Well… you asked for it….

Hey Addicterinos…

In one of my last posts, Barbsinbox asked for pics of the tombstones from the opening screen.  Although I am nowhere near as savvy with pics like the other amazing authors on Team Awesome Sauce aka TSTO Addicts, I figured I’d try.

So here’s the tombstones you see on the opening screen a la older Treehouse of Horror Specials…

Halloween opening screen jokes

I tried to zoom in on each tombstone to make them easier to read.  If you click on the next picture, it’ll open bigger on your browser.


If you still can’t read them, here’s what they say in no particular order:


Some of you may know that this is one of the segments from the TOH Episode premiering tonight.  Obviously EA floated the idea of doing these and then shot them down.


With the success of freemium gaming on “smart” phones and tablets added to the profit margin for EA, it may be very true that console gaming may start playing canasta with Atari and the NES.


A poke at the game currency from Halloween 2012.  Seems EA thought they had a MORE GOO idea.


Matt Groening’s original comic strip pre-Simpsons.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out.  Very cool stuff and who doesn’t love a one eared Bunny?


Gotta love any political satire from the Simpsons writers.  To keep from upsetting any one over politics, I suggest searching this term on your engine of choice and hopefully laughing at the appropriateness of this statement considering when the update was released.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the heck out of the event.  Y’all stay classy, ghostbust the Jeebus out of all the towns and keep tapa-tapa-tapping away.  Wookiee out!

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  1. Thanks Wookieecorp 🙂 Since I’m seeing that screen most often (keep crashing) it was nagging at me what the tombstones said. Love your posts and everyone else’s here. Happy tap tapping!

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