Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: Strongman Homer

I know Homer is required for A LOT of different tasks throughout the Halloween Event, but Strongman Homer is one questline you can put off for as long as you need to.  However, once Possessed Homer dines with Marge at the Truffle he’s no longer needed for the main Halloween questline so you’ll be free to send him off on all of the other various quests.  Keep in mind, once you unlock the costume it’s yours forever, you DO NOT have to finish the Strongman Homer questline in order to keep the costume.  Take your time and have fun!  

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Have you unlocked your Strongman Homer Costume yet? If not you can find out how to get it from the Simpson’s Attic here. If you have unlocked the Strongman costume it comes with a pretty amusing little storyline. This is something you can start after you’ve completed Part 11 of the Ghost in the Machine-base App (where Possessed Homer dines with Marge at the Truffle). Once you’ve unlocked Strongman he’s yours, so you don’t have to worry about completing the task before the Halloween Event is over…which is good news with all those Homer tasks!

So let’s get to the walkthrough…

New Character Unlock
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The Lard of the Rings Pt. 1
After tapping Strongman Homer

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Photo Oct 06, 7 51 48 AM
Strongman Homer:
Greetings! I am a circus strongman, the 13th most popular sideshow at the circus. But the guy who eats glass is retiring soon, so I’ll be moving up the list. I have the strength of Hercules! And like Hercules, I have been tasked by the gods to perform Twelve Labors. Unlike Hercules, I’ll probably only get through five of them. Help me achieve my First Labor: impressing rubes with a feat of strength!
Make Strongman Homer Impress Rubes with his Strength– 12hrs
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The Lard of the Rings Pt. 2
After tapping Strongman Homer

Strongman: What will be the second Labor or Homercles? If I can earn the gods’ favor, they will grant me a boon…Perhaps a leotard that doesn’t bind up in the crotch.
Apu: Strongman, I have an eight-headed hydra that will take all your strength to defeat.
Strongman: *gasp * You mean…the octuplets?!
Apu: Yes! My kids broke into the bulk Halloween candy and now they’re going crazy in my store on a total sugar high. Do whatever you must as a loving parent I ask only this: keep the windows closed so I don’t hear them screaming.
Make Strongman Homer Battle Apu’s Octuplets– 1hr
Strongman: I almost had them trapped behind the Squishee machine, but then they beat me up and stole my weight belt.
Apu: Beating up an employee…sometimes my kids make me proud.

The Lard of the Rings Pt. 3
After tapping Strongman Homer

Strongman: Who’s got a Labor? Looking for a Labor.
Krusty: Hey, strongman! I brought a bunch of horse meat from this Greek guy, Diomedes, for my new signature Krusty Whinniewich. How’d you like to tenderize it by pounding it with your fat fists?
Strongman: They’re not fat, they’re full-figured.
Reach Level 7 and Build the Krusty Burger
Make Strongman Homer Punch Meat in the Freezer– 4hrs
Strongman: Well, I made a lot of progress. The meat used to be tough as boot leather, now it’s only tough as shoe leather.
Krusty: Another Krustybuger disaster. I guess the moral is, don’t look at Greeks bearing gift horses for the mouth.

The Lard of the Rings Pt. 4
After tapping Strongman Homer

Strongman: I gotta get one of these labors right, or I’ll never get any boon from the gods. I want boon! Major boon!
Mr. Burns: Strongman, I have lost one of my hounds. For your next task, you must travel into Hell, find him, and bring him back.
Strongman: I get finding a lost dog, but what’s the “travel into Hell” part?
Mr. Burns: Well, he’ll only come to my voice. So you must carry me pick-a-back while we search…And the entire time I’m going to complain about the cost of employee health and pension benefits.
Strongman: So cruel! Still, eyes on the boon. Eyes on the boon.
Reach Level 11 and Build the Cooling Towers
Make Strongman Homer Piggyback Mr. Burns- 24hrs
Photo Oct 06, 8 02 45 AM
Mr. Burns: Oh, my poor little doggy, you look so tired. Just clamp your jaws on the Strongman’s leg and he’ll drag you home.

The Lard of the Rings Pt. 5
After tapping Strongman Homer

Strongman: I’m so sick of doing labors! Who’d’ve thought they’d be like work!
Moe: I’ve got a job for you. I need you to kill a bull in my tavern.
Strongman: Kill him yourself. The next feat of strength I’m doing is thunder farts.
Moe: Nah, I mean killing a “Duff Bull”, the new beer fro Duff. “There’s no bull about Duff Bull.” Or some such.
Strongman: Finally a labor that involves getting drunk, like my regular job.
Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Strongman Homer Drink Duff Bull-8hrs
Moe: Well, counting up the empties on the bar, I’d say you finished the Twelve Labors of Homercles.
Strongman:Let’s go for forty-seven.
And with that you’ve completed the Strongman Homer quest!


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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that this storyline is actually accessible before pt. 11 of the Ghost in the Machine-base App. I was at part 6 or 7 when I started doing the Strongman quests.

    • Yes, it is. But you need Homer for a lot of the Ghost in the Machine-base App quest, but after part 11 Homer is no longer involved in the quest and it’s all Lisa, Moe & Mr. Burns. It was more a tip as to when the best time to start the quest was then a rule as to when you can start it 🙂

  2. It’s funny…I did the Strongman questline and finished but now when I go to his list of tasks, the Piggy Back Mr. Burns option is locked– even when Homer AND Burns are free!!! Oh well…it was a blast to see it at least once but really need Homer to rake in his share of GOO anyway! 😉

  3. Thanks for all the great info. I am currently waiting for Mr burns to get done with a task so I can get on to pt 4. Now I know I can put this off till later. You have saved me at least a day of valuable time.

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