Where Did THAT Come From- Haunting Ghosts

I hope you are all having fun squishing ghosts, collecting Goo, getting LOTS of free prizes. This event has the mind a constant go go go. In this lil blurb on explanations of those odd little things in the game, I am going to touch on those ghosts that are flying around the buildings. Haunting them. Some do actually have links into the Simpsons. I know, right?tstoa

Ghost at the Nuclear Plant


I will let Kent take over this poor slobs back story…(Homer’s Enemy)

“…Frank Grimes, a thirty-five-year-old Springfieldianite who’s earned everything the hard way, but never let adversity get him down. Abandoned by his parents at age four, Frank never got to go to school. He spent his childhood years as a delivery boy, delivering toys to more fortunate children. Then, on his eighteenth birthday, he was blown up in a silo explosion. During his long recuperation he taught himself to hear and feel pain again. As the years passed, he used his few leisure moments each day to study science by mail. And, last week, Frank Grimes, the man who had to struggle for everything he ever got, received his correspondence school diploma in nuclear physics — with a minor in determination.”

Hearing this report, Burns tells Smithers he wants him for Executive Vice President. The next day when Smithers brings him in, he has moved on…to a dog. So Frank is put to work in the Plant. He has an office right next to Homer and soon comes to resent him. Homer takes his lunch, chews his pencils, does nothing safe for being a safety inspector, has a nice house, beautiful wife. The last straw for Grimes is when Homer enters the children’s contest to make a model of a new Plant and wins (I added some fins to lower wind resistance). Grimes snaps. He runs around like a madman and “acting like Homer”. He even grabs a hold of dangerous lines which electrocute him.

He dies. His headstone pops up here n there in other episodes.

Puking Ghost at Moe’s:

health inspector

What on earth is that ghost doing at Moe’s tavern? If you look closely, you will see he is actually puking into a jar of eggs. Who is he? Health Inspector Frankie of course. (Mommie Beerest.)

The group is enjoying the usual dreary dark atmosphere and Duff at Moe’s. Just as Homer is about to take a drink of his, a guy walks in and tells he better not. “Who are you? The Health Inspector?” He IS. Turns out, he is Moe’s childhood friend Frankie. If he closed Moe’s, where would he go to get away from his wife? While performing his “inspection”, he helps himself to the jar of pickled eggs. He chokes on one and dies.

The following ones are more a guess on my part. Please to enjoy.

Electrocuted Prisoner at the Penitentiary:


See a poor lil ghost getting “juiced” at the Penitentiary? Wonder just how he got there. Well my thoughts on the matter come from Hurricane Neddy.

The wind starts to pick up and turns into a Hurricane in Springfield. As everyone is taking cover in shelters, an inmate at the prison is awaiting execution. The severity of the storm rips off the roof and he is pulled up and away…

…only to land on some powerlines and be electrocuted.



He can be seen in heaven with the rest of the “angels” preparing for a revolt in Treehouse of Horror XIX. I think that if a writer was to die, it only seems convenient for him to haunt the library, where most of his work can be found.

Horse at Krusty Burger:

horse meat

Throughout the entire Simpson sphere of shows, it has been hinted and suggested too many numerous times that “mystery meat” has been used as a source of “meat” not only at the school, but at Krusty Burger too. In the real world, it is also coming to light that many fast food restaurants have been using horse meat as a filler in their “hamburger” products. It is quite interesting how the Simpsons continually spin real life into a lil joke within their episodes and TSTO.

Well, I hope this has helped in some way to clarify some of those “ghostly” questions you had. Until the next time.


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