Squidport Tile Bores: A New Hope (A MUST READ)

CURRENT UPDATE: This Glitch No Longer Works.  

NOTE: This glitch is supposed to no longer work as it was fixed with the Holiday 2013 Update.  Some folks report the glitch still working so there is no harm in trying it out.  I hope we’re wrong.

Per Bunny: The Glitch is still alive and well working quite nicely in both her towns. Others still report it is gone. So it is a hit and miss. Keep tapping just in case, can’t hurt right? 

Hey there exhausted Halloween Party People.

I know it seems dumb to add “a must read” after a post title but I really had to this time.  I wanted to shoot out a quick post to all my favorite addicterinos who frequent this site with some potential awesome news about those blasted Squidport Tiles.

SqP Tile 7Back on June 12, 2013, EA gave us Squidport (SqP) to enjoy over the summer (provided you were already at Level 15).  I really enjoyed the expansion but building those SqP tiles quickly became a chore.  The first ten were easy to build at 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 hrs and the prices weren’t too bad either increasing slowly from $250 to $3,350.


Then it got fun.  The next 5 took 24 hours at $5000, followed by 15 tiles at 1.5 days/$7500.  Tiles 31-60 increased to two days/$10,000, 61 to 90 to 2.5 whopping days/$12.5K AND it kept rising!  The last two time frames are 3 days/$15K and 3.5 days/$17,500 respectively.  To sum it up… you’d have to steadily build tiles for over 257 days solid with no breaks spending over 1 and a half million dollars of your hard earned game currency!  That’s a lot of tapping and you thought Halloween lasted forever, eh?

Homer Money

Easy to understand why people think of a tiles as a four letter word, right?

Well, as the title promised, there’s hope.  Recently (about 6 days before the end of Halloween) on www.tapped-out.co.uk., I found out about a supposed tile glitch that lets you earn tiles faster via your friends.  Not wanting to report on a glitch that would disappear with the mist and goo, I held off but as of yesterday, IT STILL WORKS!

Currently, I think this may actually be intended by EA but before I’m wrong and it disappears, I wanted to share with all of you.

Here’s how it works.

1)      When your Squidport tile is ready… do not tap it.  Leave it be.

2)      When your friends visit your town, they will see the tile floating and be able to tap it for a nice XP bonus (last one I hit was 750 XP).

SqP Tile 3

3)      In your game… you will see multiple handshakes floating above your SqP Entrance.

SqP Tile

4)      Carefully tap one handshake at a time allowing the tile, cash and XP to be collected by the game for each one.  IMPORTANT: Ensure you leave at least one handshake floating to keep going.  Two can sometimes look like one so it is a good idea to zoom in on the entrance to distinguish how many you have.

SqP Tile 2

5)      Once your done, go back to your neighborinos and see if they have any tiles you can tap.

If you give a neighbor a tile, you will not be able to give them another until the first one is collected.  If you have a good line of communication with a friend though, it is possible to give each other 3 tiles in one day.  If you don’t care, tap one.  You can also tap the tile, leave their town and then re-enter for another big XP tap but this only helps you.

SqP Tile 4SqP Tile 5

There are reports of people having upwards of 8 handshakes at one time.  I have a friend who has earned over 42 tiles in a week with this!  My usual is 1-3 extra tiles every 24 hours but considering my tiles take 3 days right now, I am so not complaining.  I’ve earned 16 tiles so far at the time of this writing but plan on heading back for more lol.

SqP Tile 6

I hope this all makes sense, please put any questions you may have down in the comments.  I seriously hope this special treat was done on purpose by EA but only time will tell.  Until it stops, there really is no better number than free!

I know this info was available for a little while, but here at Addicts we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a glitch that would disappear quickly before posting about it. Special thanks to John O. over at tapped-out for sharing this info and Strong Work EA if this was intentional!  If not, why not just pretend it was lol.

Y’all stay classy… Wookiee out!

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  1. Darn I didn’t know wish I would’ve but this morning I hit a wall its saying I have reached maximum number of boardwalk tiles this blows

    • So it did,till the Springfield Heights started,expanding the waters and more 3 1/2 days of tapping to get more tiles.

  2. Has anyone else not had the time or money amount increase? I am working on building my 44th boardwalk section and it still is only charging me $5,000 and only at 24 hours. I’m not complaining by any means, I was just curious if anyone has run into this?

