Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: First Church of Lard Lad

I am sure by now you have noticed we DID hit that 5 billion community mark. Everyone should be seeing the messages now that they have The First Church of Lard Lad in their inventory.  (Note:  If you don’t see the First Church of Lard Lad pop up immediately after you sign into your game, this happened to Alissa, just collect some more GOO.  It will pop up shortly thereafter)

There was a lot of discussion that this item may end up being just a skin. Here at Addicts we didn’t think so, as not everyone purchases premium items (plus we peeked at the game files :)). So, I am happy to report EA released yet another FREE item to everyone for their town. The great thing is the Church will also provide you a payout of $90 and 10 XP every 4 hours,  which definitely is a plus.

first church of lard lad



This building sits on a 11×10 plot if you were wondering how much space you need for it. (Same as other Lard Lad).

Now on with the walkthrough….
Note: Homer is needed for ALL of the Lard Lad quest (honestly did ya think any other character would?  Homer seems to be in need of a cloning hammock.), but the good news is once you unlock the item it’s yours forever.  So there is no rush to work on this quest, you can take your time and let Homer complete some of the other quests he’s required for if you’d like.  My one piece of advice would be to finish the main walkthrough first.  That’s the only one that will disappear when the event is over so if you don’t complete it you won’t get the Freak Show Tent or the 6 free Donuts hidden in Mr. Burns. The good news is after part 11 of the main Halloween quest Homer is no longer needed for it and you can use him on some of the side quests. 

First Church of Lard Lad Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, a church that worships a giant seller of donuts, or the fact that I don’t belong to it.
Make Homer Join the First Church of Lard Lad– 4hrs (sorry no GOO pay out)
Homer: I don’t have to wear orange robes and a turban, do I?
Church of Lard Lad Elder: Don’t be silly, we’re a perfectly respectable religion.  Now here, put on your jelly-filled underwear.

First Church of Lard Lad Pt. 2
After tapping Homer

Church of Lard Lad Elder: Bow down before Lard Lad, only begotten son of Lard Dad, sent to Earth to crush sinners with his Holy Donut.
Homer: Oh Holy Donut, fill our blood with Sprinkles of Power, that we may join you in your heaven, currently located on the International Space Station.
Make Homer Worship Lard Lad’s Donut- 30minutes
Church of Lard Lad Elder: What happed to Lard’s Lad’s Holy Donut?!
Homer: I ate it.
Church of Lard Lad Elder: But it’s made of Styrofoam.
Homer: I see that now.  I’m burping up packing peanuts.

First Church of Lard Lad Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Church of Lard Lad Elder: Homer Simpson, for profaning the Holy Donut of Glory you must wear the Leaden Donut of Shame.
Make Homer Wear the Lead Donut around his Neck- 12hrs
Homer: Mmmm…lead sprinkles.

And with that your First Church of Lard Lad quest is complete!  Kind of a fun little “mini-quest”.

Now I know some of you may be wondering just where the heck this came from.  Well, look no further.  True to normal random decorations and tie-ins, this building is from a 5 second clip of Springfield in the “Future”.  In Season 23, Episode 9 (Holidays of Future Passed), The First Church of Lard Lad is shown right next to a futuristic Howard’s Flowers.first church of lard lad
Kinda interesting that this building actually comes from a Christmas Episode.  Foreshadowing?

7 responses to “Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: First Church of Lard Lad

  1. Now that the Halloween event is over, my Homer no longer seems to have Lard-Lad related actions available. Instead, they are locked with “Requires Lard Lad Donuts” message. Used to be able to worship, wear donut of shame, join, etc.

    • With limited time items…it is very common for it to only be used during that event then go dormant. I hope EA switches this in the future. But for now…the only Lard Lad tasks left are for the actual Lard Lad. Not the Church.

      • That’s what I was afraid of. Disappointing. I am not spending real-life money to get 100-some donuts to acquire Lard Lad. ::le sigh:: Thanks for your reply.

  2. tappedoutaddict

    Will it change tothe regular lard lad when the event is over?

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