Episode Recap: YOLO (once again cats have it better)

I am a lucky Wookiee.  Not only do you guys and gals take the time to read my rambles, but once again I got the “job” of watching the latest Simpsons episode and writing about.  I just feel like starting off with a Thank You.  Although I can enjoy episodes all on my own, it is such a joy to share it.


Before I begin, I just have to admit this episode had a lot of laughs in it.  While I try to be as comprehensive as possible, if you liked something I missed, please share in the comments below.

Episode 4 starts off with Bart and Milhouse arguing over who gets to play first with the race car track and Milhouse having an allergy attack.  Seriously… what isn’t that kid allergic to?  The reveal that he can breathe through his tear ducts… gross. 


Milhouse’s father picks him up in his new car and is obviously having a mid-life crisis.


Marge is proud of Homer.  He’s just fine having the “same job, same car, same house for 20 years.  And that’s all you’ll ever have… A cycle you’ll never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever change.  And you’re ok with it… Like I say night after night after night.  Nighty night.”

Brockman fakes an interview with Skinner to do an exposé on cheating at Springfield Elementary.


Skinner: I thought this was a puff piece.  You’re wearing a sweater.

Brockman: This journalism just turned GOTCHA!

Other than the 30 identical essays about “My summer in Cozumel” (still laughing that Ralph included an image of his underpants), what proof do they have?


I don’t find anything fishy with the idea of 30 Springfield children taking vacations to Mexico.  Stranger things have happened.  Oh wait, there’s video evidence.


“This school is more corrupt than the Italian parliament.” ~ Kent Brockman

AND his own mother is helping to facilitate it and being paid with whiskey.


Homer realizes his life is lame and boring.  Programs available to play on his cable: Same time this year, Life Stinks, No Exit, Point of No Return, Dead End and Little League World Series.  The horror!  The horror!


Homer decides to quit complaining about his life and start wallowing in the past.  He tells Marge about his old pen pal from Spain, Eduardo.  Back in 5th Grade, they either had to write to a foreigner or a prisoner.  Homer chose a foreigner because the prisoners wrote back too fast.  They’d write about their dreams of the future.  Homer was going to be the King of Cheeseburger Mountain.


Homer’s amigo de la pluma, Eduardo, arrives to save his soul.  Although Eduardo is surprised by Homer’s appearance (Did your hair burn off in a fire that trapped you in a candy factory?), Marge thinks it is nice to meet a friend Homer met through the mail who isn’t a sea monkey.


Eduardo has been doing the things he always wanted to (including having 8 wives and 200 children), but wants to help Homer fulfill some of his childhood dreams.  He took the liberty of crossing out the stupid ones including “Strike out Jesus in the World Series”.

Homer: Why are you doing this? Wait… are you in love with me?

Eduardo: In love with the concept of you, yes.

Homer: Woo hoo!  I’m an attractive concept… like Liberty!

Homer’s dreams as a 10-year-old included:





REENACT THE CAPTAIN KIRK/GORN SCENE FROM STAR TREK (They rented everything from CBG for 10 bucks)


Homer feels great fulfilling his dreams but Marge feels melancholy.  Although the first time she ever disobeyed her parents was when she married him, Homer convinces her to jump on the bed much to her enjoyment.


Homer has completed all of his dreams, except one… to fly like his childhood hero, Rocky the Flying Squirrel.  Eduardo takes Homer up in the air in a wingsuit to fulfill this dream.  I love Homer trying to get out of this by saying his hero was actually the voice actress for Rocky.  Eduardo doesn’t let this stop Homer and literally pushes him to do the task.


“Do not worry, I will follow the trail of your fear.” ~ Eduardo

Homer actually ends up flying quite well and admires the bird’s eye view of Springfield including a rainbow and a giant 2D heart created by clear cutting.


“Majestic eagle, just like me… Unashamed of his baldness.”

Unfortunately his experience is ended when he runs into the Tallest Building in Springfield.  Next time you feel the urge to dish on King Homer’s Skyscraper, contemplate this being added to our towns.


In the hospital.  Homer sums up his whole experience: “No matter what.  Homer Simpson has done it… and soon I hope I remember who Homer Simpson is and his relationship to me.  But I have no regrets.  In fact, all this has given me a sense of calm I’ve never had before.”

Wait, that’s the morphine and Dr. Hibbert may have an addiction to it.

Well, that’s about it other than two buildings from the show I thought were pretty cool.

YOLO 18Springfield Tapas

YOLO 19Barcelona Cathedral

Is there anything from this episode you’d really like to see added to TSTO?  I’m sort of partial to the rainbow.  What’s that noise from the basement?  WHat is it Bunny?  Alissa’s back?  You need to go what?  I forgot something with Timmy in the well?

Oh yeah… the episode also included a separate story line about Lisa coming up with an honor code system to fix the cheating problem after the parents of Springfield were outraged by Kent’s exposé.  I think Mrs. Muntz’s exposé was probably a bit more shocking at the PTA meeting.


“What kind of moral example is this school for my boy?” ~ Nelson’s Mom

Lisa’s honor code at Springfield Elementary mostly worked other than her finding out Bart was still cheating.  Kind of a minor story line in yet another bodacious episode, but I did think this line was hilarious.

“It’s amazing.  Every day has the peace and serenity of a flu outbreak.” ~ Skinner


As always, it’s better to watch the episode yourself rather than read my ramblings but for all you tapperinos that can’t, hope this recap was worth your time.

I’ll close with by agreeing that we all do indeed live only once and hopefully it’s a Life. Well. Spent.  Just please, please, please don’t say YOLO.  If you must… go with this one instead.


TTFN… Wookiee out!

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