Where did THAT come from- King Homer’s Skyscraper

30 BILLION GOO!!!!!  Can you believe it?  EA rocks and this final community prize is sooooooo cool!  Like usual, we’re here at Addicts to let you know just where it comes from.  Ahhhh… still basking in this awesome addition…  all hail King Homer’s Skyscraper.


For this building/decoration, we have to go way back to Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4, Episode 5) which actually premiered as “The Simpsons Halloween Special III.”  The segment showcased this decoration in a parody of the 1933 King Kong movie starring Fay Wray.

King Kong

The Simpsons version is aptly titled King Homer and follows the story line of the original fairly well with typical Simpsons twists.

Marge answers a personal ad to join Mr. Burns’ hunting expedition to Ape Island.  At the island, the native’s are chanting, “Homer, Homer, Homer”.

King Homer

Marge was duped and brought along to be monkey bait.  Burns and the locals have the same idea in mind for Marge (minds out of the gutter folks… she’s just being used as a human sacrifice).

King Homer 2

Marge’s screams attract King Homer who was busy wrestling a T-Rex.

King Homer 3

King Homer loves Marge, especially her hair.  They take down the mighty ape using gas bombs and bring him back to be a freak show on Broadway.  Good thing too because he would have made horrible monkey stew for the army.

King Homer 4

King Homer 5

Homer is on display but the flashbulbs from reporters anger him and he breaks free and proceeds to run amok in downtown Springfield.

King Homer 6

He finds Marge at Burns’ Penthouse in a very recognizable Skyscraper.

King Homer 7

I didn’t know the Empire State Building was in Springfield.  Well, it is now for all us lucky Halloween tapperinos.

King Homer 8

Back to the episode, next comes my favorite part.  Homer takes so long to scale the building that the attack planes have to leave to refuel.  Before Homer falls from the building, we discover that he has only scaled about two stories and is too out of shape to climb to the top.

King Homer 9

After the fall, he’s not dead but his career is according to Burns.  Marge vows to take care of Homie and they end up married and live Happily Ever After.

King Homer 10

People who don’t get to live happily ever after, the folks eaten by King Homer: Lenny, Smithers, Shirley Temple and Marge’s Father.   Marge is probably right that Homer would be able to scale buildings higher if he ate more vegetables and less people.

Well Addicterinos… hope you enjoyed this addition of where did that come from.  Enjoy the rest of the event and congrats everyone for getting all five community prizes.  WOO HOO!!!! Wookiee out!

6 responses to “Where did THAT come from- King Homer’s Skyscraper

  1. There’s a typo in the sentence after you show the skyscraper. You wrote “……it is know” instead of ” ……it is now”.

  2. Hip-hop-anonymous

    Reverend Lovejoy is permanently haunted in my game, haven’t used ghost bomb but I can tap or hold vacuum and he will keep giving goo, gremlins, bombs, and every once in a while a doughnut. I’ve exited and came back to the game and he is still there. Anyone else have this?

    • It does happen off and on with various characters.

      • Hip-hop-anonymous

        Lucky me, Too bad it happened after 10,000 goo. In 2 days I got 14,000 goo , 200 some ghost bombs, 1100 gremlins and 30ish extra doughnuts. I want to use ghost bombs but will they end his haunting? Do you know what ends it?

        • Depends on the glitch. Usually the bombs will release any possessed character.

          If it is bothering you a lot, you can always store the church and replace it. This will store him then take him back out when you replace it. He’ll come back normal again.

          I like the possessed characters so I’d leave it if it was me. Lol 🙂

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