Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic? Answer to the Triva

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So despite the Simpsons THOH episode not airing until tonight EA has decided to let everyone take a crack at the Trivia before it airs.  So here’s the deal and how you unlock Strongman Homer…
Throughout the week we’ve been collecting little parts of the Strongman Homer costume:2013-10-05 06.42.57
Today when you tap on the Simpson’s Attic (go to the Simpson’s house and tap on it, then find the attic option and tap on Go):
Region Capture
A trivia question pops up:
2013-10-06 07.14.50
The question is: What item of Moe’s does Homer Covet in this season’s Treehouse of Horrors episode?
The answer is….An Emerald Ring.  Check that off, as soon as you do you’ll receive 10 FREE DONUTS (woohoo more FREE Donuts!!), then tap continue..
2013-10-06 07.14.55
As soon as you do you’ll unlock Strongman Homer, and his costume will AUTOMATICALLY appear in Homer’s list of costumes when you tap on him.
2013-10-06 07.15.10
We’ll be back with more about Strongman Homer a little later on…for now I wanted to make sure you all could unlock him.



17 thoughts on “Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic? Answer to the Triva

  1. I got a completely different question.. “what’s a shmoo ?”

    Little bit sad as I’m a f2p player as much as possible and could have done with the donuts! And I checked here first like a good addict!

  2. I play all day – lunch breaks, breaks, not breakS, all night.. its a sad, sad addiction!!

    So add me! Lets collect goo 😉


  3. So like all of u, I am addicted to this game. It takes up most of my time. But don’t know many people in my area that play. Add me please and thanks. bebealexis910

  4. thanks for letting us unlock…. here’s the only catch I found. unlocking the costume leads into the Feats of Strengths storyline for Homer but none of these earn you GOO!!! (boo!!) so I wonder if completing this storyline gives you something good to make up for it???❓❓❓

    1. Just game cash, although for some that’s pretty good 🙂 We’ll have a walkthrough up soon on the storyline. However, you can jump back to the main story line by tapping on Homer and changing his costume back to his “normal” one. 🙂

      1. of course cash is always good but I thought with the Halloween theme they would give you GOO. 😉

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