  3. is it me or did they finally fix it?

  4. I’ve heard that the glitch has been patched, but there’s still a bit of a glitch remaining.
    1.) First, you go to the SquidPort of a friend’s town.
    2.) If they have a tile at the entrance, click it. It’ll reward you anywhere from 250-3000 XP.
    3.) Exit out of your friend’s town and go back. The tile should still be there, but you’ll keep the XP that you just got. When you click on it, it’ll give you the same amount of XP. You can repeat this again, but after that, your daily actions run out and you’ll just have to do this in another friend’s town or just wait another 24h.

    • The glitch was disabled for the event. Please let us know if it is back and working.

      (FYI…the out and in right away only benefits YOU. Unless your neighbors clear the tile right away, they only get the one tap.)

      • I kind of figured it was disabled due to the VDay event. Go figure, these past couple weeks have been when I’ve been building my tiles. I have another set to be done this evening so I plan on leaving it and hopefully someone will click on it once the VDay event is finally over!

  5. I, too have been a victim of being ‘click happy’ and accidentally clicking my own tile. Happened to me again last night,m when I was extremely tired and not paying close enough attention. I hate when that happens! Or, as Homer says, “Doh!”

    So this latest tile clicking incident has already cost me 15,000 buckaroos plus 2.5 days of waiting, although as long as we are in valentines/president’s day mode, I don’t suppose it matters.

    Moral of the story: Don’t go ANYWHERE near the tile unless you are positive of what you are doing!

    • I lost my last tile (I have 376+). I always kept at least 3 or 4 tiles there just in case, but with valentines day – I couldnt. Ned was doing his valentine task at the lower left side of SP. I knew TO would probably take my tile when I tried to tap him. 🙁 I have enough tiles, but I love the bonus xp. Oh well. At least I can have crops and channel 6 🙂

  6. addictedtotappedout

    Add me too please!
    Id: Meche5
    Currently waiting for a new tile.. got a little click happy :/

  7. I’m looking for the same thing – daily players who read these threads and are interested in helping a neighboureeno, like by taking advantage of quirks such as the Squidport tiles. I’m relatively new (level 17), but am a more than daily player (my boyfriend says I’m obsessed) and have been advancing quite rapidly thanks to the help of threads such as these!

  8. I invited a couple of neighboureenos who commented on this post, then Apu was wandering in squidport, and I tapped him, but my tile asplode instead!
    And I’ve been waiting for my existing neighboureenos to notice my tile for weeks, ah well…
    Sorry new neighboureenos, there is another tile on the way, and I’ve planted moonshine for you, I’m not patient enough for corn yet.

    • I know what you mean. I honestly think STO is tapping into a latent telekinetic power in me, because if I even LOOK at that last tile the wrong way it explodes! [Sigh] Right now I’m waiting 3 1/2 for my new $17,500 tile to spawn. 🙂

  9. Hey.. i just read the Post from IrvinWinkler (Hey Neighbor!)
    Tile Exanging is a great Method for rushing up the Progress.
    Sadly its a bit of a Lucky Shot because most Players seem to
    click the “classic” 1 Tile and then 2 other and move on to the next..
    Some who are after the XP will log out and come right back in.
    But i think i got more effective System which benefits both Parts:
    Its is a lot faster and you gain more Tiles or XP from it.
    Here goes:
    You visit a neighbor and just click once on the Tile and then go to
    the next Neighbor and do the same thing there.
    You do this Neighborhood-Run 3 Times a Day
    This Method has two Advantages:
    1. Its A LOT quicker to just click and skip to the next than
    going in back and forth. At the end of the day you will still
    have collected the maximum XP from it.
    2.The Math:
    If you have 100 Friends who will Tap your Tile always at the same
    Visit you will get 4,16 Taps per Hour (100/24=4,16)

    But if all of your Friends will spread their Taps in 8 Hour Steps
    for example you will get 12,5 Taps on your Tile per Hour

    Of course this probably wont happen because not all of
    your Friends do this and all who have a lot Tile-Friends
    will have noticed that there are some kind of “Rushhours”
    (Lunchbreaks, coming Home from Work, ect) where a lot
    of Taps will come, leaving other Times more empty..
    And of course you cannot be there 24/7 to collect 🙂
    But just think about the Numbers, uhh NUMBERS

    If someone has Corn ready or Ch6, of course tap it,
    because tapping brown Houses is just a Waste imo.

