His name is OTTO… he loves to get BLOTTO!

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Wookiee back again with another character post.  This one promises to be gnarly.

Otto Mann

Thought I’d bend your ear this time (play with your eyeballs just sounded wrong) about another one of the awesome characters in TSTO.  I’m sure you already guessed by the title that I was gonna dish on the one and only Otto Mann aka Otto the Bus Driver.

Otto is a classic character in the series.  Only in Springfield would this guy get the job of driving the townspeople’s children to school.  I’m so glad he does have the job though (even if he doesn’t have a license) because there are some really hilarious moments while doing this.

Otto & Ralph

Otto is a friend and confidante of Bart despite their age differences (Yo Bart Dude!) and is well known for his love of heavy metal and mind-altering substances as well as driving his school bus like a reckless lunatic.  Episodes have shown him with marijuana paraphernalia, ingesting mushrooms and have implied he uses heavier outlets.  He’s basically perpetually stuck in his high school years just like some of my friends back home lol.

Otto Shrooms

This bodacious duderino is a regular member of the Springfield AA Chapter and is pretty well known for his catchphrase that I just couldn’t help using for the post title.  He really can’t be all bad if he’s trying to quit at least alcohol, right?  It’s obvious he knows his vices… he even appeared at the local rehab in an episode (this building is on my wish list).

Otto Rehab

Otto plays the guitar radically (the only thing he did in high school) and listens to epic bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jimi Hendrix to name a few.

Otto Guitar

This scene where he hums “Iron Man” while wiping chicken grease off his fingers is one of my favorites of his.

Otto Chicken Grease

Absolute proof of his love of rock music was made very clear when he left his bride at the altar when she tried to make him pick between them.  I love this line of his when he has to pay Rev Lovejoy for officiating the wedding.

Otto Wedding

Frequently homeless, it only makes sense that Otto would live in his school bus sometimes.  I’m sure it’s much less stinky than the dumpster he has lived in before.

Otto Homeless

Here’s seven random facts about Otto:

Ichi: He first appeared in Season 1, Episode 3 (Homer’s Odyssey)

Ni: Originally, the writers of The Simpsons intended to name this lovable child of the 80’s Otto Mechanic but it didn’t pan out.  Seems only natural for Mann to be his last name since Bart always calls him “Otto Man” anyways.

San: His father is an Admiral in the U.S. Navy.  (Just like the late Jim Morrison’s dad who was a rear admiral!  Go ahead and joke, I think the rank sounds funny too.)

Shi: He went to third grade with Kearney.

Go: His first name is spelled the same way backwards.

Roku: It’s been mentioned before but he really does look like Slash when he wears a top hat. 

Otto Death Tour Slash

Nana: Not really a fact but the Spanish word for bus is El Autobús which makes me think of The Simpsons and Otto every time I hear it.

Bet ya didn’t know I speak a little Spanish and Japanese, eh?  Nihongo o chotto hanashimasu demo mada jozu jaarimasen.  ¿Dónde está el baño señor?

Otto Stoned

I know that last pic has nothing to do with the previous comment but I had to get back on track before I rambled away about Japan and Mexico lol.  Now that’d be an interesting post.

Anywho… this gnarly character is voiced by Harry Shearer and his look was based on writer Wallace Wolodarsky (Simpsons Seasons 1-4 and later Monsters vs. Aliens among other credits).

In TSTO, Otto becomes available right from go aka Level 1 as a Premium Character.  For the low, low price of 120 donuts, you can buy him AND his school bus.  Compare that to 250 for Barney and the Bowl-a-rama, Scorpio with the Volcano Lair (200), etc., etc. and you can see it really is a steal.  Other than Jub-Jub and the Pet Shop, it is the cheapest building/character combo offered.  This was honestly the first premium purchase I ever made and I have never regretted it.


The bus earns 300 doll hairs every 12 hours and is a great feature in the parking lot of any building.  For the longest time, Otto chilled at Springfield Elementary in Wookieetown but recently moved to the DMV to finally try and be a legitimate 80’s stereotype of a whacked-out bus driver with more than a probationary driver’s license.


Poor Otto is really hoping to pass his test this time.  Patty said it’s gonna take more than a mutual hatred of Homer to get his license this time though.  Furry fingers crossed!

Otto License

As a Premium Character, Otto earns more XP and cash than the regular freemium characters.  Normal freemium earnings for a 24 hour task are $600 and 150 XP.  Otto Mann earns $1000 and 225 XP.  I’m sure there’s a mathematician out there who knows what percentage increase that is but I’ll stick to my fortes (Star Wars, Rock & Roll).  Thought I’d say TSTO blogging, eh?  Nah…  Bunny, Alissa and COG are the pros at that.

Here are Otto’s tasks in Springfield…

Smoke Break Inside School Bus 30 min $60 15 XP
Work on the Bus Outside School Bus 60 min $105 26 XP
Jam on the Guitar Outside School Bus 4 hrs $260 70 XP
Get Guitar Restrung Inside Req. King Toot’s Music Store        (Level 17) 8 hrs $420 105 XP
Sleep it Off Outside School Bus 12 hrs $600 150 XP
Squat in the Brown House Inside Req. Brown House (Level 3) 24 hrs $1,000 225 XP

As an added bonus, Otto also has tasks in Krustyland that earn more than the freemium characters.

Ride the Death Drop Inside Req. Death Drop (Level 20) 30 mib 18 Ticks 15 XP
Visit Duff Pavilion Inside Req. Duff Pavilion (Level 29) 60 min 31 Ticks 26 XP
Tour the Haunted Condo Inside Req. Haunted Condo (Level 26) 8 hrs 126 Ticks 100 XP
Ride Scratchy’s Flea Dipper Inside Req. Flea Dipper (Level 27) 12 hrs 180 Ticks 150 XP
Stay at Krustyland Hotel Inside Req. Krustyland Hotel (Level 28) 24 hrs 300 Ticks 225 XP

Well… hope you’re just a little bit more informed about the Best. Game/Show. Ever.  and I sincerely hope you did not read this on your phone in a bad neighborhood.

Otto bus on blocks

Wookiee OUT!

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  1. Otto has always been one of my favorite characters on the show and he was the very first premium item I bought in the game, after a month of playing. My favorite tasks for him are playing the guitar and smoke break. I would also like to add that in french we say ‘autobus’ for ‘bus’ and on the show translated in french (from Québec, NOT france) thats what Bart calls him too.

  2. Love this guy, great post.. BTW 66.666…..%

  3. Sweet! Great read. Otto was my first donut purchase also. It isn’t Springfield without him.

  4. Otto’s guitar jam is one of my favorite animations!

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