Quit Hitting Yourself, Jimbo.

Jimbo Jones…Bully for hire. Actually, I bet he would just do it for free. In my lil rambling this time, I am going to break down a lil bit about this Bully. I hope you have your lunch money hidden well, extra pairs of drawers in case yours end up on the flag pole, and a buddy hiding in the bushes with a ladder to help you down off the flag pole.


Once upon a time in my youth. YES! We are going waaaaaaaaaay back. I’m so old. Shoosh it. I’m telling a story. Now, back in my youth…schools were littered with kids with skateboards. It was the latest “cool” thing to do. The tricks, the jumps, the “look what I can do”, the broken arms, bloody noses…but I digress. There was a group of boys in my school, Bullies if you will, a pack of kids that everyone wanted to be like and all the girls drooled over. Cool, rebels, and kids that just didn’t care for authority. The “skater boys”. The ones that just don’t seem to fit into the mold of all the other standards. More interested in riding skateboards, skipping class, rebelling, acting out to hide what really lies beneath, not to mention always hanging out at the local gas station (Circle K and 7-11 round here). There seemed to be a cliche cast to these groups. Tall one, thin one, and a couple short and stalky. They mainly wore torn jeans and old t-shirts from classic rock bands. One thing is for sure, they scared the heck out of the meek lil nerds. To them, they were a nightmare incarnate.

This brings me to a member of the notorious Simpsons bully gang. Jimbo. To me he always came across as the possible head bully of the group. If you think about it though, it always seems to be the smallest guy of the group that has the control. So odd how that kind of set up is, but it’s so true. Jimbo is actually second in command, with Nelson being the one in charge of this bully group. It consists of Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph (the Weasels too if you want to be technical). Kearny, Dolph, and Jimbo are usually the ones seen together in the episodes. Torturing the nerds, shoplifting, and just being the “bad boys” of Springfield. (Mmmm bad boys. So dreamy. Huh? What?! STOP JUDGING ME!)

As far as family, there are many hints that Jimbo’s Mom is a lady of the night. What is even more amusing is that there are many hints that his Mom is also hooking up with Kearney. So, does that mean there is a possibility that Kearney’s son is Jimbo’s brother? Calling Jerry Springer. Maury Povich needs to do a DNA test. Lol. We see her in such a setting that we wouldn’t expect in “The PTA Disbands”. Sitting in a nice room. Tea and biscuits anyone? Anything but what you would expect from Jimbo’s family life.


There also seems to be a father type figure too. He can be seen in “The Homer They Fall”. Him and a group looking similar to Kearney, Dolph, and Jimbo are beating up Homer. He has a very striking resemblance to Jimbo (as do the other two dads to the other two boys).


There are whispers of a sister, though we have yet to see her. All I have seen so far is a nod when her retainer case is used as an ingredient to a stink bomb they are creating in “24 Minutes”.



Just like all the tough boys, Jimbo has a soft side too. That real inner kid they hide from the outside world. This was VERY evident in “New Kid on the Block”, where he was trying to put the moves on Bart’s neighbor Laura. Bart, who had a crush on her too, set up Jimbo by making his standard prank call to Moe but this time giving him the Simpsons address. When Moe came to the house with a knife to exact revenge on the prank caller, Jimbo broke into tears and Laura later dumped him.



He also had the love interest of Shauna. She fit perfectly into the group. A tough girl herself. But alas, he lost her interest too thanks to yet again Bart Simpson. “Beware My Cheating Bart.” Bart is supposed to be keeping an eye on her for Jimbo, instead she develops feelings for Bart. Shauna actually reminds me a lot of myself in the manner I would hang out with the boys and act tough. Try to fit in. I wasn’t a bully though. More, stood up against them. We also saw in this episode that Jimbo is hiding the fact he is bald up top under his cap (how old is he?)


Jimbo and Bart seem to keep crossing paths in the girls department as there is yet another. Darcy (“Little Big Girl”). She is an older girl. 18 in fact. She was temporarily involved with Bart, until a shotgun wedding was stopped (don’t worry, Bart isn’t the father). Bart visits her in a later episode where Jimbo is helping her with the new baby and possibly her new beau (“Moonshine River”). For kids that are supposed to be forever in Elementary School, they sure are quite the ladies men.


What? Enough back story? Fine fine fine. On to the task list. I really wish that EA would give us a few extra outdoor tasks for each character. It is fun to be able to watch the tasks in action. Speaking of, as cruel as it is, the Hacky Sack a Frog is still by far the funniest of Jimbo’s tasks. I saw many kids in school using the most random items to play Hacky Sack, so I can see this actually happening.


Alissa already covered most of the information for purchasing Jimbo here, so I will just place the task info below for a recap.

Jimbo’s Tasks:

Task Length Payout Location
Four Finger Discount 1hr $60, 15xp Kwik-E-Mart
Play “Time Waster” 2hrs $175, 40xp Noise Land Arcade
Sneak into Church 4hrs $260, 70xp First Church of Springfield
Complain about Cafeteria Food 8hrs $420, 105xp Springfield Elementary
Hacky Sack a Frog 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside
Skateboard 24hrs $1000, 225xp Outside

I hope you enjoyed another one of my ramblings on a character in the game, if not, too bad…I’m gonna keep doing them anyway. So there. 😛


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