Where Did THAT Come From- Fleet-A-Pita

Enjoying the new level 37? Did you kick in your 150 donuts to buy the Cracker Factory and Luann? Not yet? Well, if you want Fleet-A-Pita’s all over your Springfield and Krustyland, you’ll have to invest.

fleet a pita 3

Speaking of investing, just exactly where did that Fleet-A-Pita come from? The Twisted World of Marge Simpson. After getting kicked out of the Investorettes for being a “wet blanket”, Marge seeks out a new way to invest her money by going to the Springfield Franchise Expo.

She also runs into the Investorettes there too. Maude, Helen, Luann, Edna, and…uhhhh…Agnes. Lol. They beat Marge to the Franchise of Fleet-A-Pitas and join in purchasing one.

fleet a pita 4

Frustrated, Marge ends up investing in the Pretzel Wagon.

fleet a pita 5

As Marge tries to make money off her new business Pretzel Wagon, she finds that the Investorettes are right there to compete with their Fleet-A-Pita wagon.

fleet a pita 6

She starts to give up. Homer, seeing her distraught and saddened by once again failing, enlists the help of Fat Tony and the local mafia to eliminate her competition.

Marge is furious when she finds out Homer did this. She refuses to give her profits to Fat Tony. He shows up at their door to “collect”.

Just as Legs and Louie are about to take revenge, the Investorettes show up.

fleet a pita 9They are upset at the mafias involvement and have enlisted their own help… in the Japanese Yakuza. The episode ends with the two locked in battle.

fleet a pita 10

So there you have it. Another simple item in an episode has once again found its way into our game. They are pretty cool looking and add yet another vehicle option to your town. So if you have the donuts, I would highly suggest to INVEST.


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  1. Has anyone calculated out the value of “farming” Krustyland Fleet-a-Pitas? Because my calculations show they’re actually fairly good ROI – as much as anything Krusty is. Please check my math:

    375 tix to buy (500 – 125 when you sell it back)
    (Would be the equivalent of 1,250 in-game cash, if you convert tix to $ via the Krustyland Entrance, at the best possible rate of 30,000 tix == 100,000$)
    Then, because i didn’t want to reverse-engineer my bonus % stuff, I was getting 1.49 xp per in-game dollar equivalent – compared to 1.15 xp per in-game $ for KEM. Granted, that’s using the full-price KEMs, so nudge that KEM number higher for the first few you purchase when they cost less than 14,400$. Regardless of what your own bonus % is, it seems that Krusty Fleet-a-Pitas would be a good way to spend your tix that are building up.

    Is there a better way to use the tix? Cause just converting them to $ seems …not particularly worthwhile.

  2. I bought Luann and the cracker factory just to unlock this quest. There seems to be a problem with the quest. I completed it but it did not prompt me to place a fleet-a-pita, nor did it unlock it. The fleet-a-pita is still locked. What has gone wrong?

  3. My quest for this hasn’t starred. I am on level 40 and should have gotten the quest but nothings come up 🙁 any suggestions?

  4. A cool addition not quite a car but multi buys is plus.

    I had forgotten about the pretzel wagon surely this is on its way?


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