Need a break from Gremliween? How about some Monstrous 2D?

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Happy 2D Tuesday everybody! Hope every one’s weekend went well. The image above is a little craziness I experienced last week while editing images late at night. Poor bunny seems to have been run ragged by Alissa the Slavedriver, errr, I mean Amazing so I made this tribute to the both of us. I must admit this made me laugh so hard, I felt I had to share.  It’s also an homage to The Simpsons Movie if you didn’t catch that reference.  No excuses for the madness, just felt I had to prove I could do something creative that didn’t involve my tapping fingers lol.

By now you may be crazy done with all the Halloweenie stuff going on in your Springfield.  I’m still enjoying the heck out of it but having a missing Homer for 12 days might have something to do with it.  I figured it might be cool to showcase some Halloween 2D stuff.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out the winners from the Addicts Spooky 2D Halloween Contest, check them out here.  All the entries were really bodacious.  Totally tubular even.  It sucked mega hard that we couldn’t let every one win.  Ok…  that’s enough rad 80’s talk for one post.

The 1st place winner from the contest is a really cool tapper who goes by the moniker of Shelfcleaner.  Definitely a supremely talented 2D and 3D artisan.  I am very grateful to him that he gave me permission to show you several other Halloween 2D designs he came up with.

Clockwork Bart
This is the costume I think a lot of us would have loved for Bart this year but Frankie holds a special place in my heart also so c’est la vie.

Bart T2
Come with me… if you want to 2D.

Homer Donut
Beautiful… not sure I would have ever thought to use the washers like this. It almost appears 3D and definitely does look good enough to eat. Here…. Homer, Homer, Homer…

Here is why my evil Mogwaii got made. Shelfie was way ahead of me with this design.

Vampire Burns
And his most recent… Burns the Impaler. If you dig his work… let him know in the comments or over at There are a ton of creative and cool folks over there.

As an added bonus for your viewing pleasure… this 2D was done by my baby sister.  Poor little ewok made this for the Spooky contest but wasn’t eligible as both a family member and minor. I figured I’d show her some love and show y’all what she came up with.  Don’t tell her I said it but the decision to post this was much easier because it’s actually good lol.

Halloween Cat

If any body has some 2D designs they’d like to share, please feel free to drop links to them in the comments below.  I’m sure Bunny or I will be back next week (or maybe even this week) to show you another one of our kooky 2D designs direct from the minds of madness.

Hopefully you are a fan of all the 2D stuff being done in TSTO.  I like to think all the 2D artisans are following in the footsteps of the amazing artists that draw the Best. Show. Ever.  I found this image a little while ago and have been biting at the bit to share it.  I think it is absolute proof that 2D is synonymous with The Simpsons. Moe describes this image best in his own words…

Moe 2D

“That is the most accurate picture of my face made of girl parts that I have ever seen.”

Well, you stay classy Addicterinos! Hope the rest of your Tuesday is amayzazing! TTFN

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