Where Did THAT Come From-Count Burns

This will be 1…1 annoying post…Blah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

Count Burns and his coffin are just a few more items in this goodie smorgasbord trick or treat bag EA is shoving down our sugary craved throats. So here is yet another…YES MORE…tie in to exactly where on earth they came from in the series. (Can anyone tell me which dog to bet on in the races next? I could really use that $200,000 bout now. NO?! FINE!! SEE IF I TELL YOU ANYMORE STORIES…JUST SEE…CLICK READ MORE!! I DARE YOU!!)



Treehouse of Horror IV (Bart’Simpson’s Dracula)

The police are “baffeled” after someone was found a body with two teeth puncture marks, blood drained, and a cape with “Dracula” on it. They had no clue what could have done this. Probably some supernatural being, like a Mummy (I hope they don’t mean our reader Mummie). Chief Wiggum orders museums to destroy all things mummy. Lisa is the only one that realizes it’s a vampire at first. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns just bought the Springfield Blood Bank. Wonder why.

He invites the Simpsons to come have dinner with him in his country house…in…PENNSYLVANIA (and to make sure they all wash their necks).

He greets his good friends…the…uhhhhh (“the Simpsons, Master”)

At dinner, Lisa informs the family they are about to drink blood (free blood). Lisa “accidentally” spills some on her and Bart. So the two leave to go wash up. After leaning on a “statue arm candle holder” on the wall, Bart opens a secret door to…

But here is what they were really looking for…

Big deal…it’s not different then the basement in Grandpa’s Rest Home.

There just might be something else down there with them.

They run back up the stairs to get away from the vampires…until Bart is distracted by something fun (when is he gonna be here again?). He ends up sliding right back down into the arms of the awaiting vampires. (Well…if it isn’t little….ummmmm…boy).

Treehouse_of_Horror_IV_promo (1)

Lisa is still trying to convince everyone that Burns is a vampire, and now he has Bart too. Back at home, while trying to sleep, Lisa hears a few taps on her window. (Come join us…you get to stay up all night…and if you say you’re a vampire you get a free small soda at the movies).

“Bart, how many times have I told you to not bite your sister?”

Now that the family realizes Bart IS a vampire, they need to do something. (Today he’s drinking blood, tomorrow he could be smoking.) Lisa tells them they need to kill his boss/the head vampire, Mr. Burns. (The American dream is to kill your boss, right?)

Homer drives a stake through his….uhhh….heart. Yah. That’s it. (You’re FIRED!)

Good thing all is back to normal…

…and they killed the head vampire…Marge??!! (Well she does have a life outside of the house.)




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