Too Many Homers

How have you been managing your Homer efficiency with the Halloween update?!

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  1. I think I might be missing something because of my not-enough homers…I have Kang, but I’m missing where/how I can get Kodos…I have the saucer. Any help?

  2. too many task that requires homer is like every actually every single Quest requires homer they just forgot about every other character and decided to make sure everyone couldnt complete things before 11/7

  3. What is the dropping zombies in friends towns? I know of the ghost and haunts and unhaunting but not sure of the zombies….TIA

  4. It’s an event! All bets are off… I play a lot during events. I’ve played just about every MMO out there and all the events are the same every year. This is the first NEW event I’ve gotten my hands on in years!

    So, as my son sits and laughs at me for yelling “gremlin! come back here!”… I laugh back and grin foolishly. Then he goes back to his zombie shooter game. (ew)

    I don’t stress over any of it, we have a month to finish this and I’ve over 8,000 goo now. Sure I got a few premium things, but only 2 that generate ghosts, the pet cemetery and the mausoleum. They fit in my plans permanently, the pet cemetery behind Frinks lab, and the mausoleum behind the retirement castle…. muahaha.

    I have 100 neighbors, I visit them all in segments through the day, I had to remove one because he had so much stuff his town would kill my game.
    I don’t even send the Springfieldians out on quests that reward goo. I am trying to level up as well here. I hit 29 today. 🙂 If they’re doing 12h jobs for 8 goo, they are not making monies for me!

    Ugh, point is.. I haven’t done any extra stuff to get goo and I’m just about done. I can’t wait to see what else there is… I hope there is else to see!
    Ooh and I won the 200,000 race today. Whee! I thought I was seeing things. I hit 29 today and still struggle for each house and piece of land. That helped immensely!

  5. Most important question: SHOULD I STAY -;OR SHOULD I GOO?

  6. Come on, everybody knows by now that you can get more than five ghosts in your friends’ towns, don’t they?

  7. Add me pixlepize

  8. That’s what happens when I use my Kindle too. I just downloaded origin to my desktop and added. Thank you to everyone who helped : D gotta get more goo 🙂

  9. There’s a friend limit apparently. I am stuck at 30 something friends and I get a pop up saying “your at the friend limit” or something like that…. now I’m wondering if it’s only me…

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