Building Storage: Which Character Goes with What

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With all of the talk of glitches and missing characters, I’ve been noticing more and more questions in the comments about storing buildings & which characters are assigned to which buildings.  So I figured it’d be good for a little character storage refresher.

If you have a missing character in the game (or if you ever want to cancel a task) one of the great ways to get them back is to store the building they entered Springfield in. Here’s what you do….For this example we’ll use the Springfield Retirement Castle…
Tap on the “move” arrows on the bottom right of your Main Springfield Screen:
2013-10-09 21.53.18

This will allow you to select the building to store it.  Tap on the building (it will highlight to green when selected) and click on the storage box icon:
2013-10-09 21.53.27

A popup will appear asking if you’re sure you want to store the building.  Select the blue store button:
2013-10-09 21.53.36

The building and Grampa are now in my inventory.  To get them back simply click on the box on the left hand side of the screen:
2013-10-09 21.53.55

Your inventory will load.  Find the building you just stored and tap use:
2013-10-09 21.54.04

Find where you’d like to place it and tap the check mark:
2013-10-09 21.54.28

Your building will now be back in your Springfield and your character will appear right outside of it.  In this case Grampa is right outside of the Retirement Castle…ready for a task:
2013-10-09 21.54.32

Now that you know how to store a building…I’m sure you’re wondering which character goes with which building.  Well wonder no more!  Here it is:
Homer & Lisa- Unfortunately you cannot store them or the Simpson House.  If they’re missing contact EA.  They’re working on a fix for this problem.
Apu: Kwik-E-Mart
Flanders: Flander’s House
Cletus: Cletus’s Farm
Krusty: Krusty Burger
Milhouse: Van Houten House
Skinner: Springfield Elementary
Willie: Willie’s Shack
Mr. Burns: Cooling Towers
Bart: Bart’s Treehouse
Martin: Springfield Library
Comic Book Guy: Android’s Dungeon
Rev. Lovejoy: First Church of Springfield
Moe: Moe’s Tavern (when you store this it stores Moe AND Marge)
Marge: Moe’s Tavern (when you store this it stores Moe AND Marge)
Wiggum: Springfield Police Station
Luigi: Luigi’s
Snake: Springfield Penitentiary
Grampa: Springfield Retirement Castle
Quimby: Town Hall
Nelson: Muntz House
Edna Krabappel: Krabappel’s Apartment
Kent Brockman: Channel 6
Dr Hibbert: Hibbert Family Practice
Smithers: Burns Manor
Ralph Wiggum: Wiggum House
Lenny: Buddhist Temple (Storing this will store both Lenny AND Carl)
Carl: Buddhist Temple (Storing this will store both Lenny AND Carl)
Fat Tony: Legitimate Businessman’s Club
Legs: Fat Tony’s Compound (Storing this will store both Legs AND Louie)
Louie: Fat Tony’s Compound (Storing this will store both Legs AND Louie)
Agnes Skinner: Skinner House
Herman: Herman’s Military Antique Shop
Wolfcastle: Wolfcastle’s Mansion
Rod: Mini Golf (Storing this will store both Rod AND Todd)
Todd: Mini Golf (Storing this will store both Rod AND Todd)
Rod: Mini Golf (Storing this will store both Rod AND Todd)
Eddie: SWAT Van (Storing this will store both Eddie AND Lou)
Lou: SWAT Van (Storing this will store both Eddie AND Lou)
Chalmers: Springfield High School
Patty: Spinster Apartments (Storing this will store both Patty AND Selma)
Selma: Spinster Apartments (Storing this will store both Patty AND Selma)

Hope this helps those of you with characters other than Lisa & Homer lost in your game.  EA is working on the problem and rumor has it they will have a fix by this weekend.

Happy GOOing!

18 responses to “Building Storage: Which Character Goes with What

  1. How can I make Marge take Maggie for a walk?

  2. Doing this, we have a problem. All upgrades characters of Clash of Clans will be lost.

  3. How many buildings can I store at one time? When I take buildings out of storage, are they all instantly placed or do I have to wait for some to rebuild?

    • I have yet to hit a max amount in my inventory. I don’t have a lot buildings, but I have 10’s of thousands of decorations. Still keep adding to it.

      As for placement, some do require a rebuild of 24hrs. Don’t remember off the top of my head which ones. But they were not the basics like brown house.

  4. Old Gil?

    I want to buy some decorations to beef up my town. Should I wait for Old Gil? I’m looking at Witch Marge and Boobarella but sometimes they go on sale. Any thoughts?

    • To be honest…I am waiting to see if they have a sale, however…don’t wait too long…once they’re gone…they’re gone. Like the Ray Gun…you gotta shoot down Kodos before he flies away

      • Thanks. EA owes me another ray gun. They replaced it last year when Kang destroyed the first one. Now i have 2. Also, if you have any pull with your immense power complain loudly that Kodos’ banter pales in comparison to (her) brother Kang. Booo

  5. I have an extra Mr Burns, I’m in the middle of Strongman Homer giving him a piggy back ride and there is ‘haunted’ Mr Burns floating around. I tap on him to pop the ghost but it brings me to the other Burns getting the ride and I get the time remaining till competition.

    • I had this exact same issue. Burns was on the bike with Smithers AND Burns was wandering around being haunted. No worries…he just disappeared after a bit. Didn’t effect the task at all. You can always try exiting and re-entering the game to see if it makes it happen faster. Otherwise, just wait and giggle at the thought of him having an “out of body” experience. Lol 🙂

  6. How about Ghost Maude or the Rich Texan?

    • They’re both character’s that don’t have a home. 🙁 Sorry if they’re frozen off screen there’s nothing you can store to bring them back. If they’re stuck for you I suggest reporting it to EA.

  7. librarychic1 & catsndog777 & GOO_chic

    Thank you for this post — it fabulous for when a character goes missing.
    You guys are da bomb!

  8. Im already at level 28 and I have yet to get fat tony as I have not evn gotten the quest or the building. What can I do to fix the problem.

    • Sometimes your XP and levels jump ahead of the actual game play. Have you unlocked everything that comes with level 27 and below? (Lenny and Carl, Wiggum House etc)

      • Well I think so. I havent unlock lenny & carl cause im low on cash and can’t afford the building but the quest is still there. What about fat tony? How do I get him now? He’s kind of one of my fav characters so I’d like to have that mob main man.

  9. Good post. Great to have a recap. I often get to store buildings once I need a character to be available.

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