    Ps: Friendlist is Full ATM

    • Hey neighbor! I actually employ your strategy right alongside mine. In the morning I go through everyone’s town. If there’s a tile, I click it and move on. If there’s not (and also no Channel 6, Cletus’ Farm or Open Stage), I click the 3 best things that are available and move on. Then later in the day (hopefully around 8 hours later), I go through and visit only those towns with 2 visits remaining and tap their tile once. I do this one last time before I go to bed. Hopefully they clear the tile in-between my visits so they can receive more.

      The only time I deviate from your system and use the one I described is when someone visits my town and clicks my tile. Once I see they visited I go ahead and visit their town rand click a second (or third) time.

      You know who else’s tile I tapped on? Mine! The very last one! I’ll keep tapping tiles, and everyone else can do the same for me in 3 1/2 days! 😉

      • I noticed i spelled your Name Wrong before. Sorry about that..
        Thanks for the Heads Up about your Tile..
        As you may noticed i put up a Counddown near mine
        because i tapped it away on Purpose so anyone can gain
        875 Xp from it 😀 (Tile 120-150)
        This will be the last Time its gone and i will be extra careful now.
        Once you reached the maximum Number of Tiles EA wants you to have (151 Tiles)you cannot build it up again :/
        I heard of people having 200+ Tiles with this Glitch and
        they are wondering how far they have gotten if they didn’t
        tapped it away by Accident..
        Anyway, Corn is on its Way (85 Days) on my Farm so i can
        get rid of my HouseFarm someday..

  10. I am looking for active daily players. I am cleaning out my non active players over the next few days. I know about tapping on port tiles, weather station, air stage and crops. I am trying to get players from this site as you take the time to post and do research on the game, you know about these issues. Which is great! Happy tapping. Great site!

  11. I’m doing a list cleanup (of friends who do not visit or play anymore) and need some new neighbors! Religious player for over a year, visit ALL friends multiple times a week!
    Will click farms and squidport tiles if you click mine! (My corn will be ready in a few weeks)

    • Pls add me, I play daily, have the weather/stage/corn30days, and know about tapping on others squid port tiles. I also like to have players from here because they take the time to post and find things out in the game. I have over 130 ports in inventory…lol
      I have sent a friend request :o)

  12. Through trial and error I have confirmed that you can actually receive 3 tiles per neighbor per day, but you have to collect one before you can receive another. So if your neighbor taps your tile, quickly exits, re-enters, and taps again before you can clear the first one, you will receive only one tile. Obviously, if you want to maximize your tile count, it’s better for both you and your neighbor if you trade taps rather than using all three taps on the same visit.
    Here’s how it works. Suppose I accept a friend request from someone I know and we want to trade taps. Since I was the one who accepted the friend request, the initiative lies with me. I’ll start by going to her Springfield, tapping her tile once and leaving. Once she is notified that I have visited her Springfield (assuming her notifications are on), she will tap the tile I added, thus clearing the way for a new one. Then (and only then) she will visit my Springfield, tap my tile once and leave. After I’m notified that she has visited my Springfield, I will clear that tile, visit her Springfield, and the cycle repeats. To boil it down, you basically tap once and use the notification system to inform the other person it’s their turn to tap.
    While this technique works well for two people who are consciously trying to coordinate their actions, it can also work for complete strangers. When I friend a stranger I pursue the same strategy, I tap once. They either follow in kind or they use all three taps at once. Either way I return and tap a second tile. If they only tapped once, they know what they’re doing and we are already on track. If they used all three taps at once, my action shows them it is possible to receive more than one tile a day. After a day or two of receiving two tiles, most people figure out that you can trade taps and they either accept the proposition or reject it. If they don’t want to trade tiles you can respond in kind and tap their tile only once, or you can be a nice guy and throw them a couple of freebies. It’s worth mentioning, however, that without using the notification system to coordinate your taps, it’s a roll of the dice whether they can even receive another tile. If they haven’t cleared out your previous tap, the next tap is worthless to them.
    I also use a bit of time cushion with this technique. Whenever I clear someones tile, I usually wait about 10 minutes before I reciprocate. I don’t know if it’s necessary or not, I just do it to be on the safe side.
    PS. My IGN is IrwinLinker is you want to trade tiles!

