You Put the Fortune Teller Shop Where?!?!

Hey Howdy Hey Addicts!

One of the decorations you unlock during the Halloween main quest (Ghost in the Machine-based App) is the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop.  At just $2,000 (what a welcomed price tag!) it’s placed in part 1 of main quest.  What I want to know is where you put it and what you’ve done with it?

Here’s one from Alissa:


Here’s one from a neighbor:


And here’s one from Bunny:


So, show us yours!  Leave the link for your Fortune Teller Shop screen shot in the comments below.  If you need help with screenshots you can check our our How-To post here and if you need help with Dropbox Links you can check out our How-To Post here.

Look forward to seeing just where you put that Fortune Teller Shop!

14 responses to “You Put the Fortune Teller Shop Where?!?!

  1. i put burns estate next to the nucler plant glow mr burns ….lol

  2. Alissa is TSTOaddict. She uses Hey Howdy Hey Addicts…

  3. librarychic1 & catsndog777 & GOO_chic

    Congrats to all of you — I am impressed & inspired.
    Very impressive alright!

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