Level 37 Is Here!

The mist has cleared. The ghosts are gone. No more GOO!! HURRAY!! Now…what’s next? A new level of course. Bring on Level 37!  🙂 


Get to refreshing your markets now and get the in market update loaded. IT’S SO BRIGHT AND PRETTY!!!


Poor lil Millhouse has been living home alone for quite some time now. Don’t you think it was time for EA to give him some parents? Well, here they are. Complete with new buildings.

Kirk will unlock with the Bachelor Arms Building ($253,500)


Luann will unlock with the Cracker Factory (150 Donuts)


We also get the Office of Unemployment ($310,500)


A decoration for the Cracker Factory, Southern Cracker Fountain (30 donuts)


A new item for Krustyland  Fleet-A-Pita (500 tickets)


And a Golden Calf Idol (30 donuts)


You’re quests will begin with Bart. Tap on him…and get to going with all the new goodies. Keep both him and Millhouse open as the first quest will involve them for 60 minutes.

WOOHOO! Keep an eye out here. Many Walkthroughs to come. 🙂



48 responses to “Level 37 Is Here!

  1. i was playing level 37 yesterday. woke up to play today I’M BACK ON 35 with all of my halloween stuff gone and my krustyland like half done and idk what to do!!!

  2. I was just fine popping ghosts and goo getting…bunnydude sent his EA henchmen out to set me straight…thanks alot!!!…not…was I the last one to be happily stuck in the “Treehouse of Terror XXIV” ??? Funny how the event never put the treehouse to use…

  3. Feels good seeing a beautiful and colorful backyard. I rearranged the houses during Halloween but it looked like a lot of space was left unused. Now it feels like it was worth the time and money.
    Waiting to see your awesome 2ds.
    By the way I think Luanne is worth it cause her outdoor tasks are hilarious. Riding the mega globe, wear the flag, and one more which I forgot about.

  4. The Halloween event was the only thing that made this ap resemble a “game”…november sucks.

  5. The sudden brightness of no fog feels like walking out of Moe’s. From dark, dirty tavern to bright, sunny Springfield.

  6. My game has not updated yet and I deleted the game from my IPad and reloaded it. Anyone else having this problem or am I the only one?

    • Are you waiting for it to load automatically? If so, this is one of those that you have to manually go to the Apple Market and initiate it to update yourself.

  7. I wonder why prizes at level 37 still are important for many of you. You can do housing with blue houses, and you have 50 characters to earn money. I get 150.000 or 200.000 every second day. So, I never have problems with $…

  8. Michael Trudrung

    How do you start the investor estates quest line in Springfield?

    • Bart starts off the whole thing.

    • I have not been prompted to start the Investorettes storyline just yet. I know Agnes and Krabappel are involved heavily in it. I am seeing if you have to finish the main quest first (Weekend Dad). There are a lot of parts to the main quest. 16 in all. When it does get to the point where the questline is initiated, Krabappel will start it. I will update once that happens. 🙂

    • Information is coming soon in a Level 37 Quick Tips Post. 🙂

  9. I love the new update! For this level to unlock Kirk, keep Bart, Millhouse, and Marge free. You won’t need Bart anymore after his 1st quest which is the Kwik-E-Mart.

  10. I was just thinking the other day that they needed to add Kirk and Luann to the game, haha. Disappointed that Luann is premium. Not a bad price for a character and a building, but I would have been more likely to spend donuts on Kirk since he’s a voiced character. Might still get Luann anyway if I get any iTunes gift cards for Christmas.

    Also, this level came at a good time cause I was saving up for the Spinster City Apartments and some land to put it in. Now it’s about 60k cheaper.

  11. It looks like the fleet-a-pita is a quest item in Krustyland. Any idea on who starts the new questline there?

  12. I don’t want it to update yet. I’m only 28 GOO away from getting a chance at another 3 donuts!

  13. Soooo bright….finally the trees are all green and the sun is up

  14. Ohh, it is so bright and colourful again!

  15. Holy crap they dropped the price of my arcade down to 165K?! That would make it sting a bit LESS but I still ALREADY BOUGHT IT FOR 247.5K!!!

  16. So no Thanksgiving update? 🙁 I wasn’t around for last years…

  17. I’m scared to start the level 37 quests. When they released level 36 I started that quest line (having been at level 36+++), spent the 247.5K on my Arcade, got done with step 3 of running with the bullies, then LOST my arcade AND my Dolph! Not to mention the 247.5K I spent buying them. And then it moved me back to level 35 TWO MORE TIMES before it left me at level 36 – where the arcade is not quested or bought. I have refused to rebuy it because A) I need the 247.5K again and B) WHAT IF IT DOES IT TO ME AGAIN? I contacted EA and am STILL waiting to see what happens.

    • I don’t blame ya at all. There is no need to rush. Take your time. See what all the walktrhoughs consist of. What’s worth buying and what’s worth waiting on. Not a bad thing to wait at all. 🙂

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