Where Did THAT Come From- Witch Marge

Which Witch is Which?


In this post, I hope to direct you to the episode that brought us a really cool new character…again…for the Halloween Event. Those of you not lucky enough to have gotten her last year, or those on Android, EA brought back the cauldron. If you purchase it, you will automatically get the “skin” for Marge as a witch. Now the question is, where did this character come from?

Treehouse of Horror VIII (Easy Bake Coven)

It is old time Sprynge-Fielde (1649 A.D.), and the town is hard at work cooking up some witches…I mean…burning those they assumed witches at the stake.

Once they finished with the newest batch (Seymore’s Mom isn’t too happy with him), they all gather back together to accuse the next victim of being a witch. Marge tries to tell them to stop, so of course they then accuse her. To see if she is a witch, they give her a broom and push her off the cliff to see if she falls or flies (sounds reasonable to me).

Turns out she is a witch. She curses the town people and warns them she will return.

She flies off to join her sisters (what a bunch of witches). While listening in on the Flanders through their cauldron, they’re given the idea to eat the town children.

At Flanders, Maude tries to persuade them to eat ginger bread children instead (they’re boneless).

They do enjoy the delicious treats and now instead go to each house to give option of treat eating instead of children. Too bad they already ate a bunch of kids before they got to Flanders house.

And that’s how trick-or-treating started…or is it?

Time for me to fly off.


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  1. This was one of my favorite Tree House of Horror stories. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  2. Love your trick or treat story. The new halloween update is really driving me crazy. Especially the new quests. Also love the creepy characters they added.

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