Tappers 101- Back to Basics: HELP! I Was At Level 37 and Now It Says Level 27!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another Tappers 101 Class, this time we’re talking about what to do when your game knocks you down to a lower level of Tapped Out.  This is a common glitch we’re hearing that’s occurring with the introduction of Level 37 and way back when Addicts first started Mark covered this topic and what to do if it happens to you.  You can read Mark’s full detailed post here.  Here’s the Tappers 101 verison:

So you’ve been playing at level 37 and you login to your game and it’s completely reverted to an older version of your game (way back to level 27 or earlier!). *gasp* All those items, all those Halloween limited time items…GONE.  Panic sets in, what do you do?!

I know this can be quite traumatic, especially when you put all of the time and effort into building your town and you lose all of those items! First thing is don’t panic!  I know that’s easier said then done, but I promise you panicking won’t help.  Try these steps before letting panic set in:
1. Did your device log you out? It may seem like a ‘duh’ moment, but this happens more often than you think, especially if you’re not paying attention and just start tapping when the game loads.  If you’re not paying attention and just tap where you usually tap to enter the game, from time to time you’ll end up playing anonymously.  Every so often the Origin sever will log you out of the game.  So pay attention and check to see if you’re still logged in.  If not, you’ll have to do a hard close of the game, go back to the start up screen, and login.
2. Is the Origin logo missing?  Don’t panic – they’re just working on the Origin server.
3. Don’t EVER try to create a new account on the same email – you may really end up losing your Springfield and resetting your game to level 1. EA can probably work it out, but it takes time.

Also, be sure you alert EA to the problem (sometimes they give Donuts for the issues) you can find all of the details direct from EA here.  (you can also check out this post from Bunny if you need help opening a case with EA).

Don’t play the level where it sits right now. Try the steps listed in the above first. It is a known issue with the level 37 update right now, and EA is working on it. So if those steps don’t work, make sure you open a case with EA and try to be patient. I know it’s easier said than done, but it should be corrected soon.

From time to time Tappers new and old can get caught up in the game and forget some of the basics, that can cause a delay in your game.  While we have a full New Tappers Guide on Addicts, sometimes you just want the information at your fingertips right away so you can get back to tapping as quickly as possible.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve started a new biweekly column for the “quick hit” information Tappers need to keep the game moving.  Here’s where you can find all of our tips and tricks to help your game move along smoothly.

Most of the topics covered will be from your questions in the comments, so you have something you’d like us to cover in Tappers 101 please feel free to leave it for us in the comments below.  

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  1. I have a homer mission the righteous indignation Pt.4
    and it won’t let me do it .Please help is there anyway to fix it?

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