  13. Not sure if everyone already knows but if you really want to hook up your Neighbor-eenos you can tap the SP tile then leave their Springfield go back, tap the tile again and repeat one more time. You will single handedly give them 3 tiles each day 🙂 I do this when I have extra time between tasks. I think some have my friends have realized that my name floats up on more than one tile and they have come to return the favor.

  14. Please add me! I just found out about this! Also what is extra bonus in tapping other players moonshine? Add me I need more neighboreeno’s! lorennac

    • The glitch with the Cletus’ Farm, Squidport, Channel 6, and the Open Air Stage is that you can start a task and then when it is complete, your neighbors can continually tap on the item. This allows for mass payout over and over and over and over. You just have to ALWAYS leave at least one handshake up at all times. So pay once and get repaid until you accidentally clear it out.

    • Please friend me for tiles. Most of my current friends are ignorant of that glitch. I even wrote directions with small shrubs in my Springfield and they still don’t get it. (I prefer daily, committed, tapped out obsessive players like myself.) Currently level 38, old timer. I started playing daily when this game first came out.


    • Pls add me, I play daily, have the weather/stage/corn30days, and know about tapping on others squid port tiles. I also like to have players from here because they take the time to post and find things out in the game.
      I have sent a friend request :o) – I am cleaning out the non active players, will be doing this over the next few days. Happy tapping.

  15. Edit: until EA brings back the option to delete neigbors, I can not add any more people. Thanks to all who added me, and if I haven’t added you back it is because I am stuck with my deadbeat neighbors for now, sorry 🙁

    Again, shaleonikare can not add any new neighbors.

  16. I’ve just read this tile-multiplier, so.. add me and we’ll give eachother tiles!

  17. Hey, i am looking for some Tile-tapping Neighbors!
    I got 40 open Spots left
    I will Tap your Tile 3 Times a Day in 8 Hours difference
    for multiple collections on your End 🙂
    Add L4S3L2

    • Does the 8 hour spacing make a difference?
      PS: I’ve now got a pile of tiles, but I can’t afford ocean! Add me and tap my moonshine, too!
      — DrTrowel

      • I all would do it, yes. But only if the Collector is checking his Tile more often one a single Day..
        When someone taps my Tile 3 Times in a few Minutes i would have to collect it inbetween those Taps. The Chances of that happening is very low. I have to collect a Second Tile first before a new Tile “stick” as a second Tap.. I hope i explained it right 🙂
        No Money, huh? I will click on your Moonshine

    • Haha, brilliant message written with wall 😉
      How do u know that’s the spot where i enter ur town?

      • The landing screen is pretty standard for everyone’s town. It is the first area YOU see when you enter your town. This changes as you buy more and more land. Once all the land is purchased, then you will be pretty set on the location for the landing screen

    • So has anyone conclusively figured out what conditions are necessary to collect multiple tiles from a single person in a day? Does a certain amount of time have to pass or does the person only need to collect the last tile before you click the next one?

      • There can only be ONE tap at any time from a neighbor on an item. So unless you are right there in your town to remove the first tap from them…anything after that wont count at all on your end. So if you have a neighbor “Joe” and they tap on your Squidport…”Joe” can’t tap it again and leave another handshake. Only one at a time. If you clear “Joe’s” tap, then they can tap again…just once.

        (Your neighbor can tap as many times as they want and it wont effect them at all. It is just more beneficial all around to tap the glitches just once a day to allow for the first to be cleared.)

        Make sense? 😉

      • Tap your friend’s tile once (Make sure to tap all the XP before leaving their town). Tap the friend button to leave. Go back to that same friend’s town, a new tile should appear, and repeat. I get three XP tile rounds per daily action. This works for me, though there may be others ways to do it.

        • It only works for the tapper, the neighbor will not benefit from this unless they clear the tile right away. Otherwise they will still only get ONE tile.

  18. I paid 5000 for the tile I’ve got up…. I bet you’ll get a nice little XP bonus for tapping it. Oh, and I’ll tap yours, too!

    • Add. A-KATgal
      Sqidport, weather station, air stage, corn soon. All get u big money when friends tap. Will send request also. 🙂

  19. I am a daily and extremely addicted active player. I will always look for tiles from your town. So please add me if you want a neighbour to check your squidport extremely active

    gamertag: tapanikangas

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