I’ll Be Right Here! ♥

In my youth (Oh crap, am I revealing my age?)…Hmmm…in a lot of people’s youth, a much beloved and watched movie was E.T. Many kids sat around in awe as a young kid stumbled upon a stranded alien, befriended him with Reese’s Pieces (mmmmm…hang on…I gotta go to the store and grab a bag)…


Now, where was I, ah yes…me…I mean… young kids watching (while munching on Reese’s Pieces) as this young boy introduced E.T. to his star wars collection (yah I got just a “few” of those), his lil sister (young Drew Barrymore), and the older brother (what ever happened to that guy?). We watched as the two united in what can only be explained as a mind and body meld (yah…I watch Trek too…geek girl here). How E.T. learned to speak thanks to Sesame Street, and how through transference a young boy got drunk and kissed the girl. We cried as E.T. died, screamed for joy to see he was alive, held our breath as the bike took flight into the air, then cried again as E.T. gave his final farewell. “I’llllll beeeeee riiiiiight heeeere.” ♥ Yah, fond memories in that movie. Sigh, I’m such a girl at times.

So why am I telling you all this? I promise it has to do with the Simpsons. PROMISE. Just sit tight. Maybe your blood sugar is a lil low, your’re getting antsy. Need some Reese’s? NO! NOT MINE! Psssh, as if I would share. Quit distracting me. Sheesh. Now, I have a feeling that many of you have already hit that 10,000 Goo and starting to grow weary of it. Hang in there. There is sooo much more to the game going on right now then just the Goo collection. So many little ins and outs. Hidden things that you may have overlooked or just didn’t realize it was there due to it wasn’t part of a walkthrough to get to the next point in the game. Well I am here to elaborate on one of those little tasks that most of you may not even be aware of.

Now with the Halloween Event in full swing, many characters from the past are being brought back. One of my favorites, Kang (Kodos too) and with him came a task most you may not even be aware is unlocked. Tap on Bart and scroll down a lil bit to a 10 minute task. Run away with Kang.


Tap on it. Surprised? I was. Being an Android user, I didn’t even know this existed. Not at all. Only a select few that had him last year were aware. Most may have even forgot. Never the less, imagine my excitement and joy to see THIS coming to life. EEEEEEEEE! Every since I got Kang and finished his tasks, I giggle like a lil girl (don’t judge…k…maybe just a lil) when I send them off on the bike together.


I am sure you are wondering just how on earth this little gem got into the game. Of course I will tell you. This is Bunny you are talking to…errrr….reading stuff from. Treehouse of Horror XVIII (E.T. Go Home). In the same fashion as the original E.T., the Simpsons have once again incorporated a great known character into one of their shows. Bart finds Kang in the shed in the back similar to Elliot finding E.T.



He befriends him and glosses over the fact that Kang is out to, once again, destroy Springfield. Brings him to his room. Shows him his toys. Lisa (much like Gertie) likes Kang and wants to help him out. He gives her a list of items to acquire in helping him “contact” home. (Does the device he is working on looke familiar?)


NASA is on to this and invades the Simpsons home in a perfectly normal truck.

In true E.T. fashion, Bart takes off with Kang…riding in his bike basket.


Bart quickly realizes Kangs evil plans are to open a portal to his home world and let more of his kind invade the planet.


It is a humorous episode. In the end, Kang is shot in the head and killed by Homer when Bart just couldn’t do it. Kodos, having made it through the portal, is taken to be dissected while the family watches. (Kodos tries to point out is is actually a vivisection, before being smothered by Homer with a pillow. D’OH!)


So there is my 10 minutes of rambling and reminiscing of my childhood…errrr…ummm…of other people’s childhood on a task that only takes 10 minutes. Keep a close eye out. Check through those task lists. You’d be amazed at just what you are truly missing. There’s a lot more to this event than  you may realize.

Time for more Reese’s Pieces. Nom nom nom nom.


Personality 24 #heartandsoul

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  1. I love this task. I just wish it was longer so my friends could see it when visiting. And I don’t care if it ages me. My Oma (German for grandma) took me to see E.T. in the theater the first showing, and I have a few of the toys still. Always regret not getting that interactive E.T. that was made in 2000 by the furby company.

    • OMG I HAVE THAT E.T. It is soooooo creepy. For reals. It wouldn’t stop talking. Would light up in the closet in the middle of the night. “Ouuuuuch ouuuuch ouccccch”. Had to take batteries out. 🙂

  2. Level 36 is here guys!

  3. Terrific episode and a task I use regularly. One of my favorites to use.

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