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A quick note.  If you’re on an Android device an update has been released for the phone in the Play Store.  Make sure you go in and update your Tapped Out game.  No major changes, it looks as though it’s just a big glitch fix.  Not one they could do as an in-game update.  So be sure to update your App if you’re on Android. Nothing for iPhone users at this time, which tells me it’s fixing a system glitch that’s impacting Android phones only.  Anything new happens we’ll definitely let you all know. 

There is a growing issue with the Goo counts being off. I am seeing it effecting more and more users. It is now effecting my game too. I am in contact with EA in regards to the issue and will update you on any information that is provided to me.

In the meantime, here is the glitch I am seeing (as well as others). Once you hit your 10,000 Goo mark, you are put into the Spooktacular Bonus round. For every 2000 Goo beyond the 10,000 you collect, you are able to pick from the 3 prize boxes for a chance at 3 free donuts. This is similar to the XP bonus levels. You will know when you hit this as the lil Halloween Candy icon will pop up in your task book icons.

Glitch Goo 2

The glitch I am seeing is that the count at the bottom of the screen is just not matching up with the Spooktacular Bonus count. They are off.  In some cases quite a lot.

Glitch Goo

The issue this creates is you are not hitting the Spooktacular Bonus level as you should. As in the pics above, when I should’ve had the chance of a bonus level…the difference in counts made it so I had to keep collecting to get the chance. So far from what I am seeing, you need to be in YOUR town when nearing the 10,000 Goo in order for the icon to pop up and sync properly to the Spooktacular Bonus. If you are not in YOUR town, the icon won’t be activated and therefor all the Goo you are collecting until that point does not sync up to it.

For me, the standard uninstall and reinstall did not work at all. So until I hear a different option or fix/update from EA…STAY IN YOUR OWN TOWN when that Goo gets close to 10,000. Jump back fast if you are in a neighbors so you don’t lose too much Goo before the lil candy icon pops up.



FYI…to clarify…you need to jump back EVERY SINGLE RESET. Every 2000th extra Goo you need to hit at home. It resets to 0 right then, so if in a neighbor’s town…anything after 2000 will not count. So jump back each time. So at 12000, 14000, 16000, etc.

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  1. Mines off by almost 1000 now….this sucks. I have been trying to rest every 2000 but the goo from my gremlins being gone popped up right around the 2000 mark and they did not count into the total..sigh

    • It is getting very frustrating trying to remember to keep hopping back as you near that 2000. Just hang in there. Don’t forget to try the Spooktacular Bonus Glitch (it may not work for all). When you see the 3 bonus boxes, press and hold the center box. Continue to hold for a lit bit while you see the lights circle around and flash on all the boxes. Then let go. For me, I get 3 donuts every time. 🙂

  2. I did not get any bonus at the 12000 mark, and now my counter is off too. irritating

    • Bunny covered this in a post a few weeks ago. There is an in game glitch with the counter that EA has yet to resolve. You have to restart your Spooktacular Bonus every time from YOUR town. If you do not go to your town to set the counter, the Goo you collect will not count towards it. In other words, if you hit 2000 in a neighbor town and continue collecting an additional 150 Goo from neighbors before returning to your town, the 150 Goo will not count towards the bonus. It is getting tedious to have to watch your count and go back each time. Hers is off by about 300 now. So she’s off. It may be the counter wasn’t reset properly and you’ve collected Goo without it counting. If you know you had hit the 2000 and the bonus didn’t pop up, try logging out…restarting your phone…and logging back in. See if that resolves it. If your Bonus boxes still are not popping up, you may want to contact EA to make them aware of the issue. They may have you uninstall and reinstall your game as standard troubleshooting. Hope that helps. FYI…this works for some…if you do get the 3 box option…press and keep holding the center box for a while as the dots circulate around. Let go. If it works, you will get 3 donuts in the center box each time. Just one of those random glitches that some are able to get. 🙂

  3. Hi I just reached little over 10000 and the candy icon said I am 240/2000 but I am over 469 goo and doesn’t shows it’s like missing that 220 goo!!!!! Any ideas what I can do? Thank you

    • Happening to a lot of folks. Basics are if you’re visiting neighbors and getting close to the mark, you have to go back to your town to register your goo count or you will lose some towards the bonus. Bunny explains it well.

    • It has to register the count every single reset. So if you’re nearing that 2000…every extra 2000…go home. Get last few while in your town. Make it hit and reset to 0 while you’re there. Not just the first. I’m rounding another one. Forgot a few times. I’m off 400+ from the counter. Saddens me to think I lost that tally, but so far no fixes from EA. Keep hitting dead ends. I’m gonna keep bugging them too. Lol

  4. My Goo Counter was off at first by 50-ish donuts. Now its off by 300-ish donuts. I believe you have to go back to your Springfield at every 2000 donuts. I really hope EA fixes it.

  5. Really hating this glitch. I’m up to 17000 GOO and it sucks to keep remembering no, actually I’m only at 16800, because of the counter being off. It’s quite unfair considering most GOO will be collected in neighbours’ towns. This has been a wonderful update overall but these little glitches do grate, just because they spoil the amazingly generous and fun ideas they had for each part of the quest/prizes/characters etc.

  6. Yeah, once you hit 2000 goo, you have to go back to your Springfield to trigger the bonus level. If you wait, any goo you collect in the mean time is not counted. The next level only starts counting after you trigger the bonus level. It seems like this should be easy for them to fix, though.

  7. I noticed this when I hit 10,000. Because it comes up in the task list, until you start that task, the counter hasn’t started. I’m only about 10 off, but I made sure to collect my 12,012 in my Springfield so that it would immediately start up again.

  8. Same problem here – noticed it after the 2nd set of donuts, when I had about 14000 GOO’s, and didn’t get prompted for the bonus donuts until about 14100+ were collected.

    Earlier tonight I got to 16000, and was hoping the glitch would be gone, but the problem only got worse – I had to wait until I got 16210 GOO’s to get the bonus 🙁

    • So far EA has not been able to help. “In game issue”. I’m going to keep trying until I can get this resolved. Mainly due to I’m missing donuts caused by it.

  9. I have the same issue but only about 100 off so not as bad at least.

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