What’s The Delay??!!

Many of you are sitting patiently waiting for the change to hit. Trust me, I am too. Level 37 is just sitting there waiting to jump on in, alas…technical issues with its release created a delay. Just how long I do not know yet.

weekend update

As the usual cruel Bunny that I am (I got horns under this halo), I will not post any spoilers just yet as to the new content. But if you REALLY want some…and ask nicely…I just may. 🙂 I can tell you that we will be getting a new male and female character. Both will come with new buildings. One for in game cash, the other for donuts (you know EA is gonna do that from now on). We will get a new decoration, a new vehicle (kinda), and another random donut item.

The quest lines look pretty cool so far. Something to keep yah busy anyway and take your mind off the Halloween mist and ghosts. We will start posting the first of the Walkthrough’s once the new level is released. Also, as usual, we will go into detail as to where those new items came from and give you a little background.

So sit tight, keep on tapping, or crying, or yelling…just don’t throw your phone…you’re gonna need it.


16 responses to “What’s The Delay??!!

  1. I was in the middle of collecting my goo and my game froze. Started it over now I’m back to level one! What do I do?

  2. Mine updated about two hours ago…before it updated, i was in my friends town collecting my last 29 ghosts i needed to get my 2000 goo donut bonus and when i went back to my town the bonus goo counter switched back to 0/2000 but i was awarded no donut bonus…super bummed!!

  3. I was able to go to app store and find the game and update it. It was not on my update list. I had to actually click on the game in the app store. (android)



  5. If I completed the bonus level thingy will I go straight onto level 37 or would I have to fill up the bar again to get there?

  6. Still dark n spooky here

  7. Just updated, my mom is waiting to get extra donuts, and she can’t go into my town but I can see hers. I will say this: it’s freakin’ bright in there now! And I never realized how many of the same trees I purchased! 🙂

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