!!

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