Tapped Out Walkthroughs: Level 36 Running with the Bullies Parts 12-17

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

You enjoying Level 36 so far?  Back with the third, and final, part of the Level 36 walkthrough (you can find part 1 here and part 2 here)
…when we last left off Dolph was feeling jealous of Bart’s sudden “acceptance” by the other Bullies he convinces him to mess with Luigi’s recipe.  Fat Tony was not pleased.  We pick the walkthrough back up with Fat Tony calling for a “shake down” on those responsible for the lost business at Luigi’s…

Running With the Bullies Pt. 12
After tapping Fat Tony

Fat Tony: My sources point to a gang of schoolyard bullies. Looks like they just graduated to the big leagues.  Legs, Louie, I want you to find these kids and give them a lesson in economics. Make sure it doesn’t go over their heads.
Legs: Finally some acknowledgement for my Masters in Fiscal Studies. All those night school classes.
Louie: I think he just wants us to shake ’em down, Legs. But we’re all still proud of you.
Make Legs Threaten Bullies- 8hrs
Make Louie Threaten Bullies- 
Keep Nelson free when complete

Running With the Bullies Pt. 13
After tapping Nelson

Nelson: Hey Simpson! A couple of mobsters just shook us down for our shake-down money. You know how much I hate irony.
Jimbo: They said you trashed Luigi’s. And I was only two stamps away from a free chicken parm!
Bart: It was Dolph’s idea!
Nelson: If Dolph told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Get him, Jimbo, and toss him off a bridge!
Make Bart Hide from Bullies- 24hrs
Keep Dolph free when complete
Bart:  Man, I don’t know what’s worse, running from the mob or the bullies. Well, the mob obviously. What am I going to do?

Running With the Bullies Pt. 14
After tapping Dolph

Dolph: Hey Bart, hold up a sec.
Bart: What do you want me to do this time, Dolph?  Steal the head of Jebediah Springfield, become a national enemy of Australia, sell my soul?  Well, you can’t because I already did those.
Dolph: Look, I set you up at Luigi’s but I thought the mob would just rough you up a bit, maybe cut off a few fingers.  But now, they’re after all our fingers! And just when Kearney’s hand modeling career was taking off.
Bart: This is bad. Why didn’t anyone ever try to warn me that there could be repercussions for my bad behavior?
Dolph: Don’t worry — I’ve got an idea! Let’s get some of those honor roll dweebs to think of an idea for us?
Make Bart Get Help from Lisa –24hrs
Make Lisa Help Bart-24hrs
Make Dolph Get Help from Martin-24hrs

Make Martin Help Dolph-24hrs
Lisa: Martin and I don’t like being forced into solving your problems.  But we do like solving problems, so we came up with a plan anyway.
Martin: To rectify the situation, we must incorporate a method of rapid profit generation to replace lost revenue for the establishment in question.
Dolph: I want to hit you but I don’t understand why.
Lisa: Bart hurt Fat Tony’s profits, so we make it up to him by drumming up lots of business for Luigi’s.
Bart: Way to go, sis! You’ve done it again.
Lisa: You know, for most sisters, rescuing their brother from the mob would be out of the ordinary.

Running With the Bullies Pt. 15
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: To do list time! Step one – make a to do list. Step two – tell Bart and Dolph about to do list. Check.Step three – Dolph, you distract the gang from finding Bart. Step four – Bart, you make things right with Fat Tony.
Bart: Can’t I just start my own civilization down in the sewers?
Lisa: No Bart! Tell him our plan. When he sees how it will benefit Luigi, he’s sure to let you off the hook.
Bart: Okay. And then I go live in the sewers?
Lisa: Just go!
Make Fat Tony Take A Legtimate Business Meeting- 30minutes
Make Bart Attend a Legitimate Business Meeting- 30minutes
Keep Dolph free when complete
Fat Tony: Bart Simpson, I admire the courage it took for you to come to me… and your casual but stylish attire.  I am willing to break only one of your legs now and leave the other until we see if your plan works.
Bart: The plan kind of needs both of my legs unbroken, sir.
Fat Tony: You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Simpson. But very well.  Zero
legs upfront… but three legs later if you plan fails. Capeesh?

Running With the Bullies Pt. 16
After tapping Dolph

Dolph:  Okay, Poindexter, one more time, explain to me how this is all supposed to work.
Martin: It’s quite simple.  Using elementary perceptive and emotional cues, we establish subliminal suggestions to Springfield’s recreational population.
Bart: Lisa? Translation?
Lisa: You and Dolph will use advertising and publicity stunts to get people to eat at Luigi’s.
Martin:  My rhetoric was clearly miscommunicated if it’s implications weren’t identical to that.
Bart: Lisa?
Lisa: That’s what he was trying to say.
Make Citizens Eat at Luigi’s- 8hrs x 20   You’ll need to send 20 residents of Springfield to Luigi’s.
Keep Bart free when complete
Lisa: Martin, look!  It’s working!  Poeple are going to Luigi’s!
Martin: Of course it’s working.  Another classic example of psychologically induced herd mentality!
Lisa: It’s amazing how advertising works on people.  It’s just like pushing a button…. 20 times on a screen.

Running With the Bullies Pt. 17
After tapping Bart

Bart: Hey guys, I saved the day! I guess this makes us even, right? Why are you making a fist, Nelson?
Nelson: *gut punch*
Bart: Oofff!
Nelson: There. Now, we’re even. Come on, let’’s get out of here before he thinks he’s one of us again.
Dolph: Later, Bart.
Make Nelson Laugh at the Misfortune of Others- 24hrs
Make Dolph Loiter with an Adult Magazine– 24hrs

And with that your Level 36 main questline is complete.  What did you think?  Did you enjoy Dolph’s storyline?

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