Addicts Poll Question: How Do You Walkthrough?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another Poll Question from the Addicts team.  This week we want to know, how do you like your walkthroughs?
We like to spend time on bringing you all the little details we can so you can enjoy  the game and come back here to re-read the content.

Now we are wondering…do you want us to keep doing them just as we do, releasing them as soon as we have them (but breaking it all up) with full dialogue (you can check out samples here)?

Would you prefer the “non-spoiler” walkthrough, where we tell you which character to keep free, what the task is but no dialogue?

Or would you like a mixture of both?  Releasing the “non-spoiler” walkthrough right away and adding the dialogue walkthrough at the same time…letting you pick which one you want to read.

Let us know your opinion below!


9 responses to “Addicts Poll Question: How Do You Walkthrough?

  1. I sped up the counter when it was close-ish to a prize. I got the message in the link and just had to wait for the real total to catch up. so it doesn’t work. Sorry guys.

  2. Yes well it helped for me I went up 22,230,001,473 so I thought it did make a difference I appreciate what you said but I think it is either a glitch or a purpose trick by the EA . It is worth looking into as I am very very very keen on getting the Free King Kong Tower as then we may get more prizes at the end as I have been informed! Sorry if this message sounded annoying.

    • Definitely not annoying Ethn. We respect every readers viewpoint. There are a ton of theories about if/how the counter works. I’m just hoping we make it to the finish line because King Homer’s Skyscraper looks AMAZING.

    • We all want it really bad. I hoped that tapping glitch would work. Was sad when I saw no real change overall. Never hurts to try though, right? 🙂

  3. Hello tsto. I stumbled upon this cheat while I was tapping randomly on the community bitten in the trophy part. It speeds up the counter. Have so far skipped over 30 million by using this cheat. Thank you and if you could write about this I am sure we can speed up the counter to the King Kong Tower!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you are talking about tapping on the group icon in the lower right corner…I really don’t think it makes too much a difference. I think it is more something that just the individual player is seeing in their own game. We have played round with it a while. In my experience it jumped up…but then reset back to where it was. I also so no change really in my game after I tapped it vs another players game. My tapping the icon made no change in the count within anothers.

  4. I do like the full Monty as it were, and I love spoilers so bring them on.

  5. I like to have a simple version I can bookmark on my phone, that tells me the task and character required. Makes it easy to plan for the next one. What I like the full walkthrough for is if I am tap-happy and miss dialogue by accident.

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